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TrueAloe™ Capsules
Organic Aloe vera made from both the outer rind and inner gel.
AloeCran AloeCran™
Supports healthy digestion, heart health and blood sugar control.
TrueJoint FLX TrueJoint FLX™
Advanced joint and muscle formula - works in 14 different ways!
TrueOmega-3 TrueOmega-3™
The best fish oil you can find - USP certified pure and potent.
TrueCoQ10 TrueCoQ10™
100% stable and active ubiquinol - the only CoQ10 that should be used over age 40.
Prostate Protector Prostate Protector
Supports prostate health and helps provide relief from BHP difficulties.
trueresveratrol TrueResveratrol™
99% pure resveratrol... each capsule contains amount found in 16 bottles of red wine!
trueBerry7 TrueBerry7™
Makes a delicious sugar-free juice bursting with antioxidants from 7 super fruits.
trueGluco SP TrueGlucoSP™
Helps you control blood sugar before it controls you!
truelife PB TrueLife PB™
30 billion beneficial probiotic cells specially packaged to ensure the cells remain alive.
trueBP TrueBP™
Struggling to maintain a healthy blood pressure? Then this product is for you!
trueCirc TrueCirc™
Promotes healthy blood circulation throughout your body.

breaking news

Survey Finds That Majority of Americans Use and Trust Supplements

A recent survey conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition found that 68% of U.S. adults take dietary supplements and that 84% of U.S. adults express overall confidence in the safety, quality, and effectiveness of dietary supplements.

A closer look at the survey results shows that Americans have the most confidence in “Vitamins and minerals,” with 85% expressing their faith in those supplements. That was followed by 62.5% expressing faith in “specialty supplements,” 59.5% in “herbals and botanicals” and, finally, 48% expressing confidence in “sports nutrition and weight management.”

Additionally, the multivitamin has the highest percentage of usage, at 79% of male respondents and 77% of female respondents, followed by vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin B or B complex. For specialty supplements, omega-3 fatty acids were the most common, with 19% of respondents reporting using them. This was followed by fiber (13%), probiotics (12%), melatonin (8%), glucosamine and/or chondroitin (8%), CoQ10 (8%), and digestive enzymes (5%).

When it came to herbal and botanical supplements, 12% took green tea, followed by cranberry (8%), garlic (6%), ginseng (5%), gingko biloba (5%), turmeric (5%), and milk thistle (4%).

Finally, when the researchers examined how different age groups approach supplements, they found that men and women were about the same in Gen Y, with 61% and 62% usage, respectively. Gen X was even closer, with both genders reporting 69% usage. However, the Boomer generation had a greater gap, with men and women reporting 63% and 74%, respectively, and “Elder” men and women reporting 68% and 79%, respectively.

The survey, titled The 2015 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, was conducted from August 20-24 by Ipsos Public Affairs. It was conducted online in English and included a national sample of 2,016 adults who were at least 18 years of age.

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