The Many Benefits of the Pomanox P30 Pomegranate

In this episode of the NatureCity Podcast, host Carl Pradelli discusses the remarkable benefits of the pomegranate fruit, and specifically the high potency Pomanox P30 powder. Made from the whole pomegranate fruit, research with Pomanox P30 has revealed many potential benefits. These range from helping to support heart and cardiovascular health and cognitive function, to promoting increased hair density and helping to reduce normal hair loss. You’ll also hear how Pomanox P30 may offer weight management and sports nutrition benefits too.

Carl also discusses the total commitment to quality that makes Pomanox P30 unique – including where and how the pomegranates are grown as well as the unique water-only extraction process used to make the powder. He also shares insight into the unique class of pomegranate polyphenols called punicalagins and how they contribute to the powerful health benefits offered by Pomanox P30.

Join us on this episode of The NatureCity Podcast as we explore Pomanox P30, which is now featured in TrueBerry7, NatureCity’s powerful super fruit drink mix supplement, which combines 7 scientifically studied fruit powders for unrivaled health and wellness support.