1,000 IU (25mcg) of Vitamin D3

90 Capsules/90 Servings

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Each capsule contains 1,000 IU (25mcg) of vitamin D3, the best form to help you optimize vitamin D levels.  The vitamin D3 is sourced from Switzerland.

  • Helps promote healthy vitamin D levels

  • Helps support immune system function and bone health

  • Helps promote healthy aging, balanced moods, heart health and blood sugar health

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The TrueD3 Difference

The D3 form of vitamin D (also called cholecalciferol) is preferred as a supplement because it’s been shown to be about 300% better than vitamin D2 at increasing blood levels of vitamin D.  It’s also the form our bodies use the most.   

TrueD3 contains pure and potent vitamin D3 sourced Switzerland.  It offers consistent quality that you can rely on to support healthy vitamin D throughout the varying pH range (3 to 9) of the digestive tract.

Each TrueD3 capsule contains 1,000 IU (25mcg) of vitamin D3.  This gives you the flexibility to take the amount suitable for you, or that’s recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

I’m taking TrueD3 and love it! I also want to thank you for top notch customer service.  You’ve been patient with me and you’re my #1 place to go for supplements!"

Earl S.

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Made with Clean, Scientifically
Validated Ingredients

Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels has been associated with healthy aging and longevity yet is a challenge for many of us.  This is especially true in the colder weather months when we get less sunlight exposure.

TrueD3 can be used to help optimize vitamin D levels, as it contains the most powerful form for use in supplements, which is cholecalciferol.  Each capsule contains 1,000 IU (25mcg) of D3, sourced from Switzerland.

FAQ from
NatureCity Customers

Everyone’s needs are different depending on factors like health status and sun exposure.  We recommend taking a minimum of 1,000 IU (25mcg) daily, but recommend consulting with the healthcare practitioner who monitors your vitamin D level to determine the appropriate amount of vitamin D3 to take daily. 

The D3 in TrueD3 is made from lanolin oil (from sheep wool), and it comes from Switzerland to assure purity and quality.

Vitamin D and vitamin K2 work closely together in supporting key functions in the body including bone health, artery health and immune system function.  We strongly recommend taking both vitamins as supplements each day, but they don’t necessarily have to be in the same product.

We do offer a TrueK2D3 product that combines both for convenience. In addition, TrueK2D3 is entirely vegan as the D3 is sourced from organic algae (the D3 in TrueD3 is derived from lanolin oil taken from sheep’s wool, which some may find doesn’t suit their diet choices).

TrueD3 Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule / Servings per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Vitamin D [as cholecalciferol(D3)] 25 mcg (1,000 IU) 125%
Other ingredients: Rice flour and hypromellose.

How and When To Use

Each serving of TrueD3 consists of 1 veggie capsule and provides 1,000 IU (25mcg) of vitamin D3. Take with water, preferably with
or after a meal. 

Multiple servings can be taken in a day depending on your specific needs.  You can take the capsules at the same time of day or spread them out during the day to support absorption. 

Consult with your healthcare practitioner to determine the appropriate amount you need to help optimize your vitamin D level. 

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