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Introducing the “3-2-1 Detox” Liver Support System!

The topic of detoxing the body is often a confusing one.  For starters, what does that even mean?
For us at NatureCity®, detoxification means supporting the liver in doing its job of removing toxins from your body.
How often do you need to detox?
You may have read it’s important to detox at least “once a year” or “once a quarter”, or during some other defined time interval.
We disagree. To maintain good health, detoxing is not a part time job – you should be detoxing in some fashion all of the time.
The key is to not be using the same detox routine every day because your body can get used to it, reducing its effectiveness over time.
That’s why we created the “3-2-1 Detox” supplement rotation.
This novel system consists of three separate supplement formulas that you don’t take at the same time. Instead you take one product at a time for three consecutive months.
So you take product #1 for the first month, product #2 in the second month and product #3 in the third month. And then, in month four, you start over with product #1.
This helps ensure that your body doesn’t grow accustomed to being fed the same detoxing nutrients every day – maximizing detoxing potency over time.
Here are the three products in the 3-2-1 Detox rotation:   

TrueGreenTea™ with SOD – take 3 cap­sules per day in month 1.
TrueMilkThistle™ – take 2 capsules per day in month 2.
TrueALA™ – take 1 capsule per day in month 3.
And then you start the rotation again in month 4.  This gives you constant liver detox support!


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