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Product Highlights:

Helps to promote upper respiratory, ear, nose and throat health
Helps to reduce the overgrowth of bacteria that can lead to cavities and plaque formation
Helps protect against the overgrowth of bacteria that causes bad breath

TrueOC Oral Probiotic Supplement Facts and Directions

Promote Tooth and Gum Health, Improve Bad Breath – And Support Ear, Nose and Throat Health Too

You likely know the many benefits of probiotic bacteria in the intestines – now you can get the benefit of probiotic bacteria in your mouth and throat areas too.

The TrueOC™ Quick Melt contains BLIS K12® and BLIS M18®, two scientifically backed strains of the naturally occurring probiotic organism Streptococcus salivarius.

These oral probiotics were discovered by Professor John Tagg, a microbiologist at the University of Otaga in New Zealand.

Professor Tagg was curious why certain people aren’t as susceptible to oral health problems – such as cavities, bleeding gums, upper respiratory illness – as most of the population. He discovered the answer: about 2% of humans are able to naturally produce protective Streptococcus salivarius organisms in their mouth.

The rest of us need to supplement these beneficial bacteria – and now you can with the TrueOC™ Quick Melt, a natural peppermint flavored lozenge that dissolves in your mouth in about 90 seconds.

When taken regularly, these specific probiotic strains can help support several aspects of tooth and gum health and protect against the overgrowth of bacteria that causes bad breath. BLIS® K12 and BLIS® M18 do this by colonizing in the mouth and throat.

In clinical studies, BLIS® K12 has been shown to stimulate the immune system to help improve upper respiratory (ear, nose, throat) health and help reduce bad breath in children and adults.

BLIS® M18 works more directly on dental health, helping to reduce the overgrowth of bacteria that increases cavity risk, supporting reduced plaque formation.

ACTIValoe® is included because recent studies have shown that in the oral cavity, Aloe vera promotes gum health by helping to reduce dental plaque and soothing gums.

For best results, if you use an anti-microbial mouthwash, take the TrueOC™ Quick Melt at least three hours after rinsing with your mouthwash.

BLIS® K12 and BLIS® M18: Promoting a
Healthy Balance of Bacteria in the Oral Cavity

BLIS K12 and BLIS M18

The mouth is a constant battleground where billions of invasive bacteria attempt to displace the native beneficial bacteria of the mouth, teeth and gums.

Common problems people often experience in their oral cavity (such as cavities, bad breath or unhealthy gums) and in their upper respiratory region (ear, nose and throat) can be a result of imbalanced bacteria.

Regular oral hygiene routines (e.g. brushing, flossing) are important, but typically aren’t enough to restore beneficial microorganisms in the oral cavity.

That’s where a new generation of advanced probiotic bacteria, called BLIS, can help.

BLIS probiotics are strains of beneficial and safe S. salivarius bacteria, which normally occur in the mouth and throat. The BLIS products are backed by almost 40 years of research.

While most people have the non-specific S. salivarius populations, only an estimated 2% of the human population has an abundant amount of more potent strains like BLIS® K12 and BLIS® M18.

Studies show that children and adults with naturally occurring microbial strains like BLIS® K12 and BLIS® M18 are better able to maintain oral and upper respiratory health.

S. salivarius K12 was discovered and isolated by renowned microbiologist Professor John Tagg at the University of Otago in New Zealand. His dream and passion is to find alternative, natural solutions to supporting ear, nose and throat health, based on his own experience as a child.

A research breakthrough came when Dr. Tagg and his team isolated a unique strain of S. salivarius (K12) from a healthy child who, over a six-year period, exhibited remarkable throat health. Work began to develop this strain and bring this next generation of advanced probiotics to market.

Soon thereafter the BLIS® M18 strain of S. salivarius was identified and shown to help naturally protect the teeth and gums.

In studies, BLIS® K12 has been shown to stimulate the immune system to help improve upper respiratory (ear, nose, throat) health and help reduce bad breath, in children and adults.

BLIS® K12 also helps inhibit bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). These VSCs are the basis for bad breath – and reducing them can get to the root cause of the problem.

BLIS® M18 works more directly on dental health, helping to reduce the overgrowth of bacteria that increases cavity risk, supporting reduced plaque formation.

BLIS® K12 and BLIS® M18 are still produced in Dunedin, New Zealand by BLIS Technologies LTD.

ACTIValoe: Getting the Most Out of the Inner Gel of the Aloe plant

ACTIValoe and Qmatrix logos

ACTIValoe® is made with a breakthrough dehydration technology – called Qmatrix™ – that sets a new standard for Aloe vera quality.

Qmatrix™ removes water from a fresh Aloe leaf using a low tem­perature/short time (LTST) meth­od that protects heat sensitive Aloe nutrients.

Here’s the ACTIValoe® bottom line: when you take a TrueOC™ Quick Melt lozenge, the Aloe vera will still be as pure and potent.

And ACTIValoe® is 100% organic – from start to finish abso­lutely no chemicals, pesticides or preservatives are used. There’s a reason why ACTIValoe® has been used in more clinical studies than any other Aloe vera ingredient – it’s simply “best in class.”

ACTIValoe® is guaranteed to provide a minimum of 10% polysaccharides – the most important nutrients in Aloe vera.

What’s more, ACTIValoe® is certified for content and purity by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).

On top of this, ACTIValoe® made with Qmatrix™, is the first and only Aloe vera ingredient to achieve GRAS status with the FDA as a food ingredient. ACTIValoe® was the subject of extensive safety studies conducted over two years that provided scientific support for the FDA.

And Aloe vera is quickly emerging as a beneficial botanical ingredient for oral health, promoting gum health by helping to reduce dental plaque and soothing gums.

Serving Size: 1 lozenge
Servings per Container: 30
  Amount Per Serving
BLIS K12™ Streptococcus salivarius 20 mg (1 billion CFU‡)*
BLIS M18™ Streptococcus salivarius 20 mg (1 billion CFU‡)*
ACTIValoe® Aloe vera inner leaf gel 50 mg*
* Daily value not established.
Other ingredients: Quick melt blend (mannitol, sorbitol, maltitol, crospovidone, copovidone, silica), crospovidone, natural flavors, citric acid, stearic acid, rebaudioside A and silica. Contains milk.
The TrueOC Quick Melt - Oral Care Probiotics with Aloe was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Linda (Wentzville, MO)
good price

for effective combination of probiotics with fresher breath and tighter gums

Happy to hear you like TrueOC, it's a great way to support oral health! Thank you for taking the time to share, and for your business!

Ethel M.
I love TrueOC Quick Melt!

The TrueOC Quick melt helps me and I love it. I used to get irritation on my tongue and since I started taking TrueOC Quick melt I have not had any at all. I also give it to my dog for healthy teeth and gums.

Great to hear TrueOC is helping you, oral health is important! Some data exists that the probiotic strains in TrueOC may help dogs oral health and reduce bad breath - please let us know if you think it helps your pet! We're grateful to have you as a client, and thank you for your business!

Laura S. (East Weymouth, MA)
Not satisfied

I was not satisfied with this product and requested a refund. I was told I have to mail the product back in order to get a refund. Honestly, I don’t have the time to do that. If they sent me a prepaid shipping label it would make it much easier and reasonable, as I know I already paid shipping to have the items shipped to me in the first place. I am dissatisfied with the service and I just want the refund that I’m entitled to. Normally I refrain from writing negative reviews but I tried to resolve this previously and privately and that unfortunately was unsuccessful. Please refund me for my purchase, as I am not satisfied with the product.

Hi Laura - we're sorry you didn't like the product, and your entire purchase amount was refunded promptly (as we always do for clients who aren't satisfied). We understand you were upset that you had to return the product to get a refund, but that's a pretty standard practice among merchants (and helps protect against fraud). What's more, our guarantee does cover the shipping charge you paid to purchase the product (and was part of your refund). Again, we're sorry it didn't work out, we thank you for trying the product.

Michele C. (Wood-Ridge, NJ)
Works for me!

Takes great and it is effective. I recommend this product.

Great to hear, thank you for your business!

Marilyn A. (Greenbrier, AR)
TrueOC Quick Melt

I haven't used it long enough to know if it's effective. It does dissolve quickly. It is peppermint flavored, which may be a good thing for some people. I'm hoping that it will eventually be offered in spearmint, cinnamon, or some other flavor.

We're actually working a new flavor, as mint isn't the favorite of many users. Thank you for the feedback and your business!

Frank C. (Sarasota, FL)

I really can't say how well it's working conpaired to others. I have used, I so far do not see where it,s helping myupper respiratory,or earand throat health Frank Cillo

Thank you for sharing, and for your business! After you've used the product for a while, please update us how it may be helping you.

Lorraine M. (Oneida, NY)
Trying this

It's not bad but I thought it would have more of a Mint taste!!

Thank you for the feedback, we're actually looking into different flavors for our next production run. We used to have a stronger mint flavor, but some thought it was too strong - so we're trying to find the right balance. We appreciate you being a client of ours!

Phyllis Y. (Cassville, MO)
TrueOC Quick Melt

I just received this about one week ago in the mail. Have taken one lozenge daily that has peppermint taste - glad it does - as it would be chalky taste otherwise! I dont notice a big difference yet but I just started this. I know it cannot hurt to take this as it has healing properties (aloe) in it and other ingredients that will help with oral care and respiratory issues....

We hope you continue to like the product, thank you for your business!

Pamela H.
Inflamed taste buds

When I eat too many acidic foods, my tongue reacts with inflamed taste buds that are uncomfortable. Nothing except sloshing my mouth with a baking soda solution (Ick!) helps. Keeping the TrueOC lozenge on my tongue provide relief and helps resolve the problem faster.

Happy to hear the product is helping you!

Michael M.
My miracle product!

I have been taking TrueOC for about 1 month because of severe gum bleeding while I slept. I have tried all of the remedies, flossing daily and a twice a day specialized mouthwash treatment to no avail. The constant embarrassment of waking up to pillow cases and sheets with blood stains and the need to change my pillow cases daily and the expense of stain removers was still with me. To make matters worse, I travel often so to avoid embarrassment and perhaps additional service charges I would bring my own pillow cases to avoid uncomfortable situations. Since taking TrueOC once a day right before I go to sleep I have not had one night of bleeding. I am still in amazement of how effective TrueOC has been and highly recommend it to anyone who was going through the same embarrassing issue. I have found my miracle product!!!