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Astaxanthin Helps “Tired Eyes” – Especially After Age 40

Astaxanthin Helps “Tired Eyes” – Especially After Age 40

Astaxanthin Helps “Tired Eyes” – Especially After Age 40

If your eyes are feeling more tired or strained, it’s not just your age, but also a result of more time we’re spending looking at phones, computers and other screens.

In fact, it’s now estimated that American adults spend around 11 to 13 hours a day looking at screens, on average.

Research has found that the powerful antioxidant called astaxanthin may help with eye fatigue.

A new study of 60 healthy adults provides additional evidence. This study was published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition.

Participants over 40 who received 9mg of astaxanthin daily for 6 weeks experienced significant improvements in visual clarity before and after prolonged use of a computer screen for work.

Why Eye Muscles Need Extra Support

The lens on the front part of your eye either flattens out to help you focus on distant objects, or contracts to help you focus on objects close to you.

Muscles called ciliary muscles that are next to the lens in the eye control these movements.

That’s one reason why it gets harder to focus when your eyes tire and fatigue sets in – the ciliary muscles need time to recover.

As we age, the lens of the eye becomes increasingly rigid, making it harder for the ciliary muscle to adjust our vision for near focus.

As a result, our eyes tire more easily. In addition to natural aging, we now have a new complicating factor – the digital world we live in today.

Staring at digital computer screens, phones, tablets and televisions overworks the ciliary muscles that control the lens in your eye, making it harder to focus.

How AstaReal® Astaxanthin Can Help

For years, many eye care professionals have recommended nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin to help protect and maintain vision as we age.

And these nutrients are integral to good eye health – particularly for helping to protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays.

However, lutein and zeaxanthin mainly work in the back part of the eye, where the retina and macula are located.

A growing number of eye care professionals are adding AstaReal® Astaxanthin to their recommended lists – in folks both young and old – because it works in the front part of the eye.

This is where the lens is located and the part of the eye that is responsible for your “focusing” power.

To date, 15 separate scientific studies show AstaReal® astaxanthin can help support the front part of the eye.

Here’s how it works:

  • Astaxanthin passes through the blood-retinal barrier (unlike many antioxidants), and selectively deposits in the ciliary body - where it’s needed.
  • Astaxanthin can help quench free radicals that cause eye fatigue, providing relief to overworked ciliary muscles.
  • Astaxanthin can help promote blood flow in ciliary and ocular muscles.

The research indicates that this can translate into real, noticeable benefits for your vision health – starting in as little as 4 weeks.

Here’s some of the vision health benefits you may experience based on the 15 clinical studies involving natural AstaReal® Astaxanthin:

  • Help relieve tired eyes and eye strain
  • Help eyes recover from screen time
  • Help enhance depth perception and promote visual acuity

Based on the research, we believe that taking a supplement with AstaReal® Astaxanthin (which we feature in TrueAsta) in addition to lutein and zeaxanthin is a prudent way to optimize vision health.

Lower Dose of Rhuleave-K May Also Help Joints and Muscles

A previous study found that a single dose of 1,000 mg of Rhuleave-K, a blend of boswellia serrate, turmeric, and sesame oil, may help relieve exercise-induced joint and muscle discomfort.

Now a new study has found that 500mg of Rhuleave-K may also provide benefits – although not as quickly as with the larger 1,000mg serving size.

The study was conducted by researchers from Pushpanjali Hospital and Research Centre. It was published in the Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences.

For this study, the researchers recruited 40 healthy adults who experienced acute musculoskeletal discomfort following physical exercise. They received 500 mg of Rhuleave-K or a placebo. 

Total joint and muscle relief was evaluated every 30 minutes for 6 hours.

Participants in the Rhuleave-K group saw a significant improvement in the intensity of discomfort compared to the placebo group. They also saw a much greater improvement in joint and muscle discomfort compared to the placebo group.

On average benefits from the supplement were significantly better starting after 4.5 hours. In the previous study, with the 1,000mg dose, results were seen in less time – typically under 3 hours.  

It should be also noted that this study was much smaller group than the previous study, which involved 232 adults.

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Q&A - You Ask... we Answer!

Q: I saw a video on YouTube that Aloe hydrates the liver. Is this true and if yes, would that apply to liquid Aloe and the capsules?

A: Aloe or Aloe juice won’t “hydrate” the liver (or body) any more than a glass of water (liquid Aloe is 99.5% water). What the Aloe nutrients can do is help support normal liver and kidney function in their daily detoxing efforts. For this purpose, taking either TrueAloe or drinking AloeCran is fine.

Q: Which form of strontium is in TrueOsteo?

A: The only strontium in TrueOsteo is what is naturally occurring from the AlgaeCal plant (about 6mg per day of strontium if you are taking the recommended 4 capsules daily). This amount is consistent with typical dietary intake of strontium. We don’t add any additional strontium or sell a separate strontium citrate product – which we agree should be used with caution and under the care of a physician.

Q: What are the pros and cons of taking my supplements in powder drink mixes as opposed to pill form?

A: The main pro is that for ingredients which require a relatively large serving size (or formulas that combine multiple ingredients), it’s much easier/convenient to take. For example, if you have an ingredient that requires 3 grams per serving, it would be 6 average sized capsules as compared to just one scoop of powder.

You can also combine multiple drink mixes at once, or use them as part of a smoothie. Drink powders are especially beneficial for people who have difficulty swallowing pills or don’t like swallowing multiple capsules.

In general, there aren’t many cons - unless it’s an ingredient more suitable for a delayed release capsule (like probiotics). Perhaps the main con is if you don’t like the flavor or taste of the drink mix powder, or there’s added sugar or artificial ingredients to improve taste (we strive to avoid this at NatureCity). Also, drink mix powders may be slightly more expensive than capsules.

Q: How long do the probiotic strains from TrueOC remain in the mouth?

A: It really depends because, like the gut, the mouth is a dynamic environment where bad bacteria are always looking to establish a foothold and overtake the good bacteria.

That’s why you need to replenish the good bacteria regularly and use TrueOC (and other probiotics) every day to maintain a healthy balance.

It also depends on personal habits – like using mouthwash. Like an antibiotic, mouthwash kills good bacteria as well as bad bacteria. We recommend taking TrueOC 3 hours after using mouthwash (most herbal mouthwashes should not have this concern). You may want to try eliminating mouthwash altogether, as with TrueOC and other good dental hygiene, it may not be necessary, and it may be easier to maintain healthy levels of good bacteria.

In the News...

Elderberry Extract May Provide Gut Health Benefits. A study in the Journal of Personalized Medicine found that adults who consumed 600mg of elderberry fruit extract over a 3 week period experienced notable improvements in gut microbiota diversity, which indicates a healthy, well-functioning gut. Specifically, the researchers noted increases in the bacteria Akermansia spp, which helps protect and strengthen the gut lining.

Magnesium May Support Healthy Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure.  Researchers from Zhejiang University School of Medicine conducted a review of 24 randomized controlled trials with 1,325 participants who were struggling with blood sugar health and found that magnesium supplements helped support healthy blood sugar (fasting blood sugar and HbA1c markers) and blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic).

Blackcurrant Powder May Help Support Bone Health. A study published in Nutrients found that peri- and postmenopausal women (between the ages of 45 and 60) who took a supplement with 784mg of blackcurrant fruit powder daily for 6 months experienced less of a decrease in bone mineral density compared to the placebo group. In addition, a marker for bone formation also improved in those taking blackcurrant powder.

Health Tips!

Hand Grip Strength Linked to Pace of Biological Aging. Grip strength has been called a “biomarker of aging” because it has been linked to several age related conditions. Researchers from the University of Michigan conducted a year study of 1,274 adults (average age 70) which found an association between baseline hand grip strength and accelerated DNA aging. More study is needed, but the researchers believe that preservation of muscle strength may positively influence healthy ageing in part by protecting against accelerated ageing of DNA.

Increased Protein, Tea, and Coffee Consumption Linked to Reduced Fracture Risk. Researchers from the University of Leeds analyzed 22 years of data from 26,318 women and found that those who increased protein intake by 25 grams per day had a 14% reduction in hip fracture risk (and a greater reduction for underweight women). In addition, for every cup of tea or coffee consumed a 4% reduction in hip fracture risk was noted.

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Individual results may vary.

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