The Best Form of Keratin


In this episode, Carl reviews the role of keratin in hair, skin and nail health, and discusses the form you should look for in supplements, which is solubilized keratin.

Solubilized keratin is superior to hydrolyzed keratin because it maintains its biological activity, while also being digestible. Carl also discusses the research findings in studies with Cynatine HNS, the solubilized keratin in TrueHNS, a NatureCity supplement for hair nails, and skin.

You’ll hear how this solubilized keratin ingredient helps to strengthen hair and reduce breakage, improve nail strength and appearance, and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles by promoting skin moisture and elasticity. Additionally, he reveals an unexpected bonus of Cynatine HNS.

Tune in to hear why solubilized keratin can help you look your best!