Aloecran for your Good Health!
“…my cholesterol is down 37%”
- Diane Q., Bronx, NY
“…no more acid reflux drugs”
- Dorothy W., High Point, NC
“my blood sugar is under control and I feel wonderful”
- Lester L., Sacramento, CA
“anyone struggling ‘to go’ should try this”
- Martha C., Shalimar, FL
“I thought I had an ulcer… but the pain’s now gone”
- Donald W., St. Louis, MO

Dear Friend,

Aren’t you sick and tired of “bad news” and constantly being told what’s “wrong” with things you like?

Every time you find a food, drink or even an activity you enjoy, it seems someone is always there to quickly point out the problems with it. Whose life is it anyway?

It’s yours. And being able to quiet every “negative Nancy” who likes to nitpick is the single biggest reason for the explosion in popularity of this mouth watering juice.

For many, it’s even more important than the treasure chest of health benefits you get from drinking this juice.

“Your Product has been a Miracle for Me!”
      “I’m 60 years old and been struggling with high cholesterol, triglycerides and high blood pressure for years. Acid reflux has been a problem also. I thought my situation was hopeless.

      After using AloeCran for 30 days, I tested my cholesterol and my HDL and LDL were in normal limits, as was my blood pressure. My acid reflux isn’t as bad either. My doctor said, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up.” Your product has been a miracle for me!”
– Stan A., Lincoln, NE

“I Cannot Express How Grateful I Am...”
      For years, I have needed help with bowel movements, but not anymore. My belly has gone flatter. TestimonialI am not bloated. My clothes fit better and I am not in constant discomfort in my midsection. I had discovered a product from another company but the cost was prohibitive. Yours is affordable. Thank you so-o-o much.” – Mary L., Birch Run, MI

Individual results may vary

Because finally...and I mean finally… you have something that you can enjoy every day and do so completely GUILT FREE.

The simple fact of the matter is there’s absolutely nothing in this delicious, nutritious juice that the usual suspects - or even the unusual ones - can criticize. Let them try…

“It must be loaded with sugar”… No, there’s zero sugar, and actually this juice helps you keep your blood sugar levels under control.

“Then it must have a lot of fat, right?”... Not a drop, and by the way, it can help improve your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

“So it must be made with artificial stuff?”… Wrong again. It’s 100% natural, made from the some of the highest quality ingredients available.

“I bet it will upset my stomach”… Just the opposite, people drink this juice because it helps them digest foods better and helps relieve an upset stomach and heartburn. It also helps flush ulcer causing bacteria from your body.

“A lot of these products make you constipated”… Not this one. In fact most people find it helps make it easier “to go” and they become more regular. Plus, they have less gas and bloating. And no, it doesn’t cause diarrhea either.

“Well, I’m watching my weight and…” Perfect! Because this juice has only 8 calories per glass – and those are all from soluble fiber, which should help you with weight loss.

“This stuff must cost a fortune”… That’s the best part, because it’ll actually cost you less than what you’d pay for a can of soda or bottle of water in most stores. You can’t go wrong!

Mark my words…they’ll try to burst your bubble, but this product is pretty much bullet proof. You’ll be armed with a good answer for every possible criticism.

Here’s the real kicker…while you’ll want to drink this juice just because you enjoy it, you’ll be helping your body in more ways then you can imagine. And thank goodness it’s not another pill to take!

Just the same, this is not your typical “health” drink that you have to psyche yourself up to force down.

You’ll look forward to drinking this juice anytime…with meals, watching television, sitting outside or while reading….and you can drink it as often as you like.

“I Tell You I Feel Wonderful!”
       “I am a diabetic and since I started taking AloeCran my blood sugar has been under control between 96 and 120. This morning my blood sugar was perfect at 90. No more messing with needles. I feel very young again. I wish I had known about AloeCran some 15 years ago. Plus the pain in my legs is gone. This is really important to me as I am a well known basketball and baseball official throughout Northern California. I tell you I feel wonderful!
– Lester L., Sacramento, CA

Individual results may vary

Even better, you don’t have to drink alone…because this juice is good for everyone – men, women and children.

Kids really enjoy it and it’s much better for them than soft drinks or sugared juices – and that’s true for you too.

By now, you are probably wondering…

So What Is This Juice?

This remarkable product is called AloeCran™. It is delivered to your home as a ready to mix powder.

You simply add water and in a snap you have a great tasting, sugar free and preservative free juice.

It tastes so good you’ll be amazed that it can actually be so good for your health…but it is.

In fact, if you take just a few more minutes to read this report, I promise you’ll discover that AloeCran™ is one of the most enjoyable ways to get relief from stomach and common digestive woes… support healthy blood sugar levels… and help improve your heart health.

Take for example AloeCran™ drinker Stan, who’s from Lincoln, Nebraska. He’s struggled with high cholesterol and blood pressure for years – and thought his situation was hopeless. After 30 days of drinking AloeCran™, Stan had his blood work done. The lab report showed both his LDL and HDL cholesterol were now in a normal range. His blood pressure improved to boot. Stan’s doctor said it best “Stan, whatever you are doing, keep it up.”

“No More Acid Reflux Drugs!”

Testimonial      “I had a reflux problem for a very long time. My doctor put me on Prilosec. After using it for about three years, I had a bone density test and learned that I had some bone loss.

      I learned that Prilosec could cause bone loss. I tried to stop taking Prilosec, but after about ten days I would find that I would have to start taking it again because the refux was still there.

      Last summer I read about AloeCran. I ordered some, and started taking it in August.

     I have not taken any Prilosec since that time. I think that AloeCran is a wonderful product, and I believe it will help others as it has helped me.”
– Dorothy W., High Point, NC

“AloeCran Allowed Me to Cut Back on My Blood Sugar Medicine”


      “I was taking two different medications to control my blood sugar. My blood sugar readings were between 170 and 210 so I had to watch the amount of sweets that I ate. Since I have been drinking AloeCran I have stopped taking one of the medications. Today my blood sugar readings run between 85 and 135 and I can eat all the sweets I want.”
– Robert F., Odin, IL

Individual results may vary

Another happy client is Maureen from Las Vegas, Nevada. She had severe acid reflux and was worried about the side effects of acid blockers.

She now drinks a glass of AloeCran™ every morning and an AloeCran™ “cocktail” before dinner.

The result: Maureen can now eat all her favorite foods with no pain or discomfort. Problem solved!

Or take Lester, who’s out in Sacramento, California. He’s a diabetic and since starting AloeCran™ his blood sugar has stabilized between 96 and 120 and he no longer has pains in his legs.

Lester says “I feel very young again” His only regret is AloeCran™ wasn’t around 15 years ago!

Your Timing Could
Not Be Better...

The truth is you could not be discovering AloeCran™ at a better time. This is because recently the Harvard School of Public Health released a study on “healthy” sugared juice products.

Aloecran Juice

It exposed that sugared juices raise the risk of diabetes by a whopping 31%! This is even more than sugared soft drinks – which increase diabetes risk by 24%. Does this sound healthy to you?

Yet fruit and vegetable juice done the right way does have a lot to offer you.

Here’s a quick example…a study published in The American Journal of Medicine found that adults who drank juice more than three times a week were 76% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who drank juice less than once a week.

Right off the bat, it’s easy for you to see how AloeCran™ lets you have your cake and eat it too…

…because AloeCran™ doesn’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners that ruin the health benefits of the juice. In spite of this, you don’t sacrifice great taste – you just lose the calories and spike in blood sugar.

Moreover, you get a leg up in your quest to look and feel better with the unique blend of ingredients in AloeCran™. Together, they offer you endless health benefits. Here’s what’s in AloeCran™…

     1) ACTIValoe®… the finest Aloe vera juice concentrate around,
     2) PACran®… a special high potency whole cranberry juice concentrate and
     3) FiberSol®-2… a soluble fiber with no bad taste, gas, or acid - just proven health benefits.

Since that description of AloeCran™ does not come close to doing justice to the quality of these ingredients, let me tell you a bit more about each …

Each delicious glass of AloeCran™

ACTIValoe® made with breakthrough Qmatrix™ dehydration technology!

The revolutionary Qmatrix™ process maximizes your benefits by…

  • Delivering “Farm Fresh” organic Aloe vera gel
  • Protecting heat sensitive Aloe nutrients by using low temperature/short time (LTST) dehydration
  • Avoiding use of chemicals and preservatives

Aloe juice that isn’t fresh isn’t worth taking! Only Qmatrix™ produces Aloe vera juice that is “same as fresh.”

This is why scientists choose Qmatrix™ Aloe vera more often for their clinical studies. You should demand it also!

This “green” technology is both environmentally friendly and requires low energy.

Qmatrix™ results in pure crystal Aloe vera “flakes” that easily dissolve when you add water to the AloeCran™ powder!


You may remember a story from your past when your Mom or perhaps a neighbor used the gel from a fresh cut Aloe vera leaf to soothe a burn…heal damaged skin…or calm a cranky stomach.

Reports of Aloe vera’s remarkable health benefits date back over 2,000 years. The ancient Egyptians called it “Plant of Immortality.”

In Japan, Aloe vera is popularly called “No Need of a Doctor.” Native Americans in this country labeled it as the “Silent Healer.”

The health benefits of Aloe vera aren’t just legend or based on stories anymore. Exciting new scientific evidence proving the power of Aloe vera is pouring in from around the you’ll see in a moment.

The problem is the quality of Aloe vera available for sale varies widely.

You see, if Aloe vera isn’t handled carefully during its harvest, it quickly loses potency – and you may miss out on the health benefits you’re seeking.

The main culprits are time and heat. To maximize potency and keep it “fresh”, Aloe vera needs to be processed within hours of harvesting.

As important, it’s critical that minimal heat be used to evaporate the water from the inner gel – else the Aloe vera gets cooked and is ruined.

That’s why we choose ACTIValoe® for AloeCran™ ….because it’s made with a breakthrough dehydration technology - called Qmatrix™ - that sets a new standard for Aloe vera quality.

Here’s the ACTIValoe® bottom line: when you add water to make a glass of AloeCran™ , the Aloe vera will still be “farm fresh.”

It’s as pure and potent as if you freshly squeezed the juice from an Aloe leaf. You couldn’t do better than ACTIValoe® even if the Aloe field was in your backyard.

“Just Saying Thank You is Not Nearly Enough...”


     “I have had problems all my life trying to be regular, but with no success. People that don’t have the problem do not understand how miserable it makes you feel. I am 75 and tried everything over the counter and doctor recommended but nothing worked.

      I got a notice from your company and decided to try AloeCran and was rewarded with blessed relief. I am so very thankful you sent the notice and that I tried it. It not only tasted good but boy does it work.

      I have the problem no more. Just saying thank you is not nearly enough but I do not know how else to say how I feel. Thank you so much for making my life so much better!”
– Martha C., Shalimar, FL

Individual results may vary

And absolutely no chemicals or preservatives are used. Plus, like the Aloe plant itself, ACTIValoe® contains a minimum of 10% polysaccharides. These are the nutrients that give Aloe its exceptional health properties.

In a nutshell, with ACTIValoe® you get maximum potency for maximum results!

Click here to try AloeCran™ Risk Free!


For over 100 years, cranberries have been used as a remedy for urinary tract infections (UTIs) as well as other health problems.

For almost as long, it had been assumed that cranberry helped UTIs by increasing the acidity of urine.

However, other fruits high in acid didn’t have the same beneficial effect. So there had to be more to the story.

Finally, in 1994, Harvard Medical School researchers discovered that antioxidants in cranberry, known as “proanthocyanidins” or PACs, seemed to be the difference makers.

Following up on this work, in 2002, researchers from the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University were able to show that the PACs in cranberry help prevent E. coli bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls.

This matters because E. coli is responsible for causing 90% of UTIs.

With the aid of cranberry juice, instead of sticking to the urinary tract, E. coli passes through and is flushed from your body during urination – making you less prone to infection.

Many fruits contain PACs (grapes, apples, etc.), but the unique structural type found in cranberry are especially potent.

Unique cranberry antioxidants called
“proanthocyanidins” (PACs) help prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to your insides... providing you with many health benefits!

The PACran® in AloeCran™ provides twice the PACs of normal cranberry powder - without the calories.
      “The cranberry’s proanthocyanidins are structurally different than the proanthocyanidins found in other plant foods tested, which may explain why cranberry has unique bacterial anti-adhesion activity” – Dr. Amy Howell, Rutgers University

Here’s why PACran® is more potent:

  • 100% made from the most PAC “rich” cranberries ever discovered – “Early Blacks”
  • Concentrated using an industry leading 50:1 process
  • Results in cranberry powder with at least 1.5% PACs – over twice as much as regular cranberry powder
PACran® is proven
to reduce E.coli!
   The potency of PACran® has been independently tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratories – a leading commercial lab specializing in antioxidants.

    PACran® is the world’s first and only standardized cranberry product clinically proven to reduce E. coli bacteria – which causes urinary tract infections. In a double blind study, harmful E.coli bacteria was reduced by almost 40% in just 30 days.

These particular PACs help stop bacteria from attaching to tissue.

This discovery opened up an entire new world of cranberry research.

Since 2002, cranberry PACs have been shown to have this “Teflon” effect on bacteria in many other parts of your body such as your stomach and teeth.

And you’ll be surprised to learn what else this little red super fruit can do for you.

But first, a quick note on PACran® - pronounced “pack cran”- the special whole cranberry powder in AloeCran™.

It contains 1.5% PACs, which is twice as much as other leading cranberry powders – giving you 100% more potency.

PACran® is made from “Early Black” cranberries which contain 33% more PACs than all other cranberry varieties.

Early Blacks are rare these days because most growers have switched to higher yielding – but lower potency – cranberry varieties. Why?

You guessed it, it’s the same story that affects many of our food crops today – quantity at the expense of quality.

In fact, the Early Blacks used to make PACran® come from cranberry bogs in Massachusetts that are over 100 years old!

After they’re harvested, the nutrient rich Early Black cranberries go through a special water extraction process that yields an industry leading 50:1 concentration.

This results in the supercharged PACran® powder that “PACs” a mean health punch!

In fact, PACran® is the first and only clinically supported and PAC standardized cranberry powder. As an example of its potency, PACran® has been proven effective against UTIs in as little as 500mg/day. You can get this dose from two glasses of AloeCran™.

“I Thought I Had an Ulcer, But the Pain is Now Gone”


“I had bad stomach pain which I thought was an ulcer. This condition also affected my nervous system. After a week of starting AloeCran, the stomach pain was gone and my nervous system’s back in order. My fingernails are noticeably lighter and healthier looking too. – Donald W., St. Louis, MO
Individual results may vary

Now you know about two of the world class ingredients in AloeCran™. Last but not least, this third ingredient on its own would give you good enough reason to enjoy AloeCran™…


If you’re like me, you struggle to get 25 grams to 30 grams of fiber each day. That’s the amount many health authorities such as the National Cancer Institute recommend.

The truth is most Americans only get about 15 grams of fiber daily from food – or about half of what’s needed.

In case you’re not aware, two types of fiber exist – soluble and insoluble. The basic difference is soluble fiber will dissolve in water and insoluble fiber will not.

Both types of fiber are important, but they do very different things in your body. Soluble fiber helps you control your weight and reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Made from corn, the patented FiberSol®-2 was initially developed in Japan and is now made in Clinton, Iowa.

Here is why it is different from other fiber products you may know about….

  • FiberSol®-2 doesn’t taste “chalky” like other fiber supplements – it’s actually tasteless.
  • Only 50% of FiberSol®-2 ferments in the large intestine, compared to the 100% of some soluble fiber products. So FiberSol®-2 doesn’t cause gas or acid release.
  • Even at high levels, FiberSol®-2 doesn’t interfere with mineral or calcium absorption.

In over 30 studies, FiberSol®-2 has been proven to help maintain or promote…

  • Healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides for heart health
  • Intestinal regularity by adding stool volume, moisture and reducing transit time – all key for good colon health.
  • Growth of beneficial bacteria that boost immune system function.
  • Healthy blood sugar and insulin levels by lowering the Glycemic Index or Glycemic Load of foods.

FiberSol®-2 is the fiber supplement you’ve been looking for…you get 5 g. in every glass of AloeCran™!

Insoluble fiber is more likely to prevent constipation and help you avoid colon and digestive diseases – although soluble fiber helps in this regard also.

So far, so good, right?

The catch is soluble fiber is much harder to get. In fact, only about 25% of the fiber you get from food is soluble fiber – which for the typical American is only 3 grams to 4 grams a day.

This amount is way off the mark from where you need to be. That’s why we include the super soluble fiber, FiberSol®-2, in AloeCran™. By drinking just one glass of AloeCran™, you get a full 5 grams of soluble fiber. What a great bonus!

If you’re not familiar with FiberSol®-2, it’s made from corn. It was originally developed and studied for 15 years by researchers in Japan and now is made in the heart of corn growing country – Clinton, Iowa.

One of the great features of FiberSol®-2 is that it’s odorless and tasteless. This is in contrast to other fiber supplements that often have a “chalky” or otherwise nasty taste.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about FiberSol®-2 causing embarrassing gas or releasing acid in your gut. This is because only about 50% of FiberSol®-2 ferments in your large intestine – which makes it unique compared to other fiber products.

Finally, FiberSol®-2 is completely free of bacteria, toxins and harmful pathogens, making it very safe.

The real cherry on the sundae is FiberSol®-2 has been the subject of many clinical studies and proven to have several key health benefits – as you’ll soon learn!

Click here to try AloeCran™ Risk Free!

The Secret Sauce…

Each of the natural juice ingredients you just read about are top notch in quality. But frankly, they all taste pretty bad! Aloe vera and cranberries are naturally bitter and the FiberSol®-2 is boringly bland.

Rather than destroy the health properties by adding sugar - or worse artificial flavors and sweeteners - AloeCran™ is made with a novel natural sweetening complex. This gives you a great tasting AND healthy juice.

“My Cholesterol Dropped 37% in 3 Months!”


     “About three months ago my total cholesterol was 290, the LDL was 166! So I started drinking AloeCran. I also started eating more whole grains, and more fresh fruits and vegetables.

     I was astounded when I saw the results of the cholesterol test three months later. My total cholesterol was 181, the LDL dropped to 102! I attribute this astounding drop, in large part, to AloeCran.

     Just to let you know I’ve had high cholesterol for the past 25 years. I am not overweight. However, high cholesterol runs in my family.

     I am writing to let you know that with the help of AloeCran and my diet changes, I’ve overcome one of the toughest medical problems in my entire family. Thanks for making this product”
- Diane Q., Bronx, NY

“My Acid Reflux is Gone”


     “I suffered frequently from acid reflux, and gas was also a problem. I started using AloeCran (I like to mix it with a smoothie – great taste). My acid reflux is gone and no more flatulence. I love your products and the prices are great!” – Erik O., Olathe, KS
Individual results may vary

Together these natural sweeteners are about 200 - 300 times sweeter than sugar. Now that doesn’t mean AloeCran™ is too sweet for your taste…we don’t have to use more than 100mg of this powerful sweetening complex to create a delicious juice.

Even better…YOU control how sweet you want the juice to be. We recommend adding 6oz. to 8oz. of water to a scoop of AloeCran™ – and we give you the scoop.

But you can add more water or less water depending on how sweet you want the juice to be. It’s completely in your control.

Also important, these natural sweeteners contain zero calories and have a very low glycemic index score making them safe for diabetics.

The natural sweetening complex in AloeCran™ includes:

      1) Stevia leaf extract, from an herbal root native to South America,
      2) Luo han guo extract, from a sweet fruit grown in Asia and
      3) Bitter melon extract, from a tropical fruit in the Amazon – and which isn’t bitter at all!

Aloecran Juice

Unlike zero calorie artificial sweeteners, there are no potentially harmful health problems with AloeCran™’s natural sweeteners.

Just the opposite, they offer health benefits on their own…such as supporting regulation of blood sugar, boosting your immune system and promoting healthy blood pressure.

Instead of drinking sodas or sugared juices like regular cranberry juice, which can have 28g of sugar per glass, you can drink delicious AloeCran™ without the additional 100 calories or other health concerns. Totally guilt free!

Besides Tasting Great…
What Can AloeCran™
Do For Me?

I’ll tell you right up front…there’s not enough room in this report to explain all the health benefits you may experience from drinking AloeCran™.

So please forgive me if you learn that I left something out – and do let me know. Having said that, let’s jump right into it…

AloeCran™ and Your Stomach
and Digestive System

How many times have you suffered with an annoying stomach problem – acid reflux, heartburn, gas or indigestion – and you reach for a quick fix to ease your pain?

And after you pop a couple of pills or drink some antacid, your discomfort fades away.

Problem solved… right? Wrong. Actually, the real problem has just started to make its presence known.

You see, stomach troubles aren’t just a nuisance, they’re very often your body’s cry for help.

That minor pain may be a warning sign that a greater danger’s lurking inside – trouble that could have deadly consequences if you ignore it. That’s because your health depends on how well you digest food. And when your digestive system’s not working right…

“No More Discomfort and No Side Effects!”
    “I had severe acid reflux and could not eat my favorite foods without digestive problems. I did not want to take acid blockers with all the side effects which I heard could cause long-term damage after a while.

     I now drink a glass of AloeCran every morning and an AloeCran “cocktail” before dinner. It tastes delicious and I can now eat and drink anything I like with no problems. I’m happy to be getting my fiber also with no chalky taste too.I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful product.”
– Maureen S. Las Vegas, NV

Individual results may vary

… your blood can’t deliver enough nutrients to your heart and other organs

…you’re more vulnerable to disease because your immune system can’t do its job

…you feel tired and irritable…

…and the occasional stomach problems become more and more frequent – and dangerous.

And that’s where AloeCran™ comes in. It can really help with stomach and digestion problems. To illustrate this, I want to share the story of Dorothy. She’s from High Point, North Carolina – also known as the “furniture capital of the world.”

Dorothy suffered from acid reflux for a very long time. About four years ago she started taking the antacid drug, Prilosec®.

After using it for three years, she had a bone density test – and discovered she had some bone loss, a negative side effect of Prilosec®.

Scared about the bone loss, Dorothy stopped taking Prilosec®. But after 10 days the heartburn returned.

Luckily she learned about AloeCran™ and started drinking it. And guess what? The acid reflux disappeared and Dorothy has not had a problem since. No more need for antacid drugs!

Here are the five ways drinking AloeCran™ helps to improve your digestion and stomach problems:

Soothes your stomach lining. Food and beverages high in acid and other harmful compounds irritate your stomach lining.

“I Hit the Jackpot with AloeCran”


     “I was suffering from acid reflux, irregular bowel movements and my cholesterol was higher than my doctor wanted.

     I started seeing benefits from AloeCran after 5 weeks. Now my irregularity is gone and I’m very regular. My cholesterol levels are in the normal range. And I very seldom experience acid reflux. Thanks for a great product!”
– Terry C., Austin, TX

“The Tests Show I’m Controlling My Blood Sugar Better”


    “I’m a dental hygienist and personal trainer so staying active and healthy is very important. I love what AlocCran has done for me. Not only is it delicious, it’s very filling and helps me control my weight and feel less bloated.

     I’m also a Type 1 diabetic, so I was really excited to learn my A1C test result improved, which means my blood sugar is being controlled better. Also my cholesterol is down too. What a great product, thank you!”
– Patricia M., Ballston Spa, NY

Individual results may vary

This irritation leads to indigestion which you feel as heartburn or acid reflux. AloeCran™ helps soothe and protect your stomach lining, reducing irritation.

Acts as an “alkaline” agent to balance acid levels. Too much acid in your stomach is a problem, as is too little acid. AloeCran™ helps your stomach find its natural balance or “pH.”

Reduces harmful H. pylori bacteria. These bacteria injure your gut and are responsible for 90% of ulcers.

AloeCran™ helps prevent H. pylori from sticking to your stomach lining so it can be flushed from your body.

Cleans the gastrointestinal tract. The dietary fiber in AloeCran™ helps sweep your intestines clean –eliminating toxins and improving regularity.

Promotes a more favorable intestinal bacteria balance. Your gut should contain 85% good bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria, but if you’re like many Americans this ratio is reversed.

Aloecran Juice

AloeCran™ has a “prebiotic” effect, supporting the growth of beneficial or “good” bacteria in your gut. And as an added bonus, AloeCran™ helps you absorb nutrients better.

In fact, studies by the University of Scranton and University of California at Davis Medical Center have shown that Aloe vera increases the absorption of vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B12 by up to 300%.

That old saying “you are what eat” isn’t quite true. It’s more accurate to say “you are what you digest and absorb.”

And by drinking AloeCran™, you help optimize your body’s digestion and nutrient absorption – it’s like you’re getting a bonus dietary supplement for free!

Here are a few of the other scientific findings of the stomach and digestion benefits of AloeCran™’s ingredients…

Aloe Vera Juice Stomach & Digestion Benefits

naturecity A study in Russia that involved giving Aloe vera to ulcer patients found that Aloe treatment was just as effective as commonly used anti-ulcer drugs, but with the added advantage of no toxic side effects.

naturecity Dr. Jeffrey Bland at the Linus Pauling Institute found in a clinical trial that Aloe vera makes digestion easier, helps balance acid levels and improves bowel regularity

Plus, participants in the clinical trial reported an increase in energy levels...

naturecity In another study, 12 individuals with peptic ulcers (7 males and 5 females, ages ranging from 24 to 83) were treated solely with Aloe vera. Every patient fully recovered from the ulcers within one year of beginning treatment.

naturecity A recent double blind, placebo controlled study was conducted involving people with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis (a type of Irritable Bowel Disease).

In just four weeks, 47% of the participants taking Aloe vera twice a day experienced a complete remission of the condition or an improvement in symptoms. What’s more, no side effects were reported.

“I’m Enjoying
Life Again!"

    "I have used AloeCran for over 3 years and I love it! It helps to keep my digestive system regular, my kidney functioning good (I had one removed in 2004), and urinary tract free of infection. AloeCran also gives me an energy burst. I am 72 years old and I am doing everything I want to. I enjoy life completely.”
- Yvonne Y., Dickson, IN

Individual results may vary


Cranberry Juice Stomach & Digestion Benefits

naturecity A double blind placebo controlled study found cranberry juice was effective in reducing instances of H. pylori infection.

H. pylori bacteria cause nearly 90% of stomach ulcers and have been linked to stomach cancer, acid reflux disease and gastritis (stomach inflammation).

Cranberry PACs help eliminate H. pylori bacteria by inhibiting its adhesion to gastric cells.

This is extremely important because it’s been estimated 50% of Americans over age 60 are infected with this bacteria. And this is thought to be a key reason why so many people suffer from gastrointestinal disorders.

Click here to try AloeCran™ Risk Free!

FiberSol®-2 Stomach & Digestion Benefits

naturecity FiberSol®-2 has been shown to help eliminate toxins by increasing both regularity (by over 50%) and fecal volume (by over 80%) as well as moisture. As important, FiberSol®-2 does not cause irritable bowels or diarrhea in people who already have healthy bowel movements.

naturecity FiberSol®-2also has been shown to act as a “prebiotic” – promoting friendly bacteria – by increasing micro flora in the large intestine. This supports better digestion and immune system function.

Doesn’t drinking AloeCran™ sound like it could help you?

Let me say this…if you’re at all interested in renewing your digestive system and health, you need to give AloeCran™ a try.

Drinking AloeCran™ helps you get to the root cause of stomach discomfort. And that’s the only real way you can truly solve a problem.

AloeCran adds fiber
 AloeCran™ helps you bridge
the gap between the fiber
you get from your diet and the recommended daily amount.

But there’s more - much more - that AloeCran™ can do for you…

AloeCran™ and Your Heart

Despite all the attention given to heart disease, it’s still the number one killer of Americans.

What’s more, according to statistics published by the American Heart Association, since 1987 the number of American adults with one or more heart disease conditions has grown by an astounding 300%!

That’s why the additional support you give to your heart while enjoying AloeCran™ may prove to be an invaluable bonus. Here are some benefits to your heart from the AloeCran™ ingredients…

Aloe Vera Juice Heart Benefits

naturecity O.P. Agarwal M.D. administered Aloe vera to 5,000 patients with heart disease over a five-year period. After just three months, 93% of the patients experienced a significant improvement in serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Even better, during the five year study not one of the 5,000 patients suf­fered a fresh heart attack.

naturecity Scientists at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea conducted a double blind animal study analyzing the impact of Aloe vera supplementation over an extended life period.

“My Doctor is Amazed at my Health”

Testimonial    “I’m 75 years old, so naturally my urinary tract and kidneys need some help. The only thing that works for me is AloeCran. I would tell anyone to take it. I haven’t had any flare ups since taking AloeCran. My doctor is amazed at my health.”
– Phyllis J., Garrettsville, OH
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“I Feel So Much Better Without the Prescription Medication”

Testimonial     “For years I have had many health problems - high blood pressure, fluid retention, gastric reflux, hypoglycemia, and osteoporosis.

     I took many prescription medications. After two years of drinking AloeCran juice and taking some of your other products, I feel so much better and don’t need the prescription medication. All thanks to your wonderful products.”
- Myra W., Greenville, SC

“90% of the Pain is Gone and I lost 15 pounds!”


    “Yeah Right! Heard all this before, but I hurt so bad I thought I would try anything. Blessed relief is what I got. Your products are amazing – 90% of my pain is gone. Plus, I started drinking the AloeCran instead of soda and lost 15 pounds. You can’t beat that with a stick!” – Charles L., Norman, OK
Individual results may vary

The test group that received Aloe vera supplementation ended the study with an LDL cholesterol level that was 30% less than the placebo group.

Aloecran Juice

naturecity A recent study that involved subjects taking ACTIValoe® found that after eight weeks, total cholesterol declined by 9.7% from 206 to 186, with LDL cholesterol declining by 12.5%.

Triglyceride levels also declined by 4.8%. As important, the inflammation marker C-reactive protein (CRP), an important factor in heart disease, declined by 38%.

Cranberry Juice Heart Benefits

naturecity University of Scranton researchers found that drinking cranberry juice increased good HDL cholesterol by 10% in test participants. This improvement is estimated to lower the risk of heart disease by 40%.

naturecity Cornell University researchers found that cranberries may reduce the risk of heart disease by making LDL cholesterol less dangerous by protecting it from oxidation damage.

Once oxidized, cholesterol can stick to arteries leading to blockages. Plus, cranberry may help decrease excessive circulating cholesterol by increasing its absorption into cells.

FiberSol®-2 Heart Benefits

naturecity In a study, subjects took 10g of FiberSol®-2 with meals for three months. On average, total cholesterol was reduced 13.2% (from 232.0 to 201.3). In addition, triglycerides declined by 44% (from 344.7 to 192.9).

Now you can see why AloeCran™ drinkers like William from Mitchell, Indiana get the results they do.

William is a diabetic and has found AloeCran to be a big help in regulating blood sugar and ridding him of pain in his hands and legs.

What surprised William was how his cholesterol declined. According to William, his doctor was “amazed” at his cholesterol improvement.

William first started drinking AloeCran™ because of the good taste and the fact it’s sugar free. Now after seeing how else it helps him, he “wouldn’t be without it!”

That brings us to what could be the biggest benefit of drinking AloeCran™…

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AloeCran™ and your Blood Sugar

You may have read that the United States is on the verge of a diabetes epidemic.

According to a recent study by the American Diabetes Association, one in four American adults – that’s 58 million
people – is now considered to have “pre-diabetes.”

If you have pre-diabetes, your risk of developing Type II diabetes is great.

Furthermore, according to a new study by the Lewin Group, pre-diabetic Americans are costing the healthcare system an extra $25 billion each year.

Aloecran is a great value!

This is A LOT of dough - and is mainly due to increased doctor visits.

Thanks to the ACTIValoe® and FiberSol®-2, drinking AloeCran may help you maintain a normal blood sugar level.

And as you’ll recall, there isn’t any sugar in AloeCran™ to offset these benefits. Here are the specific findings…

Aloe Vera Juice Blood Sugar Benefits

naturecity In this double blind study of 78 people, participants drinking Aloe vera juice daily for six weeks saw their blood sugar level decline 43% from 250mg/dl to 142 mg/dl, on average.

On the other hand, those not receiving Aloe vera had an average blood sugar increase of 2.4%.

Also, the Aloe vera treatment group saw blood triglyceride levels decline by 44% from an average of 220 mg/dl to 123 mg/dl. The control group showed an average increase in blood triglyceride levels of 8.4%.

naturecity In late 2005, researchers at the Biochemical Research Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan ran a clinical trial of 70 people diagnosed as borderline diabetic.

“What I Was Originally Looking for Was a Healthy Alternative to My Children’s Fruit Juice... What I Found Was much More.”

     When I first received AloeCran, I mixed it with water and served it to my children. They loved it! I was quite pleased since it is high in soluble fiber and nutritious.

     Then one day one of my children got a stomach virus. I decided to try mixing a little ginger in with the AloeCran and give it to her.

     It worked like magic. Her stomach felt a lot better. I now use it for the whole family to relieve upset stomachs. Thank you for all your products. They are safe, healthy and AloeCran tastes great! – Kim F., Melbourne, FL

PS. AloeCran is a safe, effective way to treat mild urinary tract infections in children. My 8 year old twin girls have both had UTI’s and AloeCran worked!”
Individual results may vary

The study results indicated that regular intake of Aloe vera helped reduce levels of fasting blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin.

naturecity Researchers at Mahidol University in Thailand conducted a study to see if Aloe vera could help diabetic patients who didn’t respond to glibenclamide, a medication used to lower blood sugar.

When the treatment group took Aloe vera for six weeks, on average, they experienced a 48% decrease in blood sugar levels and a 52% decrease in triglycerides.

naturecity Another study was led by Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, widely considered a leading authority on Aloe vera.

Type II diabetics with elevated levels of blood sugar, insulin and triglycerides were given a concentrated Aloe beverage to take every day for eight weeks.

After eight weeks, about 80% of those drinking the Aloe had normal levels of blood sugar, insulin and triglycerides.

FiberSol®-2 Blood Sugar Benefits

naturecity In a study, consuming 5 grams of FiberSol®-2 with meals reduced the rise in blood sugar by about 11% (compared to those not taking FiberSol®-2). Plus, a 5% improvement in insulin levels was also noted.

I think you’d agree that these findings are pretty impressive.

AloeCran™ along with other lifestyle and diet changes may be able to help you avoid and control what is becoming a dangerously common - and expensive - disease.

Other Benefits of AloeCran™

The digestion, heart and blood sugar benefits of AloeCran™ give you more than enough reasons to drink AloeCran™ every day. But here are a few more…

Aloecran Juice

naturecity Wrinkles - A new study, conducted by the South Korean equivalent of our FDA, found taking Aloe vera orally for three months produced a significant decrease in facial wrinkles. In addition, the elasticity of the skin increased significantly.

naturecity Kidney Stones – Scientists at Khon Kaen University in Thailand found drinking Aloe vera juice daily may help prevent kidney stone formation by decreasing oxalate and calcium in the urine.

naturecity Teeth – Researchers from UCLA and the University of Rochester showed that cranberry helps stop the formation of dental plaque and tooth decay. It works by preventing the plaque causing bacteria Streptococcus mutans, from sticking to teeth.

naturecity Virus – Researchers from St. Francis College in New York found that cranberry may make intestinal viruses (e.g. rotaviruses) inactive. Cranberry appears to interfere with the early stages of the viral replication cycle.

naturecity Weight Loss – FiberSol®-2 may aid in weight loss because it prolongs stomach emptying time so you don’t get hungry as quickly.

And you get all of this for a lot less than you would expect…

The Reason WHY We Can Charge You Less…

Each jar of AloeCran™ makes 1.5 gallons of delicious and nutritious juice. You may be wondering why we don’t just sell the juice instead of the AloeCran™ juice powder.

The simple answer is to save you money and also give you a better product. Most companies take powder and add water and sell you juice. But that costs you a lot of money.

That’s because a gallon and a half of water or juice weighs about 12 pounds. Shipping this extra weight to you by UPS or the post office would cost an extra $10.00 -$15.00!

We know you have fresh water at your home, so we let you add the water and save you the extra money.

Plus, this allows you to make a fresh glass of AloeCran™ each time you drink it - and you control the sweetness.

And we don’t have to worry about protecting against spoilage by adding preservatives to the liquid juice like “sodium benzoate.”

Sodium benzoate is commonly used in sodas and other beverages. Recently, scientists at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom found that sodium benzoate may accelerate aging by damaging your DNA.

Because we ship you the dry AloeCran™ powder, preservatives like sodium benzoate are not needed.

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You’ve seen how AloeCran™ is 100% natural and made with only the best of the best ingredients. You’ve seen the scientific proof of the many health benefits you may experience from AloeCran™.

And you’ve read countless stories from AloeCran™ users who are so thankful they discovered this amazing and delicious juice.

Aloecran Savings

Now I’m going to go the extra mile and help make it easy for you to join the tens of thousands of others enjoying AloeCran™. Below, you’ll find a money saving AloeCran™ offer that you can’t beat. Let me explain…

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So in every jar of AloeCran™, the value of the ingredients is over $60.

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TrueBerry7™ is the perfect drinking partner to enjoy with AloeCran (I mix both powders together…try it!).

Each serving of TrueBerry7™ combines seven super fruit wonders from around the world into one sugar free drink powder…and it’s only available from NatureCity®.

Here’s a small sampling of the health benefits you may experience from the wonderful TrueBerry7™ ingredients…

…improving blood pressure up to 11 points

…normalizing LDL (bad) cholesterol – make a 10% improvement.

…controlling blood sugar levels and increasing insulin efficiency by 22%.

…reducing plaque causing oxidized cholesterol by as much as 90%

…sleeping better and longer a at night, and being more energized during the day!

And in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with AloeCran™ - for any reason - you can return it for a full refund any time over the next year. You are protected by a Full One Year Money Back Guarantee.

Now it’s up to you!

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Yours for good health,


Carl Pradelli,
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