How Tart Cherries Can Support Joints & Muscles and Uric Acid Levels

Today, we explore the world of cherries for use in supplements – and more specifically the unique benefits of tart cherries. These cherries offer nutritional potency not found in the more common sweet or dark cherries.

Not only can tart cherries support joint and muscle health and endurance, but a recent study suggests they may also help you maintain healthy uric acid levels. This is important for joint health and kidney health because when uric acid levels get elevated, it can trigger kidney stone formation.

You’ll also hear why Northern Michigan is often called the “tart cherry capital of the world”, because of its ideal conditions to grow nutrient rich tart cherries. We also reveal our favorite tart cherry powder for supplements – it’s backed by multiple scientific studies and is 100% pure tart cherry powder.

Stick around as we dive into research from Ohio University that found CherryPure tart cherry powder had a beneficial effect on uric acid levels – and this study involved healthy adults already in a normal range.