Beware of Fake Supplements!

In this week’s episode, we delve into the concerning issue of fraudulent products in the supplement marketplace. Reports are finding this problem seems to be widening and affecting many popular supplement ingredients including Aloe vera, curcumin, elderberry, magnesium, berberine, astaxanthin and many more.

Carl is joined by Aloe vera expert Jeff Barrie, and they share many examples of how this fraud is taking place, including raw material adulteration, subpar potency, and manufacturers and brands intentionally “underfilling” products so the ingredient content is well below what the label states.

One of several consequences of this fraud is some consumers give up on supplements because they feel their product “didn’t work” when there was no way the product could be helpful because it was fake.

Carl and Jeff also share several tips on how you can protect yourself and avoid being scammed. Be sure to tune in to this important episode!