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Plant Based Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D3

Plant-based combination of 2 vitamins that work together in the body. Each capsule contains 90mcg of MenaQ7® vitamin K2 (from chickpeas) and 2,500 IU (63.5mcg) of Veg-3® vitamin D3 (from algae). Vegan friendly.
  • Helps support bone and cardiovascular health by directing calcium to bones, not arteries
  • Helps support immune system function
  • Promotes healthy aging and supports many other functions in the body
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Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D3: Naturally Better Together!

K2 and D3 are fat soluble vitamins that research is finding work together in the body.

In fact, numerous observational studies have linked low vitamin K2 and vitamin D status to various health problems.

Unfortunately, diet and sun exposure (for vitamin D) alone doesn’t provide nearly enough of these vitamins for most people. This makes filling the gap with high quality supplements important for healthy aging.

Bone health is one area where insufficient levels of vitamin K2 and vitamin D has been linked to poor bone quality as we age.

Similarly, not optimizing levels of both vitamin K2 and vitamin D has been linked to worse artery and cardiovascular health.

More recently, researchers have indicated that these vitamins also may be important to maintaining good immune system function and respiratory health.

The good news is that scientific evidence demonstrating beneficial effects from supplementing with vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 is building.

TrueK2D3 is a plant based formula. It features the scientifically studied MenaQ7® vitamin K2 and VegD3®, which is a Non-GMO certified vitamin D3 ingredient derived from algae.

How Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D Help Bone and Artery Health

Scientists have identified 17 proteins in the body that depend on vitamin K2 to function properly.

Two of these proteins play an important role in making sure calcium ends up in the right place –in your bones, not your arteries.

Sometimes we forget bone is a living substance. Your body is constantly shedding old bone and replacing it with new bone. It’s estimated that the entire skeleton is replaced every 7 to 10 years.

Calcium is important for bone building – but it needs help. Two nutrients that support calcium are vitamin D and vitamin K2.

Vitamin D does two key things:

1) Vitamin D helps calcium get absorbed through your intestines

2) Vitamin D helps produce a protein, called osteocalcin, which helps bind calcium to bone.

This second part is crucial to the bone building process, but for osteocalcin to become active, it needs vitamin K2. It’s one of the vitamin K2 dependent proteins mentioned above.

When vitamin K2 activates this osteocalcin protein, it’s like turning on your body’s bone building “light switch.”

If adequate vitamin K2 isn’t available, this switch stays in the "off" position and the bone building osteocalcin protein remains asleep on the job. As a result, your bone health can suffer.

As important, vitamin D and vitamin K2 also work together to help protect against unwanted calcium buildup in arteries and blood vessel walls.

Vitamin D helps create a protein –called Matrix Gla Protein, or MGP for short – which helps ensure calcium isn’t deposited in arteries and soft tissues.

Like in bone health, vitamins K2 is needed to activate this protein, so it can spring into action.

With the help of both vitamin D and vitamin K2, calcium ends up where it belongs… in bones and not arteries!

Other Ways Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D Can Help You

Besides being instrumental in bone and cardiovascular health, vitamin K2 and vitamin D may help you in the following ways:

• Support immune system function and respiratory health
• Promote joint health and a healthy inflammation response
• Help protect against the effects of oxidative stress

MenaQ7®: Vitamin K2 for Cardiovascular and Bone Health Benefits

A growing body of research is showing that vitamin K2 is a very important to man aspects of our health

Unfortunately, other work shows that as many as 97% of the Western population is deficient in vitamin K2 because we don’t get enough through diet alone.

This makes taking a vitamin K2 supplement a good idea. Vitamin K2 is typically available in supplements either as MK-4 or MK-7.

MenaQ7 LogoVitamin K2 is technically known as a “menaquinone.” So when you see “MK,” it is just an abbreviation for menaquinone. And the number “4” or “7” refers to the length of the vitamin K2 molecule – or the number of menaquinones it contains.

However, you should also know that only vitamin K2 as MK-7 is made from a natural source. In the case of the MenaQ7® in TrueK2D3™, the vitamin K2 is made from chick peas (many other vitamin K2 ingredients come from soy).

Besides being synthetic, the problem with MK-4 is it disappears from the blood almost as quickly as it enters because its half-life is only 1 to 2 hours. So you need to take extremely large doses multiple times a day, which can be really expensive and inconvenient.

That’s why we only use vitamin K2 as MK-7 – and the premier brand is MenaQ7®, which scientific studies indicate offers bone and cardiovascular support – and other benefits of vitamin K2.

In fact, much of the research involving humans taking vitamin K2 as a supplement was specifically conducted with MenaQ7®.

In addition, MenaQ7® is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, free from gluten, dairy, soy, and other known allergens.

VegD3®: Certified Organic Plant Based Vitamin D3 

VegD3 LogoVitamin D plays an important role in many aspects of our health, but maintaining healthy vitamin D levels isn’t easy because we get relatively little vitamin D from our diets.

Instead we rely on our bodies to make vitamin D from sunlight – which isn’t always available.

This makes taking a high quality vitamin D supplement a good idea for many of us.

The D3 form of vitamin D (called cholecalciferol) is preferred over D2 as a supplement because it has been shown to be much better at raising vitamin D levels. In addition, it is the form of vitamin D your body uses the most.

Traditionally, vitamin D3 was only available from an animal source – typically sheep’s wool.

With the introduction of VegD3®, we now have a plant based vitamin D3 that’s identical in structure to the D3 obtained from animal sources.

VegD3® is produced from a 100% non-GMO algae source – and is completely sustainable.

VegD3® offers a 100% sustainable and traceable end-to-end supply chain process with complete control on quality and purity. The process is to make VegD3 doesn’t use any pesticides - it is a very “clean” ingredient.

VegD3® is also approved by the Vegan Society, and is a good option for anyone seeking plant based ingredients – or high quality vitamin D3 in general.

The TrueK2D3 - Plant Based Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 01, 2024