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With Savings Plus+ AutoDelivery, you’ll lock-in today's low price, enjoy an extra 10% savings on all products in your Savings Plus+ order and receive FREE shipping on ALL future shipments.

Savings Plus+ offers you convenience, control and 100% price protection. You never have to worry about reordering the products that keep you feeling great. Your products show up to your home on the schedule you have selected and your price will never go up as long as you are on the Savings Plus+ AutoDelivery.

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Potent Fruit Polyphenols and Other Phytonutrients Provide
a “Nutritional Feast” in a Glass 

Super fruits are unique because they contain high levels of health boosting “phytonutrients” not found in regular fruits including beneficial antioxidant like nutrients called polyphenols.

TrueBerry7™ combines seven “Best in Class” super fruit extracts into a nutritious powder mix that makes a great tasting drink when you add to 6oz to 8oz of water (you can adjust water amount based on your taste preference). TrueBerry7™ is estimated to contain about 460mg of a wide variety of polyphenols per serving. It also provides 2 grams of soluble fiber per serving.

TrueBerry7™ does not contain any sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Here’s a summary of each super fruit extract:

Cognigrape® Sicilian Grape- from Sicily, Italy, using grapes grown at the base of the Mt. Etna active volcano. It supports memory and mood.

NeuroFactor™ Whole Coffee Fruit- from India, a USDA Certifed Organic extract that helps to boost BDNF levels. BDNF is a neuroprotein vital to learning, memory and higher thinking.

MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed - from Califonia wine country, a patented concentrated extract that contains over 90% grape seed polyphenols. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Capros® Amla - from India, is an organic amla extract that promotes cardiovascular health including helping to maintain normal cholesterol, triglyceride and nitric oxide levels while supporting a healthy inflammation response.

CherryPure™ Tart Cherry - from the northern Lake Michigan shoreline, this 100% pure tart cherry powder contains high amounts of the key tart cherry nutrients: anthocyanins 1 and 2. Promotes joint and muscle health including recovery from physical activity. Helps support performance during physical activity.

AuroraBlue® Wild Alaskan Blueberry - from the Denali region of Alaska, USDA Certified Organic. Has been shown in testing to contain up to 8 to 10 times more antioxidant compounds than other wild blueberries.  May help promote cardiovascular, cognitive and blood sugar health.

P40p® Pomegranate - from the Spanish Canary islands, each 100mg serving provides the identical antioxidant profile as a fresh pomegranate - without the sugar, calories or any allergens. Contains 40% punicosides, the key nutrient in pomegranate, which may help promote heart, artery and joint health, while helping to protect cells from free radicals.

CogniGrape®: The First Grape Extract Shown to Boost Cognitive Performance in Healthy Older Adults

cognigrape logo

Sicily is known for producing many nutrient rich – and delicious – fruits and vegetables.

Part of this is due very rich soil in the areas surrounding Mt. Etna, the main volcano in the Mediterranean region.

In addition, eastern Sicily is considered an optimal area to grow grapes because large diurnal temperature fluctuations (hot days, cold nights) cause an intense red pigmentation in the grape flesh.

The juice obtained from these grapes contains a potent combination of the beneficial polyphenols - called proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins - shown to promote brain health.

Grapes grown at the base of Mt Etna are used to make Cognigrape®.  

In 2017, a study published in the Frontiers in Pharmacology journal found that Cognigrape® may promote your cognitive function.

One feature that sets this study apart is the 111 participants were healthy older individuals.

Why is this relevant?

For starters, it is much harder to show a significant benefit to memory and brain function in just 12 weeks in healthy adults.  Yet, this is exactly what those taking 250mg of Cognigrape® daily experienced.

Better yet, those taking Cognigrape® also experienced a more positive mood balance and increased ability to respond to everyday stressors

Perhaps these are side benefits of being able to think clearer and remember better. 

No doubt, when you’re less forgetful and more easily remember where you left your phone or car keys – you feel less stressed and better about yourself!

NeuroFactor™ Whole Coffee Fruit:  Scientifically Backed BDNF Booster

neurofactor logoMany people don’t realize coffee comes from a berry. The coffee you drink comes from the bean inside the fruit, but the bean represents only about 20% of the coffee berry. 

The remaining 80% is a beautiful red colored flesh that’s chock full of beneficial nutrients. Yet the flesh is usually discarded and thrown away.

And as it turns out, the whole coffee fruit is offers more than just the beans – particularly when it comes to brain health.  Yes, nature put all of these parts together for a reason.

What does whole coffee fruit do?

It helps stimulate the production of the neuroprotein BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor.

You know how your brain feels awake after exercise? In part, that’s the release of BDNF going to work.

Now with NeuroFactor™, you can help turn your brain on and lift your mood in the short term, while BDNF supports your cognitive health for the long term in the following ways:         

  • Helps existing neurons (brain cells) survive and thrive
  • Promotes the growth of new neurons and synapses in the brain
  • Supports the memory, learning and thinking functions
  • Helps support mood by helping brain cells recover from the effects of stress

NeuroFactor™ is a patented, USDA certified organic, whole coffee fruit extract.  Only premium grown Arabica coffee cherries are used from farms certified by Fairtrade International and Rainforest Alliance.

The coffee berries are hand-picked and immediately processed using the patented method to maximize nutritional potency.

Final testing and additional quality control checks are done at the company’s Illinois headquarters.

MegaNatural®-BP: The Patented and Scientifically Backed Grape Seed Extract

meganatural-BP logo

One of the first modern doctors to utilize grapes for blood pressure health was John Harvey Kellogg, M.D., - who also started the Kellogg cereal empire. According to published accounts, Dr. Kellogg used to prescribe 10 to 14 pounds of grapes daily to help blood pressure!

Fortunately, science has come a long way, and with MegaNatural®-BP, you now have a much more practical solution.

MegaNatural®-BP is a highly concentrated grape seed extract standardized to contain at least 90% polyphenols which provide the key blood pressure supporting compounds.

Each batch of MegaNatural®-BPis made in California from a special blend of unfermented wine grapes by Polyphenolics, a division of Constellation Brands ? the world’s leading premium wine company.

The relationship between Polyphenolics and its parent company results in a uniquely sustainable model of agriculture wherein all parts of the grape are utilized. The grape juice is used to make wine and the unfermented grape seeds are used to manufacture MegaNatural®-BP.

The grape seeds are put through a patented hot-water based extraction process without any traces of toxic chemicals or solvents in the final ingredient.

Every lot of MegaNatural®-BP is rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contaminants to ensure purity and safety.

In published research studies, results indicate that MegaNatural®-BP can help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Research has indicated that MegaNatural®-BP works by helping to stimulate nitric oxide which allows smooth muscle in blood vessels to relax, supporting healthy blood flow.

Why Capros® Is the Superior Amla...

capros logo

Amla is considered one of the most important medicinal berries in the Indian traditional system of medicine. Harvested from branches up to 40 feet above ground, Amla contains unique polyphenols that offer a multitude of health benefits.

The most notable of these polyphenols are Emblicanin A and Emblicanin B. Emblicanins are different from most other polyphenol antioxidants because they 1) have a cascading antioxidant effect and 2) resist becoming unwanted pro-oxidants.

By cascading effect, it means the antioxidant is not “one and done” when it comes to neutralizing free radicals. Instead, it recycles itself to help provide longer lasting protection against oxidative stress.

Even better, while some antioxidants exhibit pro-oxidant activity after they’ve neutralized a free radical, this is not an issue with Amla. Emblicanins do not have any pro-oxidant effects.

Despite its rich history in traditional medicine and strong nutritional profile, until recently very little scientific study had been conducted on Amla.

That changed several years ago when the makes of Capros® committed to spend millions of dollars on their patented Capros Amla ingredient.

Natreon, Inc., the maker of Capros®, was willing to make this investment because they knew they had the premier Amla ingredient.

In fact, Capros®, delivers up to 2 times more of the key amla polyphenols than regular Amla extracts.

To achieve this, fresh Amla berries are picked at their peak potency to maximize polyphenol levels. Organic methods are used on the amla farm ? no pesticides or harmful chemicals are ever employed.

Immediately after pressing juice from the berries ? the juice is stabilized so no key compounds are lost. No harmful solvents are used in the extraction process.

In addition to testing for potency, two independent labs test for microbial and heavy metals ? ensuring that the Capros® powder is both potent and meets purity standards.

Capros® has been the subject of numerous human clinical studies - showing remarkable potential for promoting heart and cardiovascular health and reducing oxidative stress.

CherryPURE®: Just Pure Tart Cherry With No Fillers!

CherryPURE logo

For many years, tart cherries were known as an effective folk remedy to legions of people seeking joint help.

But folks only reported these benefits from tart cherries... not ordinary sweet cherries.

This led health researchers to ask “what is it about tart cherries that make them so different?”

As it turns out, researchers at Michigan State, the University of Michigan and other universities discovered that tart cherries offer a powerful package of phytonutrients unmatched by other fruits.

In particular, tart cherries uniquely contain relatively high amounts of two nutrients called anthocyanins 1 and 2. You are unlikely to find these two nutrients in blueberries, grapes, pomegranates, apples or most other berries.

And it’s because of anthocyanins 1 and 2, that tart cherries may provide joint and muscle benefits.

As with the other super fruit ingredients in TrueBerry7™, we try to give you the best. Each serving of TrueBerry7™ contains the tart cherry powder so pure, it’s trademarked as CherryPURE®.

The northern shorelines off of Lake Michigan produce the most potent tart cherries around - and that’s where the Montmorency tart cherries used to make CherryPURE® are grown.

But it takes more than a good farm to make CherryPURE®. After harvesting, the tart cherries are freeze dried and the water is removed without any additives, leaving you a rich and potent tart cherry powder.

This last part is important because many tart cherry products contain as much as 15% fillers, so you’re not getting pure tart cherry the way nature made it.

But thanks to CherryPURE®’s unique manufacturing process, fillers aren’t necessary. That means you get 100% pure tart cherry power, with all the nutrients?and benefits?you deserve.

Research indicates that taking 480mg of CherryPURE® may provide these benefits:

  • Helps reduce muscle soreness from both strength and endurance exercise.
  • Helps support healthy inflammation response following intense exercise.
  • Helps enhance performance time during endurance exercise.

So CherryPURE® may help your body recover faster from a long walk, a day of golf, gardening, hiking, and many other activities too!

AuroraBlue®: “Beyond Organic” Wild Alaskan Blueberry

denali region

A few years ago, the American Dietetic Association chose blueberries as the third most beneficial food that affects a person’s health ? salmon and oats were the top two.

That comes on the heels of a Cornell University study that found blueberries are “the #1 source of antioxidants of all common fruits.”

So what makes blueberries so good for you?

The secret to the potency of blueberries is an unusually high concentration of polyphenols called anthocyanins.

Not only do anthocyanins put the “blue” in blueberries, they have been shown to benefit your health in many ways.

You’ll be delighted to know that TrueBerry7™ contains the most potent whole blueberry powder you can find, called AuroraBlue®.

The potent AuroraBlue® blueberries only come from the Denali region in Northern Alaska. These are truly “wild” blueberries and USDA certified organic.

And here’s the most exciting part ? scientific testing has shown that AuroraBlue® contains up to 8 to 10 times more anthocyanins than regular wild blueberries.

Why are these blueberries so potent?

It’s because the wild Alaskan blueberry needs greater antioxidant protection to survive the extremely harsh weather in the Denali region of Alaska.

P40p®: Provides the Identical Antioxidant Profile as a Fresh Pomegranate

p40p logo

In case you’re not familiar with pomegranate, the pomegranate tree is native to Africa and the Middle East, and was one of the first fruits cultivated in the world.

Why has pomegranate become so popular?

It offers one of the highest antioxidant contents of any fruit in the world thanks to a unique group of polyphenols called punicosides.

In fact, studies show that punicosides are responsible for 90% of the antioxidant activity of pomegranate.

And we’ve captured most of this polyphenol activity for TrueBerry7™ by using a unique pomegranate ingredient called P40p®.

What makes P40p® special is each 100mg serving provides a near identical antioxidant profile as a fresh pomegranate ? without the sugar, calories or any allergens.

P40p® is made from the whole pomegranate, including the rind and skin. And that means you get the full benefits of this amazing super fruit.

Each serving of P40p® contains a minimum of 40% punicosides!

Here’s the bottom line - each serving of TrueBerry7™ contains 100mg of P40p® - which is estimated to contain the antioxidant content of about 3.4 ounce of pomegranate juice.

This allows you to maximize potential benefits from this remarkable super fruit including helping to maintain healthy blood sugar, promoting cardiovascular health and supporting joint and muscle recovery after activity.



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