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TrueGlucoSP - Blood Sugar Support

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Product Snapshot

  • TrueGlucoSP™ is formulated to help control the post-meal spike in blood sugar and maintain normal fasting blood sugar.
  • InSea2® helps slow down the absorption of starch and sugar reducing the spike in post-meal blood glucose and insulin levels.
  • GlucoFit™ helps support the transfer of glucose from blood and into cells where it can be used as energy.
  • Crominex® 3+ is a protected form of chromium and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels by supporting the ability of cells to absorb glucose.
  • TrueGlucoSP™ also includes other blood sugar health supporting nutrients such as gymnema sylvestre, vitamin D3, biotin, zinc glycinate and vanadyl sulfate.
TrueGlucoSP Supplement Facts and Suggested Use

Take Before Carb-Heavy Meals to Support Healthy Blood Sugar Metabolism

InSea2® is a proprietary blend of two USDA certified organic wild brown seaweeds harvested from pure cold waters off Nova Scotia.

These seaweeds were chosen because they’re naturally rich in specific polyphenols that help slow down starch and sugar digestion. This is done by inhibiting some of the activity of the enzymes alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase which break down starch and sugar into the glucose that floods the bloodstream.

A single serving of InSea2® (taken 30 minutes prior to a meal) helps to reduce the post-meal spike in blood sugar levels caused by starch and sugar.

GlucoFit™ is an extract of banaba leaf (also known as crepe myrtle). GlucoFit™ contains corosolic acid and specific tannins that together help support the transfer of glucose from your blood into cells. This helps you maintain normal fasting blood glucose and insulin levels.

Crominex® 3+ uniquely binds chromium to Capros® amla extract and Primavie® shilajit (rich in fulvic acid). This results in superior a form of chromium for two main reasons.

First, it protects the chromium from oxidizing and turning from the desired “3+” form (trivalent) into the potentially harmful “6+” form (hexavalent). Scientific testing has shown that, unlike leading competing chromium brands, Crominex® 3+ is not prone to oxidation and remains in the desired 3+ trivalent structure.

Second, the chromium in Crominex® 3+ may be better absorbed than other leading chromium brands. Plus, in addition to promoting healthy blood sugar and insulin levels, Crominex® 3+ may help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improve markers of oxidative stress.

InSea2®: Help Slow Down Digestion of Both Starch and Sugar

InSea logo

When you eat carbohydrates such as starch and sugar, your body breaks them down into glucose – the simplest carb. Glucose then enters the bloodstream where it can be distributed to cells throughout the body and used as an energy source.

If too much glucose enters the bloodstream at once, the distribution system gets backed up and blood-sugar (glucose) levels spike.

That’s where InSea2® comes in – it doesn’t stop the digestion of carbs, it just helps make the process more orderly. You could think of it as traffic control.

The way InSea2® works is by slowing down the activity of two digestive enzymes responsible for breaking down starch and sugar into glucose. These enzymes are alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase.

And this immediately helps reduce the increase in post-meal blood sugar. In addition, it helps promote healthy insulin sensitivity.

InSea2® is an exclusive, proprietary blend of two wildcrafted brown seaweeds - Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp) and Fucus vesiculosus (bladder wrack). The seaweed used to make InSea2® is harvested from pure cold waters off Nova Scotia.

These seaweeds were chosen because they’re naturally rich in specific polyphenols that help slow down starch and sugar digestion.

InSea2® is a USDA certified organic ingredient that meets the highest criteria in terms of quality, purity and biological activity.

GlucoFit: Helps Get Glucose From Blood to Cells

GlucoFit logo

As described above, InSea2® helps slow down and control the amount of sugar that gets into your blood. And once sugar does enter your blood, GlucoFit™ helps get the sugar out and into cells.

GlucoFit™ is an extract of the banaba leaf – which is also known crepe myrtle. The botanical name of banaba is Lagerstroemia speciosa. The leaves from this tree have been used for many years in traditional medicine to aid blood sugar health in Southeast Asia, most notably in the Philippines.

GlucoFit™ contains ample amounts of both compounds from banaba leaves that support blood sugar health – corosolic acid and ellagitannins (which are polyphenols).

Corosolic acid helps to activate proteins in muscle cells that transport glucose from blood to cells, while ellagitannins were shown to work in fat cells – hence why you want both types of nutrients, which GlucoFit™ provides.

By increasing the number of active glucose transporters at the edge of cells ready to greet glucose in blood, GlucoFit™ supports the function of insulin in the body and contributes to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Crominex® 3+: Safer and Better Absorbed Too! Crominex logo

Chromium is a trace mineral that helps move blood sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream and into cells where it can be used as energy. It plays an important role in supporting the body in converting fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy.

Elemental chromium exists in two basic forms. One is called chromium 3+, (trivalent chromium) which is the essential nutrient you need and is found in foods like grains and vegetables. The other is chromium 6+ (hexavalent chromium) and it can be toxic.

While most supplements use a chromium compound that starts off as chromium 3+, scientific testing has that shown many products are vulnerable to oxidation, which transforms some of the chromium 3+ into the harmful chromium 6+.

That’s why in TrueGlucoSP™ we use the Crominex® 3+ brand of chromium. Unlike the types of chromium many supplement manufacturers use, Crominex® 3+ is protected by potent antioxidants that shield it from becoming the toxic 6+ form.

With Crominex® 3+, the chromium 3+ is wrapped in a protective bubble of Capros® – a natural extract from amla berry and a purified mineral complex from deep in the Himalayan mountains called Primavie®.

This combination fully insulates the chromium 3+ so it won’t oxidize into the harmful form. What’s more, it may enhance the absorption of chromium.

On the fence about this TrueGlucoSP - Blood Sugar Support? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020

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