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TrueBerry7 SuperFruit

TrueBerry7 Exotic Superfruit Fusion

6 Jars
(180 servings)
Reg. $299.94
Save: $109.97
3 Jars
(90 servings)
Reg. $149.97
Save: $43.10
1 Jar
(30 servings)
Reg. $49.99
Save: $10.02


Each Bottle Contains:
Count: 117 g  Serving size: 1 scoop (3.9 g)
 Servings: 30

The Top Seven SuperFruits in One Delicious Juice... and Sugar Free!
With New and Improved Taste!

Super fruits are unique because they contain health boosting “phytonutrients” not found in regular fruits.  On top of that, super fruits contain unusually high levels of beneficial antioxidants called polyphenols.

The reason for this is most super fruits grow in areas with extreme weather conditions…like tropical regions with high heat and humidity, or on mountainous terrain with freezing temperatures and lots of snow.

The bottom line is, in order to survive, these fruits produce strong, antioxidant rich pigmentation and health properties not found in say…a common apple.  And this makes them very valuable to you and your ability to survive!

In TrueBerry7™, we’ve combined seven of the world’s best super fruits together.  In each delicious glass you get…

…truly “wild” Alaskan blueberries that have eight times the antioxidants of normal blueberries…

…from Chile, South America is the maqui berry, which has the highest ORAC antioxidant score of any berry ever tested and shown to be a potent anti-inflammatory…
…an Indian gooseberry shown to help normalize blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

…from the shores of northern Lake Michigan comes an amazing tart cherry that helps get rid of pain and stiffness and improves sleep quality, allowing you to be more active and energized…

...from California comes an antioxidant rich grape seed proven to help improve blood pressure…

…from deep in the Amazon rainforest we get an organic Acai berry with ten times the antioxidants of red wine...

…from the Spanish Canary Islands comes a pomegranate juice concentrate that gives you the exact same antioxidant content as one whole fresh pomegranate…

You could spend weeks shopping and not find these fruits – or anything close to their quality and potency.  But now, you don’t even have to leave your house. All you do is add this TrueBerry7™ powder to a glass of water…and instantly you have a health saving – and delicious –  sugar free fruit juice bursting with key nutrients.   Try it today!

6 Jars<br>(180 servings) 6 Jars
(180 servings)
Reg. Price:
Your Price:
3 Jars<br>(90 servings) 3 Jars
(90 servings)
Reg. Price:
Your Price:
1 Jar<br>(30 servings) 1 Jar
(30 servings)
Reg. Price:
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"I wouldn't go without TrueBerry7!"
Wendy C (Dec 26, 2013)
5 of 5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars
I've always been susceptible to colds, and I dreaded them because they were always so severe, often spreading to my lungs. I've been drinking TrueBerry7 daily for three years now, and I've rarely gotten a cold since I started taking it. I love the fact that it's sweetened with stevia so I don't have to worry about drinking loads of sugar. I'm so happy with TrueBerry7, and I hope you'll always have it available.
"True Berry 7"
Thomas R (May 30, 2013)
2 of 5 Stars 2 of 5 Stars
The berry powder ingredients only add up to 26% of the serving and the rest is fiber filler. For $39.95 I don\'t feel that we are getting our moneys worth!

Reply from NatureCity:
Thank you for your review, we’d just like to add a bit more information to clarify your comment. Please remember that many berries and fruits are around 90% water, meaning the solids are only 10% of the fruit. Each serving of the TrueBerry7 powder provides the phytonutrient and antioxidant content typically found in about 5 servings of fruit – which is costing you just $1.33 (each $39.99 jar contains 30 servings of TrueBerry7). We think that’s a very attractive deal, especially considering the quality and nutrient breadth of the fruit extracts in TrueBerry7. To put it in further perspective, if you go to the market and buy a single organic apple, it alone could cost you $1.33. Again thank you for taking the time to comment.