Get to Know NatureCity

Celebrating 22 years of caring support.

The Story Behind NatureCity:

How an ordinary dinner sparked our extraordinary commitment to you!

The trust that you and all of our customers place in NatureCity is sacred to us… we never forget that each order and phone call comes from a real person to whose health and well-being we are committed.

In fact, we can directly relate to the challenges you face when trying to find the right nutritional supplements for you and your loved ones - it’s the reason why we started our company over 20 years ago.

Back then, as supplement users ourselves, we found the large number of different supplements for nearly every intended purpose to be quite overwhelming.

Simply put, we didn’t know who to trust or what products to choose to fit our specific needs - and felt there had to be many other people feeling the same way.

At the same time, we felt confident of the important role supplements were going to play in the future of health and wellness.

Over dinner, starting with a blank sheet of paper, we wrote down our dream vision for NatureCity, and decided to give it a go. We both left successful careers in unrelated fields to start NatureCity with a commitment to making it easier for you to confidently choose the right supplements.

We’re deeply grateful that we’ve had the privilege of serving over 500,000 customers since that time, and the original four ironclad commitments we wrote down over dinner still guide the business today.

We are both still in the office every day to make sure folks like you - our extended family - are served beyond your expectations!

NatureCity's Promise

Premium Product

Formulas based on scientific evidence, containing the same ingredients shown to work in published research.


The source and provider of each key ingredient is clearly spelled out, and ingredient amounts.

Customer Service

Maintain a compassionate and helpful team authorized to leave you happy after every conversation and interaction.


We never compromise on quality, and we find a way to give you the best prices, and to provide unconditional support to you from our entire team.

These customer-first commitments have helped NatureCity maintain its family business roots as it has grown to serve the health and wellness needs of more Americans with every passing year.

The Best of Nature Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Our promise to you, which guides our company, is “If We Won’t Take It, We Don’t Make It!” Every NatureCity ingredient is carefully researched and sourced from trusted growers and providers worldwide. The checklist for offering a new product is only complete when our team is excited to share it with loved ones.

Only Ingredients Confirmed by Science With No Compromises

Our products contain the same ingredients used in published scientific research studies with the dosages shown to work as promised. Never a cheap substitute!

Choose Confidently With 100% Ingredient Transparency

Each key ingredient is clearly listed on the label, and the amounts of each aren’t hidden in combinations of ingredients frequenly called “proprietary blends”.

Our product labels clearly identify our carefully chosen ingredient providers. They share our commitment to giving you products that perform as promised. With NatureCity, you can confidently trust you’re getting the best ingredients we can find in every bottle.

Quality USA Manufacturing

We only manufacture our products in FDA Registered, NSF Certified Facilities. These facilities, located in New Jersey and California, strictly comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).