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Why Just Slow Bone Loss, When You Can Increase Bone Density?

Why Just Slow Bone Loss, When You Can Increase Bone Density?

TrueOsteo - live a full life!

If you’re taking a calcium supplement… there’s a very good chance the calcium is made from rocks.

Do you eat rocks?

Of course not…and that’s one problem with traditional calcium supplements.

Since rocks aren’t a whole food source, your body isn’t used to digesting and using the calcium found in most supplements.

That’s why traditional calcium supplements don’t increase bone density. At best, they slow down your rate of bone loss.

The good news is you now have a choice!

Our advanced TrueOsteo+ and TrueOsteo formulas feature a plant calcium powder that according to research in humans, may actually increase bone density…not just slow bone loss.

Moreover, that’s just the start.  Optimizing bone health requires much more than just calcium and vitamin D.

The unique TrueOsteo formulas were designed to help maximize both bone density and bone strength…while helping to protect your arteries and heart too.   

Here’s a description of the key ingredients in both TrueOsteo+  and TrueOsteo:

AlgaeCal®:  The Premier Source of Plant Calcium

As the name suggests, AlgaeCal® is harvested from the algas calcareas plant, which naturally grows in shallow ocean waters off the coast of South America. 

AlgaeCal® is made from a living plant…not some inorganic dense rock.

And what makes AlgaeCal® really unique is, together with vitamin D3, it has been shown to actually increase bone mineral density (BMD)...starting in as little as six months.

This was demonstrated in a study published in the International Journal of Medicine. The study included 36 women with an average age of 69.5.

For a full year, these women were asked to take a daily supplement containing 750mg of calcium from AlgaeCal® and 1,000 IU (25mcg) of vitamin D3…the same amounts you get in our TrueOsteo products.

And we feel the results were remarkable! On average, the study participants increased their bone mineral density by 1.30% in one year.

How does that stack up?

Without calcium supplementation, women of this age typically experience a 0.75% decline in BMD annually.

Further, previous studies show women who use regular rock calcium and vitamin D3 still typically experience a 0.10% decline in BMD annually.

That’s an improvement over not using a supplement…but still a decline. 

TrueOsteo - live a full life!Better yet, AlgaeCal® is gentler on the stomach and typically better tolerated than rock calcium.  

In fact, in one AlgaeCal® study, about 30% of participants taking calcium carbonate (rock calcium) supplements couldn’t tolerate them…it upset their stomach and they wanted to quit.

But instead of quitting, they switched products…and started taking the plant calcium we use in our TrueOsteo formulas instead. And almost every single person was able to continue in the study.

What’s more, like food, AlgaeCal® naturally contains many other beneficial minerals other than calcium. 

And according to USDA researchers and other scientists, many of these are integral to building strong bones…which is your goal. These minerals include magnesium, silica, strontium, manganese, vanadium, zinc, and boron.

Last, six safety studies on AlgaeCal® have been combined into one manuscript which was published in the journal, Toxicology Mechanisms and Actions.

The scientists authoring the published study reported that this detailed collective body of work conclusively demonstrates the “broad-spectrum safety profile of AlgaeCal®.”

Organic VegD3®: Plant-Based Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is essential to bone health for two key reasons…

One, vitamin D is necessary for calcium to be absorbed efficiently from your stomach to your bloodstream. As you know, if calcium isn’t well absorbed, it isn’t likely to help you.

Second, once in the bloodstream, vitamin D works with calcium and other minerals to help build and maintain bone. 

It’s like a restaurant kitchen. You have a head chef, but to make the entire meal he or she needs the help of others.

As you may know, vitamin D3 is preferred for supplementation over vitamin D2 because it is believed your body absorbs vitamin D3 at a much greater rate.

With TrueOsteo + and TrueOsteo , you get 1,000 IU (25mcg) of vitamin D3 per day.

We chose this amount for you because it was the exact amount of vitamin D3 used together with AlgaeCal® that resulted in the growth in bone density.

What’s more, the vitamin D3 in TrueOsteo + and TrueOsteo is called VegD3®, a plant derived (from organic algae) vitamin D3 that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

MenaQ7® Vitamin K2: Helps Put Calcium
in Bones and Keep it Out of Arteries

Among other things, vitamin K2 performs two key functions in your body:

Vitamin K2 helps activate a special protein (osteocalcin) that is necessary to help enable calcium to build strong bone tissue.

Vitamin K2 helps promote another special protein, Matrix GLA Protein (MGP), which is
necessary to help avoid unwanted calcium buildup in arteries, veins and the heart. 

Even though you don’t need much vitamin K2, it’s hard to get from your diet. For example, to get the 180 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin K2 contained in TrueOsteo + and TrueOsteo, you’d have to... 35.2 pounds of beef or... drink 5.2 gallons of milk... or eat 32 egg yolks... or eat 5.2 gallons of whole yogurt!

And that’s nearly impossible to do in one day... forget every day.  This is why your bone supplement needs to provide adequate amounts of vitamin K2.

Our TrueOsteo products are formulated with MenaQ7®, the only brand of vitamin K2 (as MK-7) that’s been shown in a long term scientific study to help bone health. 

Plus, it also offers the other benefits from vitamin K2 supplementation, and MenaQ7® is made from chickpeas (not soy like many other brands).

In a published study, 240 post-menopausal women (average age 60 years old) took 180mcg of MenaQ7® or a placebo daily for three years.

TrueOsteo - live a full life!The results indicated that those taking MenaQ7® started to experience bone health benefits in the first year and these became much more magnified over the three year period.

Specifically, supplementing with MenaQ7® helped promote:

• Bone Strength

• Bone Mineral Density (BMD) – measured at the spine and femoral neck, and

• Bone Mineral Content

But that’s not all….the cardiovascular benefits of vitamin K2 were on display in this study too. 

Compared to the placebo group, the MenaQ7®  group experienced improvements in arterial flexibility.

Orgen-Si: Organic Source of Silica Helps Spark Bone Formation

An overlooked mineral when it comes to bone health is the mineral silica (also known as silicon).

Silica is essential to healthy bone formation as it can help attract calcium to the bone matrix – resulting in harder, more dense bones. It helps energize the bone formation process.

In numerous scientific studies, the failure to get adequate silicon intake has been linked to weaker and less dense bones. 

And for most folks, diet alone does not provide enough silica. That’s why we added Orgen-Si to TrueOsteo+ and TrueOsteo. 

Orgen-Si is a USDA Certified Organic source of silica from bamboo shoots.

As you may know, bamboo shoots have been used in traditional medicine for centuries in India and Asia – and is a common food in the diets of these cultures. 

And bamboo has one of the highest concentrations of silica of any food source. In fact, Orgen-Si is 75% silica - so the 20mg you get daily from the TrueOsteo   products provides 15mg of silica.

This adds to the 2mg-3mg naturally found in a daily serving of AlgaeCal®.

The inclusion of Orgen-Si perfectly complements the other nutrients in the TrueOsteo formulas - and puts you in position to maximize potential benefits!

All of these nutrients are in both our TrueOsteo + and standard TrueOsteo formulas.

In addition, TrueOsteo + also adds Stress Support from the Sensoril® Ashwagandha extract.

Sensoril®: Helps Protect Bones from the “Stress Hormone”

Like many substances in your body, when you have normal levels of cortisol it does some very good things. These include helping to maintain a normal blood sugar level, supporting memory and easing discomfort.

Unfortunately, if you’re like many people, you may struggle to maintain a healthy cortisol level. 

This may be a consequence of living in a high stress society because cortisol gets released when your body encounters a stressful situation.

When cortisol is elevated, it can disrupt numerous body functions.  Until recently, we never understood how much cortisol can negatively affect bone health.

Emerging evidence indicates cortisol can harm bone health in the following ways:

  • May interfere with calcium, magnesium and other mineral absorption in the intestines
  • May inhibit osteoblast (bone building) activity
  • May activate osteoclasts which causes bone to be resorbed (bones degrade faster) 

To help you maintain normal cortisol levels, TrueOsteo+ includes the scientifically backed Sensoril® ashwagandha extract.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA), those taking Sensoril® saw their cortisol levels optimized, on average.  

The Sensoril® users were at higher end of the normal range at the start of the study, on average, and with the help Sensoril® , cortisol groups declined to the lower end of the normal range after two months. 

In addition, 250mg of Sensoril®, the daily serving in TrueOsteo +, helped other stress markers like C-reactive protein and DHEAS.

The ashwagandha plant used to make Sensoril® is an “adapatogen”…meaning it can help the body return to a balanced state. 

So if your cortisol levels are optimized, Sensoril® shouldn’t cause them to plummet further. It’s there to help keep cortisol in balance!

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Yours for Better Health

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