Unlock the Power of CoQ10

On this episode of Nature City, we delve into the fascinating topic of CoQ10, which your body needs to produce cellular energy.

Your heart, muscles, and other organs use cellular energy to function. Think of CoQ10 as like the fuel that powers a car – in your body CoQ10 is particularly important to support the heart's pumping of blood.

Your body needs adequate CoQ10 available to function its best (it’s found in every cell), but CoQ10 levels typically peak when we’re in our 20s and steadily decline as we age. That’s why taking a quality CoQ10 supplement makes sense for most of us. However, most supplements do not contain the type of CoQ10 that our bodies actually use.

In this episode, you’ll hear what to look for in a CoQ10 supplement, including a few details many supplements miss.

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