The Fish Oil Dilemma and Finding the Best Supplement Solution

Carl shares why the price of many fish oil supplements has been skyrocketing (and may be headed higher) and some products are no longer available. The same ocean phenomenon that’s the culprit occurred about 10 years ago, which subsequently led NatureCity to change its product and fish oil source.

This resulted in the TrueOmega-3 fish oil supplement which covers all the bases – sustainability, availability, and absorbability. It features pure, fresh and potent fish oil from Wild Alaskan Pollock, harvested from one of the best managed and sustainable fisheries in the world. Better yet, a special delivery system help you absorb up to 6.0x more of the key omega’s, EPA and DHA. All this with no fishy burps or repeating!

Tune in to hear why TrueOmega-3 is the ideal omega-3 supplement to help support healthy aging and promote increased blood levels of EPA and DHA.