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Introducing TrueK2D3™ - Plant Based Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3!

Introducing TrueK2D3™ - Plant Based Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3!

Introducing TrueK2D3™ - Plant Based Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3!

If you’re taking our TrueOsteo product, you may already be familiar with how vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 work together to help build stronger bones.

Emerging research is finding that these two vitamins also appear to work together and help support other areas of our health – like immune system function and artery health.

Unfortunately, diet and sun exposure (for vitamin D) alone doesn’t provide nearly enough of these vitamins for most people.

This makes filling the gap with high quality supplements important for healthy aging – which is why we created TrueK2D3™.

Some call vitamin K2 the “most important vitamin many consumers have never heard of.”

Indeed, as many as 97% of people eating a modern diet do not get enough vitamin K2 from their food.

MenaQ7® is the brand of vitamin K2 we use in TrueK2D3™ - it’s made from chick peas. We believe MenaQ7® is the premier vitamin K2 ingredient in the world.

MenaQ7® has been at the forefront of vitamin K2 research, particularly for bone and cardiovascular health.

The vitamin D3 in TrueK2D3™ is also plant based, coming from a 100% non-GMO algae source. It’s called VegD3®.

The D3 form of vitamin D (called cholecalciferol) is preferred over D2 as a supplement because it has been shown to be much better at raising vitamin D levels. In addition, it is the form of vitamin D your body uses the most.

Traditionally, vitamin D3 was only available from an animal source – typically the oil from sheep’s wool (lanolin).

With the introduction of VegD3®, we now have a plant based vitamin D3 that’s identical in structure to the D3 obtained from animal sources.

Example of How Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D Work Together

Scientists have identified 17 proteins in the body that depend on vitamin K2 to function properly.

Two of these proteins play an important role in making sure calcium ends up in the right place –in your bones, not your arteries.

Vitamin D does two key things when it comes to bone building:

1) Vitamin D helps calcium get absorbed through your intestines

2) Vitamin D helps produce a protein, called osteocalcin, which helps bind calcium to bone.

This second part is crucial to the bone building process, but for the osteocalcin protein to become active, it needs vitamin K2. It’s one of the vitamin K2 dependent proteins mentioned above.

When vitamin K2 activates this osteocalcin protein, it’s like turning on your body’s bone building “light switch.”

As important, vitamin D and vitamin K2 also work together to help protect against unwanted calcium buildup in arteries and blood vessel walls.

Vitamin D helps create a protein –called Matrix Gla Protein, or MGP for short – which helps ensure calcium isn’t deposited in arteries and soft tissues.

Like in bone health, vitamins K2 is needed to activate this protein, so it can spring into action.

With the help of both vitamin D and vitamin K2, calcium ends up where it belongs… in bones and not arteries!

Other Ways Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D Can Help You

Besides being instrumental in bone and cardiovascular health, vitamin K2 and vitamin D may help you in the following ways:

  • Support immune system function and respiratory health
  • Promote joint health and a healthy inflammation response
  • Help protect against the effects of oxidative stress

If you aren’t already getting enough of these vitamins each day, TrueK2D3™ is for you!

Lutein and Zeaxanthin May Provide Cognitive Health Benefits

Lutein and zeaxanthin are nutrients usually associated with eye health.

They work together to increase a yellow pigment in the macula part of your eyes that acts as a shield against harmful blue light rays.

Maintaining optimal levels of macular pigment has been shown to help protect against age-related vision concerns.

In addition, higher levels of this pigment has been associated with better cognitive function.

Researchers from Murdoch University in Australia conducted a study to see if supplementing with these nutrients helped cognitive function.

The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition – Nutrition and Brain Health.

Participants included 90 adults between the ages of 40 and 75 with self-reported problems in memory or attention. They received 10 mg of lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin or a placebo daily for 6 months.

Cognitive function was assessed at baseline and at the end of the study using i) computer-based cognitive tasks, ii) the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire, iii) the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, and iv) the Profile of Mood States.

Those in the supplement group saw greater improvements in visual episodic memory and visual learning compared to the placebo group.

Visual episodic memory is the ability to recognize an object you’ve seen before despite changes in appearance or viewing conditions.

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Sometimes we’re so caught up in protecting the health of our insides that we neglect the largest organ in our bodies – our skin.

This month, when you purchase one of our special offers, you get a special FREE bonus to help keep your skin and hair looking it’s best.

You get the all natural TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar and a bottle of the TrueShine™ Revitalizing Shampoo... together that’s a $18.46 value, FREE of charge.

The TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar is made from Aloe vera, natural plant fats, essential oils and one of the best natural skin softeners, glycerin.

Together they create a cleansing bar that gently removes dirt and grime, deodorizes as you wash, moisturizes your skin and can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. You’ll love it the first time you use it!

In addition, you get the TrueShine™ Revitalizing Shampoo, which doesn’t contain sulphates or parabens that could irritate your hair, scalp and skin.

The TrueShine™ Revitalizing Shampoo cleans hair without stripping moisture or irritating the scalp, helps protect hair structure and maintain hair strength.

Get your FREE TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar and TrueShine™ Revitalizing Shampoo bottle when you purchase one of our Monthly Specials!

Q&A - You Ask... we Answer!

Q: Does drinking herbal teas interfere with TrueOsteo?

A: We don’t know of a reason why they would interfere with the TrueOsteo ingredients. Caffeine (e.g. usually in green tea) is a bit of a controversial topic in bone health as the data is limited and mixed.

Some short term studies suggest you may want to limit caffeine intake to around 100mg a day to avoid a significant loss of calcium in urine (but this is far from definitive).

Another option is to take your TrueOsteo capsules separately from when you drink your tea to be extra careful.

Q: What is the difference between Soyfree Sharp PS Green and the Phosphatidylserine in TruePS?

A: The phosphatidylserine (PS) is from the Soyfree Sharp PS Green oil. About 18% of this oil is phosphatidylserine. Each TruePS soft gel gives you 100mg of phosphatidylserine.

Q: What is different about TrueMagnesium that makes it unlikely to cause loose stool or diarrhea?

A: The TRAACS® magnesium bisglycinate chelate in TrueMagnesium will not ionize in the intestines, unlike other magnesium forms such as magnesium citrate. When too many ions accumulate, this increases osmotic pressure in the intestines.

Your body responds to this pressure by flowing water into the intestines to dilute these ions and lower their concentration. A consequence of this action is the forming of loose stool and development of diarrhea.

That is not a concern when taking TrueMagnesium because magnesium bisglycinate chelate remains neutral and does not ionize. As such, most people find that TrueMagnesium is very well tolerated.

What’s more, in its chelated state, the magnesium ion is protected from irreversibly combining with dietary phosphates, phytates, tannins and roughage and becoming less bioavailable for nutrition purposes. This enhances the absorption and potential benefits of TrueMagnesium.

Q: How much caffeine is in the NeuroFactor coffee berry extract in TrueBerry7

A: NeuroFactor does not have a high caffeine content; there is typically less than 1mg of caffeine from the NeuroFactor in a serving of TrueBerry7.

In the News...

Probiotic May Help Support Healthy LDL and Total Cholesterol Levels. A study published in Clinical Nutrition ESPEN with 91 adults struggling with cholesterol levels found that those taking 1.2 billion CFUs of three strains of a L. plantarum probiotic for 12 weeks experienced better improvements in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels compared to the placebo group. No significant effect was seen on HDL cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Antioxidants Linked to Protection from Age-Related Eye Damage. A study published in Frontiers in Nutrition that involved 164 older adults found that those with higher blood concentrations of certain antioxidants were better protected from age-related eye damage than those with lower levels. These antioxidants included lutein, zeaxanthin, beta carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin E.

Cocoa and Pomegranate Extracts May Help Increase Testosterone Levels. A study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements found that young male adults taking 400mg of a cocoa and pomegranate extract over 8 weeks helped increase testosterone and free testosterone levels compared to baseline and the placebo group. Those taking the supplement also saw improvements in hand grip strength and upper arm circumference.

Health Tips!

Coffee May Provide Cardiovascular Benefits. Researchers from Semmelweis University in Hungary examined data from 468,629 adults and concluded that consuming up to 3 cups of coffee per day may provide cardiovascular health benefits. Participants who drank 0.5 to 3 cups of coffee daily were found to have a 17% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to those who never drank coffee. They were also found to have a 21% lower risk of stroke and a 12% lower risk of death by any cause.

Study Finds Diet May Affect Sleep Quality. Researchers from the University of Chicago examined data from 20 previous studies on sleep quality and diet composition and concluded that diets higher in complex carbohydrates, such as fiber, and healthier fats, such as unsaturated fats, were associated with better sleep quality. Diets higher in protein were also associated with better sleep quality. Sleep quality benefits were also reported in diets with high amounts of fruits, vegetables, and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

“This One’s a Keeper!”

“I’ve been using TrueOsteo for many years to support bone health. I haven’t found any other comparable product on the market with the same helpful ingredients. I appreciate the fact that the calcium is plant based rather than the not-so-useful rock calcium. I will continue to use for years to come.” – Connie M.
Individual results may vary.


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