The Many Benefits of Pomegranate with Andrea Zangara

Welcome to another fascinating episode of the NatureCity Podcast! In this special installment, Carl is joined by Andrea Zangara, the Director of Scientific Communication for Euromed, who is the maker of the Pomanox P30 pomegranate extract.

Andrea shares what makes Pomanox P30 unique compared to other pomegranate ingredients found in supplements, and discusses the extensive scientific research conducted with Pomanox P30. The potential health benefits range from heart and blood pressure support, helping promote better cognitive performance and memory, to potentially improving hair thickness and strength – and numerous others.

With the consumption of pomegranate products around the world growing rapidly, Andrea shares some reasons why they’ve become so popular. Plus, he discusses how Pomanox P30 captures the potency of the entire pomegranate using just water in the extraction process (no solvents or chemicals).

Join us as we explore the exciting world of the pomegranate fruit and the many ways Pomanox P30 may help you. You can find Pomanox P30 in the TrueBerry7 super fruit powder mix at