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TrueProstate - Advanced Support for Prostate & Urinary Health

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  • Helps reduce urinary frequency, urgency, straining and nocturnia (nighttime frequency), while promoting bladder emptying and a stronger urination stream.
  • Helps protect prostate cells and tissue from free radical damage.
  • Flowens® cranberry extract and Phytopin® natural beta sitosterol can help in seven key measures of prostate health as determined by the gold standard IPSS scale.
  • AGEprost™ may help to reduce daytime and nighttime urination frequency
  • SelenoExcell® high selenium yeast, a Green tea extract rich in EGCG, and zinc (from TRAACS® as zinc bisglycinate chelate) provide antioxidant support.

Advanced Support for Prostate and Urinary Health

TrueProstate™ is formulated for men over age 40 to support prostate and urinary health. It incorporates the latest findings in prostate and urinary health – and excludes some ingredients that recent research suggests aren’t worth your money.

The first key ingredient is a cranberry extract called Flowens®, which helps with all seven measures typically assessed for prostate health:

  • urinary frequency
  • bladder emptying
  • intermittency
  • urgency
  • weak stream
  • straining
  • nocturnia (having to urinate frequently at night).

These measures collectively form an index used to assess prostate and urinary health known as IPSS.

TrueProstate™ also contains AGEprost™, which is an extract of the Ageratum conbyzoides herb. This herb has been used traditionally in the Caribbean for prostate and urinary health.

AGEprost™ may help you with several prostate health measures, including helping to reduce daytime and nighttime urination frequency.

On top of this, TrueProstate™ is made with a natural source of beta sitosterol called Phytopin®, which is from pine trees in southwestern France. Phytopin® may improve IPSS scores by as much as 50%.

In addition, TrueProstate™ contains SelenoExcell® – made from high selenium yeast – which helps to protect the prostate from oxidative stress.

For further free radical protection, the formula includes a green tea extract rich in EGCG and zinc (from TRAACS® as bisglycinate chelate).

Flowens®: The First Scientifically Backed Cranberry Ingredient for Prostate Health and Urinary Symptoms

Flowens logo

Flowens® is a full spectrum cranberry powder extract made from North American cranberries.

Flowens® supports prostate health when taking as little as 250mg a day – and works even better at 500mg a day, which is the amount you get in TrueProstate™.

Specifically, Flowens® helps with all seven measures that make up the IPSS score and symptoms linked to BPH: urinary frequency, bladder emptying, intermittency, urgency, weak stream, straining and nocturnia (having to urinate frequently at night).

Men taking Flowens® reported benefits started after just three weeks of use.

AGEprost™: Caribbean Tradition Now Supported by Science

The herb Ageratum conbyzoides has been used traditionally in the Caribbean for prostate and urinary health for many years.

This herb contains many compounds that may help support prostate health such as such as terpenoids, sterols, flavonoids, coumarins, and lignans.

AGEprost™ is the first scientifically backed extract of Ageratum conbyzoides for prostate and urinary health.

One of the ways it benefits prostate health is by helping to inhibit the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Excessive DHT is a major cause of many prostate problems, including BPH. By helping to control 5-alpha reductase, AGEprost™ and other TrueProstate™ ingredients may help keep DHT and testosterone levels balanced.

In addition, AGEprost™ promotes urinary health by helping to relax muscles around the urethra and smooth muscles of the neck of the bladder.

AGEprost™ may help you with several prostate health measures, including helping to reduce daytime and nighttime urination frequency.

PhytoPin®: Scientifically Backed Natural Beta Sitosterol

Phytopin logo

The plant phytosterol known as beta sitosterol has been shown to both relieve symptoms of BPH and promote a healthier prostate.

The premier source of beta sitosterol is PhytoPin®, which comes from pine trees in southwest France.

PhytoPin® is backed by two clinical studies including a "gold standard" study published in prestigious journal, The Lancet. This study is widely considered the landmark study for beta sitosterol and prostate health.

The 200 men in this study took either 60mg of natural beta sitosterol daily for 6 months or a placebo. The group taking the placebo did not experience an improvement.

On the other hand, the men taking beta sitosterol experienced about a 50% decline in IPSS scores.

On average, they improved significantly on all seven urinary flow parts of the IPSS score.

Even better, many men continued taking beta sitosterol for a total of 18 months and all the benefits were maintained for the entire period.

Moreover, a second clinical study with PhytoPin®, published in the British Journal of Urology, used a 130mg daily serving of beta sitosterol and the results were similar to the 60mg serving – so in this case more is not necessarily better.

Why the Type of Selenium in Your Prostate Supplement Matters

SelenoExcell logo

When it comes to prostate supplements, one of the most confusing and least understood aspects is the role of the mineral selenium.

Back around 1998 there was great excitement about selenium's ability to influence prostate health based on scientific results.

Importantly, the ingredient used in this research wasn't some run of the mill selenium. It was a specific brand called SelenoExcell® – which is made from high selenium yeast.

One of the unique features of SelenoExcell® is it's not a single selenium compound, it's a cluster of multiple selenium compounds bound to different amino acids – which is the way your body gets selenium from food.

For example, SelenoExcell® naturally includes selenomethionine, selenocysteine and methylselenocysteine and other forms of selenium.

More recent research has reinforced the benefits of SelenoExcell® on prostate health.

For example, researchers at Penn State performed a head-to-head test of SelenoExcell® versus selenomethionine. In this study, SelenoExcell® was found to protect the prostate from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, while selenomethionine had no impact.

On top of this, another recent study published in Environmental Science Technology, showed SelenoExcell® helps rid the body of unwanted heavy metals like mercury and cadmium over a three month period

Each serving of TrueProstate™ provides 100mcg of SelenoExcell®, which supplements the estimated 100mcg of dietary selenium consumed by the average person in a day.

Where in the Body is the Largest Concentration of Zinc? In a Healthy Prostate!


Most men aren't aware that their prostate contains up to 10 times more zinc than other parts of the body. This underscores the importance of zinc to prostate health.

Zinc has many functions that help the prostate such as supporting immune system performance and a healthy inflammation response, and acting as an antioxidant.

When it comes to supplements, you want a form of zinc that is well absorbed, so you don't have to resort to taking excessive amounts of zinc.

That's why TrueProstate™ contains zinc bisglycinate chelate, made using the patented Albion TRAACS® system. This process couples zinc with two glycine molecules that increases intestinal absorption by protecting the zinc from substances that interfere with absorption (such as phytates and other competing minerals).

The superiority of zinc bisglycinate chelate from Albion has been demonstrated in multiple research studies.

Each serving of TrueProstate™ provides 15mg – or 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance – of this high potency zinc bisglycinate chelate.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the TrueProstate - Advanced Support for Prostate & Urinary Health.

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