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Why Can Super Fruits Help “SuperCharge” Your Health?

Why Can Super Fruits Help “SuperCharge” Your Health?

TrueOsteo - live a full life!

Super fruits are unique because they contain higher levels of health promoting “phytonutrients” than regular fruits.

The most important of these are beneficial antioxidant-like nutrients called polyphenols.

Polyphenols are found in many plants, fruits and vegetables and provide color to these foods.

Countless research studies indicate that polyphenols can help your body in many ways.

In fact, researchers at the University of Barcelona found those with the highest dietary polyphenol intake could reduce mortality rates by up to 30%.

Based on this study, your targeted daily intake for polyphenols should be 650mg or more – the individuals with 30% higher risk of dying were getting 500mg or less.

To help fortify your daily polyphenol intake, we formulated the TrueBerry7 drink powder. Each scoop of TrueBerry7 contains about 460mg of a wide variety of polyphenols from seven super fruit extracts.

If you drink 2 glasses a day like I do, you get about 900mg of polyphenols.

TrueBerry7 also has 2 grams of soluble fiber per serving, and doesn't contain any sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Here’s a summary of the magnificent super fruits in every scoop of TrueBerry7 and some of the benefits they may offer you…

CogniGrape®: Promotes Cognitive Performance and Mood

TrueOsteo - live a full life!Sicily is known for producing many nutrient rich – and delicious – fruits and vegetables.

Part of this is due to the very rich soil in the areas surrounding Mt. Etna, the main volcano in the Mediterranean region.

This together with the local climate cause an intense red pigmentation in the flesh of grapes, which is rich in beneficial polyphenols called proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins.

Grapes grown at the base of Mt Etna are used to make CogniGrape®.

A 2017 study found that taking 250mg of CogniGrape® daily can help promote better cognitive function.

This study involved 111 participants who were healthy older individuals. Those taking CogniGrape® experienced improvements in memory and brain function in just 12 weeks.

Better yet, those taking CogniGrape® also experienced a more positive mood balance and increased ability to respond to everyday stressors. 

Perhaps these are side benefits of being able to think clearer and remember better.

No doubt, when you’re less forgetful and more easily remember where you left your phone or car keys, you feel less stressed and better about yourself!

ElderMune®: Immune Support from
Organic Elderberry & Prebiotic Fiber

TrueOsteo - live a full life!More and more, we’re discovering that the immune system does much more than fight illness.

It also helps to protect against stress that affects our physical and mental wellbeing, and works closely with the gut microbiome to promote good digestive and overall health.

That’s why for immune health support, we’ve added an organic elderberry juice extract, branded as ElderMune®, to TrueBerry7™.

ElderMune® is an innovative ingredient combining organic elderberry juice (a 65:1concentrate) with the Sunfiber® organic prebiotic digestive fiber.

This novel combination can enhance the absorption of the elderberry immune fighting antioxidants in the digestive tract to promote better immune health.

Better yet, ElderMune® contains an exceptionally high amount of polyphenols (the compounds which provide health immune support) when compared to some other elderberry ingredients – making it a superior option.

MegaNatural®-BP: Scientifically Backed
Blood Pressure Support

TrueOsteo - live a full life!MegaNatural®-BP is a highly concentrated grape seed extract from California wine country that is standardized to contain at least 90% polyphenols.

In published research studies, results indicate that MegaNatural®-BP can help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Research has indicated that MegaNatural®-BP works by helping to stimulate nitric oxide which allows smooth muscle in blood vessels to relax, supporting healthy blood flow.

Each batch of MegaNatural®-BP is made in California from a special blend of unfermented wine grapes.

Every lot of MegaNatural®-BP is rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contaminants to ensure purity and safety.

Capros®: High Potency Amla for
Cardiouvascular Support

TrueOsteo - live a full life!Amla is considered one of the most important medicinal berries in the Indian traditional system of medicine, and contains unique polyphenols that offer a multitude of health benefits.

The most notable of these polyphenols are Emblicanin A and Emblicanin B.

The fresh amla fruit used to make Capros® is grown using organic methods – no pesticides are used.

The patented extraction process yields an Amla powder high in the Emblicanin A and Emblicanin B polyphenol compounds - without using harmful solvents.

Scientific studies report that Capros® can help you maintain normal cholesterol levels. In fact, even though study participants already had cholesterol scores considered to be in a normal range, by taking Capros®, they were able to optimize levels further.

What’s more, Capros® can help maintain healthy levels of each part of the cholesterol score: LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Capros® can also help support healthy nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide helps blood vessels relax, resulting in better blood flow.

Moreover, Capros® can help support a healthy inflammation response and healthy C-reactive protein (hsCRP) levels.

Finally, Capros® can help support healthy levels of the key antioxidant, glutathione, and help protect the cardiovascular system from oxidative stress.

CherryPURE®: Just Pure Tart Cherry With No Fillers!

TrueOsteo - live a full life!Tart cherries are different from regular cherries because they uniquely contain relatively high amounts of two polyphenols called anthocyanins 1 and 2.

And it’s because of anthocyanins 1 and 2, that tart cherries can help support joint and muscle function.

Each serving of TrueBerry7™ contains the tart cherry powder so pure, it’s trademarked as CherryPURE®.

The northern shorelines off of Lake Michigan produce the most potent tart cherries around – and that’s where the Montmorency tart cherries used to make CherryPURE® are grown.

Research indicates that taking 480mg of CherryPURE® may provide these benefits:

  • Helps reduce muscle soreness from both strength and endurance exercise
  • Helps support healthy inflammation response following intense exercise
  • Helps enhance performance time during endurance exercise

So CherryPURE® may help your body recover faster from a long walk, a day of golf, gardening, hiking, and many other activities too!

NeuroFactor Whole Coffee Fruit: Promotes BDNF

TrueOsteo - live a full life!The coffee you drink comes from the bean inside the fruit, but the bean represents only about 20% of the coffee berry.

The remaining 80% is a beautiful red colored flesh that’s chock full of beneficial nutrients. Yet the flesh is usually discarded and thrown away.

And as it turns out, the whole coffee fruit offers more than just the beans – particularly when it comes to brain health.

NeuroFactor whole coffee fruit helps stimulate the production of the neuroprotein BDNF, or Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor.

You know how your brain feels awake after exercise? In part, that’s the release of BDNF going to work.

Now with NeuroFactor, you can help support a balanced mood in the short term, and over the long term, healthy BDNF levels may help promote your cognitive health by:        

  • Helping existing neurons (brain cells) survive and thrive
  • Promoting the growth of new neurons and synapses in the brain, and
  • Supporting the memory, learning and thinking functions

NeuroFactor is a patented, whole coffee fruit extract. Only premium grown Arabica coffee cherries are used from farms certified by Fairtrade International and Rainforest Alliance.

P40p®: Provides the Identical Antioxidant
Profile as a Fresh Pomegranate

TrueOsteo - live a full life!In case you’re not familiar with pomegranate, the pomegranate tree is native to Africa and the Middle East, and was one of the first fruits cultivated in the world.

Pomegranates offer one of the highest antioxidant contents of any fruit in the world thanks to a unique group of polyphenols called punicosides.

In fact, studies show that punicosides are responsible for 90% of the antioxidant activity of pomegranate.

And we’ve captured most of this polyphenol activity for TrueBerry7 by using a unique pomegranate ingredient, P40p®, which contains 40% punicosides.

NatureCity guarantee

What makes P40p® special is each 100mg serving provides a near identical antioxidant profile as a fresh pomegranate, and estimated to contain the antioxidant content of about 3.4 ounces of pomegranate juice – without the sugar, calories or any allergens.

P40p® is made from the whole pomegranate, including the rind and skin and may help you maintain healthy blood sugar, promote cardiovascular health and support joint and muscle recovery after activity.

Enjoy the Benefits of TrueBerry7 for as Little as $27.41 per Canister!

If you were to find and purchase all 7 of these super fruit wonders separately, you could spend over $60 for the same 30 glass supply found in each TrueBerry7™ canister.

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Yours for Good Health

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