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FREE Shipping on Orders over $69
FREE Shipping on Orders over $69

Share Your Love for NatureCity

Join NatureCity's Affiliate Program

Do you love NatureCity products? Are you an influencer or publisher who's looking to work with a brand that's committed to its clients & its business partners? Help us spread our dedication to quality supplements and earn a commission on sales from your referral.

NatureCity has teamed up with Ascend by Partnerize to provide our publishers and influencers with tracking, reporting, and monthly payments!

If you already in the Ascend by Partnerize network, just search for NatureCity in your portal.

Recommend Great Products and Get Great Rewards

NatureCity is now looking for Ascend by Partnerize publishers in the health and wellness sector. If you have a loyal following that demands the best of quality for their bodies, you've found the right program!

NatureCity publishers enjoy performance incentive tiered sales commissions up to 10% and a 30-day click referral period.

The NatureCity Affiliate program contains monthly assets to help you promote your links.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliate Program?

The NatureCity Affiliate Program allows you to share the great benefits of quality supplements with your followers! Simply sign up with the any of the buttons on this page, place your links that PepperJam creates for you, and if a visitor from your link places an order, you get a commission!

Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

It doesn't cost anything to join the NatureCity Affiliate program. Just sign up, place your links, and start earning money for giving your following scientifically studied ingredients!

How do I sign up?

Just click on either of the buttons above to fill out your affiliate application for NatureCity!

How do I create links?

Once you've completed your application, you'll have access to the Partnerize Ascend platform where you can build links, track your sales, and more!

Can I use your content on my site?

Yes! Every month, we send around updated assets for you to use, and new pages for you to drive traffic to. Keep your eye out for our publisher mailings in your inbox!

How often do I get paid?

At the end of the calendar month, Ascend from Partnerize will pay out the balance of your commissions!

How will you know that the orders came from my content?

By signing up with Ascend by Partnerize and NatureCity, the program automatically creates a unique link that allows you to track clicks, sales, and your comissions within the network.

Partnerize's Ascend page has information, links, and resources for all questions you might have, such as setting up an account, understnading affiliate marketing, running reports on your sales, or navigating your Partnerize Ascend portal. Need more help? Reach out to Partnerize by clicking this link.