Discover Stimulant-Free Energy

In this episode of NatureCity, Carl Pradelli discusses how to enhance energy and improve workout performance without relying on stimulants.

Carl suggests opting for a quality stimulant-free formula that promotes natural energy, such as the TrueNOx supplement that quickly helps increase nitric oxide and provides extra ATP for increased cellular energy.

Carl emphasizes why he’s not a fan of taking high doses of caffeine in pre-workout formulas (200-300 milligrams), as they can lead to crashes and other unwanted effects. He compares the short-term burst of energy from caffeine to a pendulum swing, requiring much energy to recover from

. Plus, these stimulant-free ingredients can help you recover faster for your next workout and support goals like increasing lean muscle and strength.

Listen to this episode of the NatureCity Podcast to discover more about the benefits of non stimulant pre-workout powder.