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The New and Improved TrueZs is Back!

The New and Improved TrueZs is Back!

The New and Improved TrueZs is Back!

Almost 3 years ago we introduced our TrueZs sleep supplement to help increase both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Although many clients enjoyed TrueZs, we felt something was missing because a significant number of users felt it wasn’t helping much.

One thing almost all users agreed on was they didn’t want melatonin to be part of the formula, and we wholeheartedly agreed.

Melatonin is a hormone that initially wasn’t intended to be used regularly as a supplement. It was meant for occasional use – like when flying a long distance across many time zones to help reduce jet lag.

What’s more, doses used to be less than 1mg, now supplements contain as much as 5mg (and sometimes more).

The concern with taking melatonin regularly is your body gets used to receiving it as a supplement, and this may disrupt your body’s natural melatonin production – which isn’t a good thing.

On top of this, melatonin supplements cause morning grogginess in some users, when the goal is to wake-up feeling refreshed.

For TrueZs, we wanted to add something to help support the body’s production of melatonin in the evening – as opposed to force feeding the body synthetic melatonin.

The saffron spice has been the subject of increasing research for several health benefits including mood and vision health.

Several published research studies also found that taking saffron in the evening helped improve sleep quality. However, it wasn’t well understood how saffron helped sleep.

This started to change with the latest sleep study from a brand of saffron called Affron®.

Like before, in this new study taking the Affron® saffron extract improved sleep quality ratings and mood ratings upon awakening.

The researchers also found evening melatonin levels increased in both saffron study groups, while declining in the placebo group.

This suggests saffron helps support the body’s normal production of melatonin in the evening and appears to be one of the ways Affron® helps support sleep quality without causing morning grogginess.

Also, interesting from this study is the results were similar for the groups taking either 14mg of Affron and 28mg of Affron® (more is not always better).

We’re happy to report we’ve added 14mg of the same Affron® saffron extract to TrueZs, and believe this addition is the perfect complement to the other scientifically studied ingredients in TrueZs.

In addition, to Affron®, TrueZs contains Suntheanine® L-theanine, and Shoden® Ashwagandha.

Suntheanine® can cross the blood-brain barrier and can help to increase dopamine and GABA levels in the brain.

This helps increase alpha brain waves, which are associated with a relaxed mental state. 

These changes in the mental state can help to reduce sleep latency (time it takes to go from awake to asleep) and sleep disturbance, and promote better quality of sleep – without daytime drowsiness.

TrueZs contains 200mg of Suntheanine®, which was found to work better than smaller serving sizes in research.

Shoden is a high potency extract from the roots and leaves of the ashwagandha plant, which has been the focus of several recent scientific studies related to sleep.

Research with Shoden® Ashwagandha found that taking 120mg may help in these ways:

  • Reduce the time needed to fall asleep
  • Promote restorative and more restful sleep to help you wake up refreshed, without drowsiness
  • Improve quantity of sleep (total sleep time) and sleep efficiency (time spent sleeping relative to time spent in bed)

We suggest taking TrueZs about 45 to 60 minutes before bedtime. Keep in mind it may take 2 to 4 weeks to start experiencing desired results.  

Astaxanthin, Lutein & Zeaxanthin May Help Protect Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the body’s ability to process information received through the eyes and use it to direct movements of the hands to complete a task or skill.

Research has suggested that extended use of computer screens or visual display terminals (VDTs), may disrupt hand-eye coordination.

A new study has found that a supplement containing astaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin may reduce the effect of VDT use on hand-eye coordination.

The study was conducted by researchers from Kansai University and Kindai University. It was published in the journal Nutrients.

The researchers enrolled 57 adults in their study who used VDTs on a regular basis. They received a supplement containing 6 mg astaxanthin, 10 mg lutein, and 2 mg zeaxanthin or a placebo daily for 8 weeks.

Hand-eye coordination, smooth-pursuit eye movements, and macular pigment optical density (MPOD) were evaluated at baseline, week 2, week 4, and week 8.

At the end of the study period, participants in the supplement group had significantly better hand-eye coordination times and accuracy rates compared to baseline and to the placebo group.

They also had significantly higher MPOD levels. Macular pigment protects the eyes by absorbing damaging blue light, such as that emitted by VDTs.

Moisturize and Soothe Your Skin With TrueAloeGel!

NatureCity® has taken the skin moisturizing and soothing benefits of Aloe vera and made it even better. Our TrueAloeGel offers double the potency of regular Aloe gel. 

Almost everyone loves to use Aloe vera on their skin. The problem is many products advertised as Aloe vera gel contain little if any actual Aloe vera.  Marketers get away with this by using phrases like “made with 100% aloe” on the label – without telling you how much is used.

  These other products aren’t even single strength, forget about the double strength potency you get in the TrueAloeGel.

The TrueAloeGel is made with organically grown Aloe vera and processed without using high heat to give you maximum benefits.  

It’s also free of parabens and other unwanted ingredients.

Now the best part…you’ll get a FREE 7.5 oz bottle of TrueAloeGel when you purchase one of this month’s special offers.

Use it to soothe a burn, insect bite, rash or other skin problems and to keep your skin moisturized and looking its best. 

FREE bottle of TrueAloeGel with a purchase of this month’s special

Q&A - You Ask... we Answer!

Q: How is the AlgaeCal in TrueOsteo harvested?

 A: The Lithothamnium superpositum algae species used by AlgaeCal grows in shallow waters on the Atlantic coastline of South America. After about 180 days, the living algae naturally detach from seaweed on the ocean floor, and wash ashore, where they are sustainably hand-harvested. This hard-harvesting limits the impact on the local ecology. There’s no digging or dredging – each ball of algae is hand-picked at low tide. This minimizes the impact on the marine ecosystem.

From there the algae are cleaned and locally milled into powder (in Brazil). The powder is then tested for nutrient content as well as heavy metal levels and other microorganisms.

Q: Is it alright to take tocotrienols with alpha-tocopherol as you have it in TrueE?

A: Yes, based on over 20 years of scientific research, we believe the bio-enhanced red palm oil extract in TrueE supports health in many important ways.

We’ve read some theories about a potential interference between alpha tocopherol (traditional vitamin E) and the mixed tocotrienols that could affect absorption and bioavailability. This hasn’t been the case with the EVnol SupraBio (from red palm oil) ingredient we use in TrueE.

It contains a self-emulsifying delivery system shown to improve bioavailability by up to 300% compared to standard extracts. As important, EVnol was the first (and we think still only) tocotrienol ingredient shown to reach key organs and tissues when ingested.

And of course, they have numerous findings in scientific studies indicating different potential health benefits that a user may experience, particularly with respect to cardiovascular, brain and liver health.

Q: Why is it important that your TrueAloeGel is “alcohol free”?

A:  Alcohol is found in many products because it allows the gel or lotion to dry faster on your skin. But it also dehydrates your skin. This goes against one of the main reasons to use Aloe vera gel, which is to moisturize your skin. So we do not use alcohol in TrueAloeGel.

Better yet, we don’t need to resort to adding alcohol to make the gel dry faster. Still, just a few seconds after you put on the TrueAloeGel, your skin feels as smooth as silk.

What’s more, in addition to being alcohol free, TrueAloeGel is also fragrance free and dye free.

In the News...

HMB and Vitamin D May Help Maintain Muscle and Reduce Fat Between Muscle. A study in Nutrients found that supplementing with 3 grams of HMB (a metabolite of the amino acid leucine) and 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily may help maintain lean muscle and reduce fat between muscle groups (called intermuscular adipose tissue or IMTA) in women with insufficient vitamin D levels.

Omega-3’s May Provide Cognitive Health Benefits As We Age. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that long-term omega-3 fatty acids supplementation or dietary intake may help support cognitive health as we age. Long-term users of omega-3 fatty acid supplements were found to have a 64% reduced risk of developing significant cognitive decline compared to participants who did not take supplements. Higher blood plasma levels of the omega-3s EPA and DHA also were associated with better cognitive function.

Cucumber Extract May Help Relieve Knee Discomfort. A study published in Current Rheumatology Reviews found that taking either 20mg or 100mg daily of a cucumber extract rich in a specific iminosugar helped reduce knee discomfort after 30 days and 60 days. Iminosugars are slightly different from regular sugars, and metabolized differently in the body.

Health Tips!

Regular Consumption of Nuts May Reduce Frailty Risk for Aging Women. Researchers from Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital reviewed 24 years of data from 71,704 women above the age of 60 and found those consuming nuts 5 or more times per week was associated with a 20% reduced risk of developing frailty compared to consuming nuts less than 1 time per month. Frailty can increase the risk of falls and unwanted health outcomes. It can occur as we age and the body loses muscle mass and become less active.

Vitamin K2 Supplementation May Reduce Deficiency Better Than Dietary Sources.  Researchers from the University of Copenhagen conducted a study with 10 adults that found those taking a supplement with 360mcg of vitamin K2 daily for 3 weeks were able to increase vitamin K2 biomarkers in the body better than a diet with vitamin K rich foods. Vitamin K2 is more challenging to get from diet than vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 is a form of vitamin K that provides cardiovascular and bone health benefits.

“My Eyesight has Improved!”

“Since starting the True Vision, my eyesight has improved and is much better than it was. This product delivers what it says, my eye exam was amazing. I am very satisfied with these products.” – Joan
Individual results may vary.

And Get a FREE Bottle of TrueAloeGel!

With the warmer weather coming soon, you know how important it is to keep your skin hydrated. That’s why you’ll love the free gift that comes with this month’s special offers. It’s a FREE 7.5oz bottle of our double strength TrueAloeGel.

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