Our Quality Commitment  

The quality of NatureCity® products means everything to us – we’re obsessed with making the best products possible while delivering great value to our clients.

These aren’t just words - it’s personal - because we depend on these products just as much as you do.  Between me and my wife, we use at least 20 NatureCity® products daily.  And if you look at our broader family, you’d find someone using pretty much everything with a NatureCity label.

So we’re sticklers for quality – because, like you, we are the ones ingesting these products!

Below are some the quality features of NatureCity® products we’ve developed over the last 15 years:


Using Branded Scientifically Backed Ingredients

The use of branded ingredients is important because these are the ingredients that are most often backed by clinical research.

As you may know, clinical studies are very expensive – typically running well into six or seven dollar figures.

Because of the high cost, the companies investing in clinical trials use the highest quality ingredients.  This includes sourcing the best raw material, capturing the most important nutrients in the extraction process and using other technologies to ensure the final ingredient is “best in class.”

As important, in addition to testing for efficacy, branded ingredients almost always undergo extensive safety testing too.

Here’s the bottom line: our products labels don’t only carry the NatureCity® name, they also have our supplier’s names and brands.  They don’t want to potentially harm their business and investment by selling a subpar product.  Like us, they want you to have the best also.

What’s more, our branded ingredient partners occasionally randomly test NatureCity® products to ensure their ingredient is present in the amounts stated on the label.  In addition to the testing we do, this provides an additional layer of quality control for you.

So why don’t all supplement makers use the branded scientifically backed ingredients? Because it costs much, much more than generic ingredients!

It’s that simple – because of the substantial investment our partners make in their ingredients, they have to charge more.   And may other supplement companies don’t want to pay a premium that cuts into their profit.

If you see a product price that looks too good to be true, it’s usually a reflection of what’s in the bottle.

To get more information on the branded ingredients in our products, you can click on the “Product Partners” tab that can be found on each individual product page.  This tab will explain what makes these ingredients unique and of superior quality.

Serving Sizes Shown to Work

Many other companies will advertise an ingredient in their product – but when you look at the label, there’s only a minuscule amount in a serving or what some in the business call “pixie dust.”

It’s very unlikely these products will benefit you – and this is a key reason why some consumers conclude supplements “don’t work.”  The product never had a chance of working because the dosing was nowhere near what’s been shown to be beneficial.

At NatureCity®, not only do we use the branded ingredients, but the amounts we provide allow you to take what’s been shown to be beneficial (and safe) in clinical studies.  This gives you the best chance to have a satisfactory result – and make a real difference in your life.

At here’s the other thing to watch for – many products lump numerous ingredients into “proprietary blends” on the label.  So you have no idea how much of each ingredient is in the product!

Does the “proprietary blend” (which rarely is proprietary) contain mostly the cheap stuff or the good stuff?  My bet is if a company isn’t willing to spell it out, they’re probably trying to hide something – and I doubt it’s to your benefit.

When you look at a NatureCity® label, you’ll see each ingredient listed separately with the specific amount of that ingredient clearly spelled out.  This is important not only for you, but your doctor may need this information too.

Choosing Ingredients with Evidence of Benefits in Humans

When it comes to clinical research, there are three main categories: 1) in vitro test tube studies, 2) pre-clinical (animal) studies and 3) human clinical trials.

For us, ingredient research that relies solely on test tube and animal studies isn’t good enough for our products.  Too often, promising results found in test tube or animal studies does not translate to human beings.


We seek out and use ingredients that have been shown to work in human clinical trials – and in most cases more than one human study.  We believe this gives you the best chance of getting desired benefits and good value for your money.

Working with the Premier NSF Certified Manufacturers in the USA

You’ll be happy to know that every NatureCity® supplement and topical item is manufactured in the United States of America by some of the best in the business.

Our three main manufacturers are Vitaquest International, Tishcon Corp. and Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.  The facilities of each one of these companies have been certified by the independent NSF International for meeting or exceeding FDA good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

Our manufacturers take great care to ensure that NatureCity® products have the expected nutrient levels and meet all standards for unwanted materials like heavy metals, harmful microbes and other impurities.

Backing Up Your Product Purchases with a 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

All of these steps you’ve read about allow us to have the utmost faith in our products.  That’s why we are proud to offer a full one year money back guarantee on your product purchases.


This gives you plenty of time to put a NatureCity® product to a true test.  You can take advantage of our money saving quantity discounts knowing you’re not risking your money.

Like with diet changes, most supplements don’t make a difference overnight.  It takes time - and different people respond at different times.  A one year guarantee gives you plenty of time to experience how our products may help you.

The reality is you’ll be much more likely to reorder than return your purchase!

But if you’re not satisfied, we’ll be here to promptly return your money if you choose to return the product.  Over our 18 year history we’ve earned a reputation for providing excellent service and honoring our committments - and we will continue to do so!