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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $69!
FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $69!

Welcome to NatureCity!

On behalf of the entire NatureCity family, welcome and thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Our goal is simple... it’s to help make your life better and more enjoyable by improving your health, mobility and appearance.

And here’s the foolproof formula that lets you do this:

Making Smart Food
& Beverage Choices

Staying Active &
Exercising Regularly

Using High Quality Nutritional
Supplements Daily

Making Smart Food &
Beverage Choices

Staying Active &
Exercising Regularly

Using High Quality Nutritional
Supplements Daily

This last part is where NatureCity can help you the most – although you also get plenty of other great health tips in our NatureCity Journal newsletter and weekly email news blasts.

“If We Won't Take It, We Don't Make It”

Let’s face it, every supplement marketer claims to make high quality products. You never see someone advertise “we use the cheapest ingredients and manufacturer we can find.”

And the truth is that some companies make very good products – but many more put their interests ahead of yours and make products I wouldn’t think of putting into my body.

If there’s only one thing I hope you remember about NatureCity, it’s the following line: “If we won’t take it, we don’t make it.”

You see, the reality is our employees, families and friends have the same health concerns as you. We formulate products for ourselves as much as for you.

And we all demand nothing but the best – and that’s what NatureCity constantly strives to provide, even when it costs the business more money.

Here’s the bottom line – we don’t just sell NatureCity products, we use and depend on them. And if we have a concern about a product or ingredient that would cause us to hesitate for even a second about using it, you’ll never see it in a bottle with the NatureCity logo.

It’s the ultimate quality control statement – and it doesn’t get more personal!

Our Specialty Focus Makes This Possible

NatureCity is not a supplement mega-store that offers hundreds or thousands of different products. Our approach to quality – and service – wouldn’t be possible if this were the case.

Since our founding in 2002 we’ve carefully developed and continuously sought to improve a select group of NatureCity products, all using ingredients scientifically validated with clinical studies involving human beings.

This specialty focus enables us to be very selective on ingredient sourcing and manufacturing quality – all with the goal of giving us the highest quality and safest product possible.

We Do The Hard Work For You

Using nutritional supplements as part of your plan for good health is more important than ever – but the choices available are greater than ever too.

For many people, trying to find the right nutrients to supplement can be overwhelming. Frankly, it’s one of the chief reasons my wife and I started this company. I found the entire shopping experience for supplements confusing and intimidating – and a good way to waste a lot of money.

Instead of serving up hundreds of different options for our clients and letting them fend for themselves, we try to make it easy for you.

We painstakingly review research to seek out what we believe are the best ingredients from a scientific point of view – and which also makes sense for your wallet.

And the evaluation process doesn’t stop when we introduce a product for sale. It’s ongoing and we never stop looking for ways to make our products better or introduce complementary products.

In fact, just about every single product we sell has been the subject of an “upgrade” over the years. As better ingredients or technologies become available, we make sure they’re available to you.

This commitment requires a lot of work and time – but we try to make it our time, not yours. And we feel it’s absolutely necessary to help achieve our ultimate goal… making your life better.

Each Purchase Comes With A Full 1-Year Money Back Guarantee

Our products aren’t based on fads or gimmicks promising overnight miracles. Some NatureCity product users notice benefits right away; in others it takes more time.

We want you to put our products to a good test – and not risk missing out on the benefits. That’s why your purchase comes with a one-year money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with a NatureCity product, return it and get a full refund.

I can pledge to you that each NatureCity product has the scientific evidence to support the stated health claims. So when you ask “Does it work?” the answer is an absolute yes. But despite what others may tell you, nothing works for everyone. Our bodies are unique – and specific nutrition that works for your neighbor may not work for you.

So the real question you need to answer is “Does it work for me?” And if one of our products doesn’t help you, we’re here to accept it back – and we hope you’ll try another NatureCity product that better suits your personal biochemistry. That’s how you make real and sustainable health breakthroughs!

Knowing you have this long one-year guarantee period can also help you save money by giving you the confidence to take advantage of our multiple bottle discounts. For example, you typically save over 20% per bottle by choosing our Best Value offer – which includes six bottles (usually a six month supply) – compared to buying just one bottle at a time. And here’s how to save even more…

We’re Here to Serve YOU!

At NatureCity we’re obsessed with bringing you the best products and service possible – before, during and after you make a purchase.

You can reach us in our Boca Raton, FL facility at 1-800-593-2563 if you have any questions, problems or complaints.

Everyone at NatureCity works hard to serve you, but we’re not afraid to admit that once in a while we make mistakes (in my case it probably happens too much!). If you feel something wasn’t done completely to your satisfaction, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make amends – and not repeat the problem.

We really appreciate you giving us the chance to serve you and we’re committed to making our relationship last a lifetime.

Yours for good health,

Carl Pradelli
President and Chief Executive Officer