Highly Absorbable BCM-95® Curcumin with Turmeric Essential Oils

30 Capsules/30 Servings

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BCM-95®’s blend of curcumin and natural essential oils from turmeric enhances curcumin absorption by up to 700%, which improves efficacy. Supported by over 75 scientific studies.

  • Helps promote joint comfort, mobility and quicker recovery

  • Helps support a balanced mood and cognitive function

  • Helps promote a healthy inflammation response and reduce oxidative stress to support healthy aging and immune system function

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The TrueCurcumin Difference

A challenge with curcumin for supplements is once it’s extracted from turmeric, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the blood stream during digestion. To compensate, you have to take large amounts to get desired results, which can be expensive and also inconvenient.

The makers of BCM-95® addressed this by developing a patented process that reunites curcumin with essential oils also found in turmeric.

This improves absorption by up to 700% compared to regular curcumin and curcumin combined with black pepper extract (piperine).  Better yet, BCM-95® achieves this using only native turmeric root – no outside additives are used. 

BCM-95® is one of the most researched curcumin extracts, backed by an extensive library of published research studies demonstrating its numerous benefits.  These include joint health and active living, cognitive function and brain health, immune system function, and supporting cell health for healthy aging.

In addition, research with BCM-95® indicates it’s very safe when used as recommended and this is coupled with an excellent record of safe use among consumers worldwide over the past 15 years.

The rise in popularity of curcumin supplements has led to many low-quality curcumin ingredients in the market. Many are made from spice-grade turmeric, which is cheap to purchase, but relatively low in curcumin. To extract the curcumin, harsh solvents are often used, which can affect quality and purity. Heavy metal content is also a concern.

BCM-95 is made from extractable root turmeric, which has a much higher curcumin content.

The curcumin and essential oils used to make BCM-95® can be gently extracted from the turmeric root without any harsh solvents. Also important, the makers of BCM-95® are very selective about the farms they purchase from, emphasizing an extremely low heavy metal content and organic practices.

This results in a pure and potent curcumin and turmeric oil extract you can put into your body daily with confidence.

“After taking TrueCurcumin for 3 months, I could feel the difference in my joints. I have to compliment NatureCity on this great product!”

Nancy B.

Individual Results May Vary

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Made with Clean, Scientifically
Validated Ingredients

BCM-95®’s blend of curcumin and natural essential oils from turmeric can enhance curcumin absorption by up to 700%, compared to regular curcumin and curcumin combined with black pepper extract (piperine).

BCM-95® is backed by over 75 research studies demonstrating safety and benefits for joint health and active living, cognitive function and brain health, immune system function, and supporting cell health for healthy aging.

BCM-95® is grown in a region in Northeast India known for producing the finest turmeric plants. The farmers use organic techniques with natural fertilizers and no pesticides. Plants are hand harvested to protect the local environment.

Only extractable root turmeric is used (not the cheaper spice grade) to maximize quality and purity. Heavy metal levels in BCM-95® are extremely low.  

FAQ from
NatureCity Customers

Yes, BCM-95®, which is what is in TrueCurcumin, can pass the blood brain barrier, which is important for supporting brain health and cognitive function.

Each batch of BCM-95® is tested for heavy metals (including arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury) and the levels are extremely low, and typically barely detectable. 


For example, according to the test results from a recent batch of BCM-95®, the limits for all of these heavy metals were reported as “BDL” or below detection limit. The "limit of detection" is the smallest amount of a substance that an analytical method can reliably distinguish from zero.  So anything below this limit is reported as below the detection limit, or BDL. 


For BCM-95, this limit was 0.05mg/kg or 0.05 parts per million (ppm). This means the heavy metal content is less than 0.05 ppm, which to put this in perspective is over 90% less than the acceptable standard of 0.5 ppm for lead.  There was so little lead (and other heavy metals), it can’t be reliably quantified.

BCM-95® contains 7-9% essential oils. So in a 500mg capsule of TrueCurcumin™ there would be a minimum of 35mg of essential oils. Reuniting the essential oils from turmeric with the curcumin from turmeric dramatically improves the absorption and bioavailability of the curcumin in BCM-95® - up to 700% better compared to regular curcumin and curcumin combined with piperine.

How and When To Use

Each serving of TrueCurcumin consists of 1 veggie capsule. It’s recommended for the first 8 to 12 weeks you take 2 servings daily (2 capsules total).  Take the capsules with water, after a meal when possible. 

After the initial 8-to-12-week period, taking 1 serving a day is recommended. If you prefer to continue taking 2 servings daily, you can, or use as directed by a healthcare practitioner. 

If you take more than one (1) serving of TrueCurcumin, we recommend taking each serving at separate times of day. 

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