How Fast Does TrueProstate Work?

This episode of the 'NatureCity Podcast', hosted by Carl Pradelli, CEO and co-founder of NatureCity, focuses on the TrueProstate product - a supplement designed to help reduce urinary frequency and support prostate health in men (some women also use for urinary health benefits).

A common question asked is “How long does it take for it to help with urinary frequency?” To help address this question, Carl discusses the specific research findings of the 3 key ingredients: the Flowens whole cranberry extract, the AGEprost extract (from a tropical botanical known as “Billygoat weed”), and the Phytopin beta sitosterol, which is naturally sourced from pine trees.

Each of these ingredients has research using what’s sometimes called the “gold standard” for prostate and urinary health ingredients in supplements, the International Prostate Symptom Score or IPSS.

You’ll hear when benefits may start, and how much time to give the ingredients in TrueProstate a chance to make a meaningful difference in your life, particularly in daytime and nighttime urination frequency. As important, there are no reported side sexual effects with these ingredients.

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