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Ashwagandha Free

Unique bone health formula that features plant based nutrients in scientifically studied amounts: plant calcium and magnesium from organic AlgaeCal®, organic Vitamin D3 from algae (VegD3®), Vitamin K2 from chickpeas (MenaQ7® Natural), and organic silica from bamboo shoots. Vegan-friendly. Click here to view TrueOsteo+ with Ashwagandha.
  • Helps promote increases in bone density and optimize bone health
  • Helps strengthen bones and put calcium where it belongs – in bones, not arteries
  • Helps support healthy bone formation by attracting calcium to the bone matrix
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TrueOsteo contains these specially selected ingredients to help promote bone density & stronger bones!

These Specially Selected Ingredients Are Why TrueOsteo Has A Great Record of Success Over the Last 12 Years!

AlgaeCal Plant Based Calcium

The Premier Source
of Plant Calcium

  • Helps increase bone density, not just slow bone loss like traditional calcium
  • USDA Certified Organic - from a living plant, not inorganic dense rock
  • Naturally contains other bone supporting minerals like: magnesium, strontium, silica, manganese, vanadium, zinc, and boron

Vegan Friendly
Vitamin D3

  • Plant based, unlike most Vitamin D – suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • 1000 IU (25mcg) of vitamin D3 per day – the amount shown to work with AlgaeCal.
  • Helps your body absorb calcium, and once in bloodstream works with calcium and Vitamin K2 to build and strengthen bones.
MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 from Chickpeas

Natural Vitamin K2
from Chickpea

  • Provides studied amount of 180mcg of Vitamin K2 per day – helps promote bone strength, bone mineral density and artery flexibil.
  • Activates a special protein (osteocalcin) that’s necessary to help calcium build strong bone tissue.
  • Helps put calcium where it belongs... in bones, not in arteries.
Orgen-Si Plant Based Silica

Organic Silica from
Bamboo Shoots

  • Silicon/Silica helps energize the bone formation process, helping to attract calcium to bones – resulting in harder, more dense bones.
  • In scientific studies, the failure to get adequate silica intake has been linked to weaker and less dense bones.
  • Orgen-Si™ is a USDA Certified Organic source of silica from bamboo shoots – a common food in Asian diets.

Why Just Slow Bone Loss,
When You Can INCREASE Bone Density?

“Can I just take regular calcium & vitamin D?”

Sadly, the same old supplements with calcium made from rocks
have been falling short for the last 60 years because…

...They Don’t Increase Bone Density, They Just Slow Bone Loss!

The Little Known Reason Why Traditional Calcium Supplements Don’t Work Better

You may be surprised to hear that the calcium used in most supplements is just pulverized limestone rock.

      Rocks aren’t a whole food source, or part of our diets – so your body struggles to digest and use the calcium it’s force fed each day from these supplements.

This is a big reason why calcium supplements don’t do what you need them to do – and may be upsetting your stomach.

Makers of These Products May Say…

      As you can see on the right, if you look at the shape and structure of the calcium carbonate from rocks under a microscope, it's very different from what’s found in common food sources like plants or dairy.

      This makes rock calcium more challenging for your body to efficiently digest and use.

The porous nature of plant sourced calcium makes it easier for your body to digest and use. 

Plus, Rock Calcium Doesn’t Naturally
Provide Other Bone Building Minerals
You Also Need Like…

To get the bone support you deserve,
you want calcium sourced from plants!

Plant Calcium Works Better Because It’s the Same Type of Calcium You Get From Your Food

Made from an algae plant that naturally grows in coastal ocean waters off South America, our favorite organic plant calcium, AlgaeCal, is...

Most importantly…

Research Finds Plant Calcium Can Increase Bone Density!

      Research with women between the ages of 40 and 89 years old that was published in the International Journal of Medicine found that, on average…

...women taking an organic plant calcium and vitamin D3 experienced an impressive 1.3% increase in bone mineral density after 1 year!

      Instead of just slowing bone density loss, with plant calcium you may be able to actually increase bone density.  

But that’s not all you need to keep your bones strong….

Vitamin D Helps Your Bones, But There's a Catch...

      Vitamin D is important to bone health for two key reasons:

    Here's the catch, without another hard-to-get vitamin, this helpful protein remains “inactive” and can’t help you!

    Vitamin K2 is a Vital Partner
    to Vitamin D!

          Here’s what happens next…

          …Vitamin K2 activates this osteocalcin protein, which is like turning on the your body’s bone building “light switch.”

          When adequate Vitamin K2 isn’t available this switch stays in the "off" position and this bone building protein remains asleep on the job!

          As important, Vitamin K2 also helps activate another special protein that helps avoid unwanted calcium buildup in arteries.

    Vitamin K2 is needed to put calcium where it belongs…
    in bones, not in arteries!

    Why You Need a
    Vitamin K2 Supplement…

          Getting enough vitamin K2 daily is very hard because the main dietary source is fermented foods like certain hard cheeses or fermented soy (natto) - which aren’t a staple of most American daily diets.

          To get the ideal amount of 180mcg of Vitamin K2 daily from diet alone, you’d have to…

          …eat 35.2 pounds of beef or... drink 5.2 gallons of milk... or eat 32 egg yolks... or eat 5.2 gallons of whole yogurt or eat 1 pound of fermented cheese!

    That’s nearly impossible, which is why your bone supplement needs the right amount of Vitamin K2!

    The Only Vitamin K2 Scientifically Studied to Strengthen Bones

          Taking 180mcg of our favorite source of Vitamin K2 (made from chickpeas), MenaQ7, over 3 years helped women in the following ways…

      No other vitamin K2 has this scientific support!

      The "Spark" That Ignites the Bone Formation Process…