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FREE Shipping on Orders over $69
FREE Shipping on Orders over $69

5 Pillars
of Quality

Science Supports It

At NatureCity, we focus on using scientifically backed branded ingredients and serving sizes supported by published clinical research involving human beings.


While many in the industry will find the cheapest “similar sounding” extracts to cut costs - and ultimately potential benefits for their customers - we focused on using the same exact materials used in the clinical research wherever possible.


These highest-quality branded materials cost more, but are more likely to deliver the results our clients (and ourselves) want and deserve.

Quality USA Manufacturing

Every NatureCity product is manufactured in the United States of America by some of the best manufacturers in the business.


All products are manufactured in the USA (for supplements in the states of NJ, CA and NY, for topical items in FL). To use the “Made in USA” logo, all of the raw materials have to be from the USA also. Since we source the best ingredients we can find from various countries, we don’t qualify for the “Made in USA” designation, hence we have to use the “Assembled in the USA” logo. Nothing is manufactured in China, and frankly, very few of our key ingredients come from China (this was a conscious decision we made many years ago).


Our three primary manufacturers are Vitaquest International, Tishcon Corp., and Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. Each of these companies facilities have been certified by the independent NSF International for meeting or exceeding FDA good manufacturing practices (GMPs).


These three industry leaders take great care to ensure that NatureCity products have the expected nutrient levels and meet all standards for unwanted like heavy metals, harmful microbes, and other impurities.


Our labels never have “proprietary blends” that hide ingredient amounts. If a company isn’t willing to spell out how much of each ingredient they’re using, then they’re probably trying to hide something. Does the blend contain significant amounts of desired ingredients or is it mostly the “cheap” stuff?


When you look at a NatureCity label, you’ll see each ingredient listed separately with the specific amount of that ingredients clearly spelled out. This is important not only for you, but for your doctor or healthcare provider, who may need this information as well.


Many consumers purchase nutritional supplements knowing very little about the product they’re putting into their body.   We try to provide as many details as possible about the ingredients in our products so clients can make informed decisions.


In almost all cases, we display the specific ingredient brand on the label, and our product pages include many details about the supplier, the growing process, and the country of origin.

Formula Consistency & Quality

Here at NatureCity, our product labels don’t just carry the NatureCity name, they also have the names and brands of our supplier partners too. Like us, they want to you get desired results and satisfaction, because their reputations are also on the line!


In addition, as mentioned, these branded ingredients need to be scientifically supported to be included in a NatureCity product. As you may know, research studies are expensive, and because of this high cost, the companies investing in clinical trials typically use the highest quality ingredients and extraction methods that provide consistent quality from batch to batch.


What’s more, the analytical and testing work done by our highly regarded manufacturing partners provides another “check” on the final product and its contents.


This formulation approach helps to insure that you’re getting products with the highest quality ingredients that offer consistency from bottle to bottle, year after year.  


Money Back Guarantee

Like with diet and exercise changes, most supplements don’t make a difference overnight. It takes time and different individuals respond at different speeds. That’s why the 30 day or 60 day guarantees isn’t worth that much to most individuals.

NatrueCity offers a one-year money back guarantee that gives you plenty of time to experience how a product can truly help you. You get to put our products to a true test, without risking “missing out” on potential benefits because you gave up too soon.

A one-year guarantee also allows you to enjoy the benefits of our money saving quantity discounts knowing that you’re not risking a single penny.

We can offer this extraordinary guarantee because of the confidence we have in our products, and our high level of client satisfaction.

However, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll be here to promptly return your money if you choose to return the product.

Over our 18-year history we’ve earned a reputation for providing unconditional customer service and honoring our commitments to you – and we will continue to do so!