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TrueOsteo - Advanced Bone Support

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Each Bottle Contains:
Count: 120  Serving size: 2
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Build Better Bones!

      Bone loss associated with ageing isn’t just a concern for women – it’s a big issue for men too.  And that’s why everyone should be using TrueOsteo™.

      This revolutionary formula starts with the USDA certified organic AlgaeCal™.  In addition to calcium, it naturally contains other minerals important for bone growth such as magnesium, boron, silica, strontium, zinc and others. It is sourced from algae that grow in shallow waters off the coast of South America.
      You see, calcium studies often report an “increase in bone density”, but rarely is it an outright increase.  The real story is the calcium users experienced a “slower” rate of bone loss compared to a placebo group (not taking calcium), who declined faster.

      So it often gets reported that the calcium users had a “greater” bone density when the reality is…they’re still losing bone!
      In research studies conducted to date, AlgaeCal™ has been shown to actually grow bone, not just slow down bone loss.
       In addition, each daily serving of TrueOsteo™ contains 1000 IU of the vitamin D3, which is necessary for calcium absorption.
      Plus, you get natural vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7.  Without vitamin K, our bodies can’t use calcium because vitamin K activates a special protein (osteocalcin) that is necessary to enable calcium to build healthy bone tissue.
      Vitamin K2 also helps you avoid unwanted calcium buildup in arteries and heart. Taking calcium supplements without vitamin K2 can be dangerous to your heart health!
      And here’s what makes TrueOsteo™ really cutting edge… the inclusion of the clinically proven ashwaganda extract, Sensoril®.
      Emerging research is finding that there is a new culprit for bone loss – the stress hormone cortisol.  Sensoril® has been proven to reduce cortisol levels by an average of 24%!
Try TrueOsteo™ and watch your bone health improve like never before!

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"This works!"
Laurie W (Dec 7, 2013)
5 of 5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars
Been taking True Osteo for one year, got my bone density test back and results shocked me. For the first time in years my test came back Stable with no bone loss.

During the last year there were times i didn\'t take the supplement, and even a month where I didn\'t take it at all. So I will be sure to take it everyday from now on, and am hopeful next year my test will come back with an increase in bone density.

Also, I have an extremely sensitive stomach, and these pills don\'t upset my stomach at all! I don\'t feel like I am taking anything. I am extremely happy with this product, and highly recommend!