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Introducing TrueDYB™: All-in-One Formula to Help You “Digest Your Best”!

Introducing TrueDYB™: All-in-One Formula to Help You “Digest Your Best”!

Introducing TrueDYB™: All-in-One Formula to Help You “Digest Your Best”!

The health of your digestive system affects almost every part of your body. This includes brain health and mood, immune system function, heart health, and how good your skin looks.

TrueDYB is designed to help you “Digest Your Best”. It offers total digestive support starting in the stomach, continuing in the intestines, and promoting regular and healthy bowel movements. 

The benefits of the 16 ingredients don’t stop there. TrueDYB works along the “gut-brain” axis for better moods, less perceived stress and sleep support. For skin, TrueDYB can help support collagen health and it promotes immune system function. Here’s an ingredient summary:


Solnul is a prebiotic fiber from Canadian potatoes. As a prebiotic, Solnul feeds and increases amounts of beneficial bacteria (including Akkermansia), helps support gut barrier function (protecting against “leaky gut”) and regularity.

It also works beyond the gut, supporting the gut-skin and gut-brain axis.

Inulin (from chicory) is a fiber that contains nutrients called fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) that the beneficial Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria in the intestines love to consume to help them grow and flourish.

PreferPro® is a different type of prebiotic that prepares the gut to ensure probiotic bacteria have room to flourish. It’s very powerful and helps accelerate the growth of a
broad spectrum of probiotic bacteria.

In addition, it helps your body absorb nutrients from food, strengthens the protective intestinal lining and supports immune health.


DE111® (Bacillus subtilis) is a powerful probiotic backed by 30 scientific studies showing a wide range of digestive health benefits including supporting nutrient absorption and the protective intestinal barrier and promoting regularity. It offers a host of other benefits too.

SNZ 1969® (Bacillus coagulans) another probiotic supported by 30 human studies that indicate it helps promote a healthy digestive tract in numerous ways, and also helps oral health, supports already-healthy cholesterol levels, vaginal health and promotes inner balance.


Lactobacillus casei 327 – helps support healthy defecation frequency, a healthy intestinal microbiome environment, and healthy-looking skin.

Bifidobacterium longum BR-108 – helps support a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria and helps activate immune gut factors that support immune system function.

Herbal Support

Digexin® is the next gut-brain axis superstar. It helps move food through the system for more comfortable and regular bowel movements, and less symptoms from occasional indigestion (bloating, burping, gas, cramping).

It also promotes healthy serotonin and cortisol levels for a more positive mood, better response to stress and overall sense of well-being.

GutGard® helps move food through the stomach faster, which helps relieve occasional heartburn and indigestion, ease upper abdominal discomfort and feelings of fullness and bloating.

It also helps reduce belching, gas and helps gut integrity (“leaky gut”).

DigeZyme® Enzyme Blend – when you take TrueDYB with a meal, these enzymes help support the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, lactose and cellulose for reduced digestive disruptions and healthier nutrient absorption.

Organic Greens Blend - a nutrient rich blend from organic barley grass, alfalfa, oat grass, spinach, kale and broccoli that helps support healthy digestion and the gut microbiome (balance of bacteria in intestines).

Key TrueDYB benefits:

  • Helps relieve occasional heartburn,  indigestion, burping and gas.
  • Helps upper abdominal discomfort, feelings of fullness and bloating.
  • Helps support regular, healthy bowel movements and gentle evacuation.
  • Helps support nutrient absorption.
  • Helps protect against absorption of unwanted substances by promoting better intestinal barrier function.
  • Helps increase beneficial bacteria in intestines and support a healthy microbial balance.
  • Helps support a positive mood and ability to cope with everyday stressors.
  • Helps support immune system function, vaginal health and skin appearance.

Research Review Finds Brown Seaweed Beneficial for Blood Sugar Health

Research Review Finds Brown Seaweed Beneficial for Blood Sugar Health

In a new comprehensive review published in Nutrients, researchers analyzed all existing published studies on brown seaweed extracts and their effect on various blood sugar health markers.

After reviewing 23 relevant studies, the researchers concluded that supplementing with brown seaweed extracts can help support healthy blood sugar metabolism and promote better glycemic health – in the short and long term.

The most powerful effect of brown seaweed appears to be helping to reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes.

One of the brown seaweed extracts whose research was part of the review is branded as InSea2®, an exclusive blend of two wildcrafted brown seaweeds - Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp) and Fucus vesiculosus (bladder wrack).  

When taking InSea2® prior to a meal, it is known to work by helping to slow down the rate that glucose from starch and sugar enters the bloodstream, so your body doesn’t get overwhelmed at once.

This immediately helps smooth out the increase in post-meal blood sugar when you eat carbohydrates and promotes healthy blood sugar metabolism over time (InSea2® is part of our TrueGlucoSPsupplement).

The new research review found that, more generally, brown seaweed extracts help reduce post-meal blood sugar levels, and over time can be useful to maintain already healthy levels of HbA1C and HOMA-IR, two markers of blood sugar health.

USDA Certified Organic Vitamin C – from fruit, not a lab!

Do you ever wonder why you’re told to take such high amounts of vitamin C supplements when the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is only 60mg?

It’s because the synthetic vitamin C in most supplements can be poorly absorbed – so you need to take a lot to compensate.

TrueC is a plant based USDA organic vitamin C made from the Amla plant – the ingredient’s brand name is Orgen-C®.

Like food, Orgen-C® naturally provides co-nutrients and co-factors like non-citrus bioflavonoids and polyphenols that can help your body use vitamin C optimally.

Orgen-C® is 50% natural vitamin C, and the remaining 50% is the co-factors and co-nutrients from the same organic Amla extract that support the stability and activity of the organic vitamin C.

Orgen-C® is extracted with nothing more than water – and no solvents, excipients or carriers are used in the extraction process.

Each TrueC capsule provides 125mg of natural vitamin C. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

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Q&A - You Ask... we Answer!

Q: Can I take the 2 TrueC capsules at different times of day?

A: If you like, you can take the 2 capsules at different times of day (example: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening). Some users prefer to spread out vitamin C intake to help support cellular uptake and minimize vitamin C excretion in urine.

Q: How many TrueCoQ10 soft gels do I take?

A: In general, to bring your CoQ10 levels to an optimal range, the maker of Kaneka QH® recommends you take 200mg of ubiquinol daily for the first two weeks and thereafter 50mg to 100mg daily is typically a good maintenance dose. If you feel higher amounts help you more, you can continue with an increased dosage. We offer TrueCoQ10 in both 50mg and 100mg serving sizes (1 soft gel is a serving).

Q: Is the BCM-95 in TrueCurcumin tested for lead and heavy metals? 

A: Each batch of BCM-95® is tested for heavy metals (including arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury) and the levels are extremely low, and typically barely detectable.

For example, according to the test results from a recent batch of BCM-95®, the limits for all of these heavy metals were reported as “BDL” or below detection limit. The “limit of detection” is the smallest amount of a substance that an analytical method can reliably distinguish from zero.  So anything below this limit is reported as below the detection limit, or BDL.

For BCM-95®, this limit was 0.05mg/kg or 0.05 parts per million (ppm). This means the heavy metal content is less than 0.05 ppm, which to put this in perspective is over 90% less than the acceptable standard of 0.5 ppm for lead.  There was so little lead (and other heavy metals), it can’t be reliably quantified.

Q: Can I see the TrueDYB supplement facts panel?



In the News...

Omega-7 Supplement May Help Skin Appearance. A new study in Nutrients found that middle aged women taking 1,000mg daily of an Omega-7 supplement from Alaskan pollock fish oil for 12 weeks experienced improvements in the appearance of wrinkles and skin moisture compared to a placebo group. A measure of skin elasticity improved also. Omega-7, or palmitoleic acid, is an unsaturated fatty acid found in human tissue cell membranes.

Postbiotic May Help Support Immune System Function. Postbiotics are heat-killed probiotic strains that research is finding may have health benefits. A recent study in Nutrients found that taking 50 billion cells of the Lacticaseibacillus paracasei MCC1849 postbiotic daily for 4 weeks helped activate immune factors that play an important role in sensing health threats, which can help promote a healthier immune system response.

Review Finds Ashwagandha Can Help Cortisol Levels. A new research review published in Nutrients looked at all the available research on ashwagandha and cortisol and concluded that ashwagandha can help keep cortisol levels balanced in stressed individuals. Cortisol is called the stress hormone because it’s released when we’re feeling stress. The researchers found that ashwagandha supplements helped reduce cortisol by 11% to 32% in study participants.

Health Tips!

Vitamin D Levels in Many Seniors Still Inadequate.  A study by Polish medical researchers of senior citizens found that despite increased awareness and health professional recommendations to reduce vitamin D deficiency, almost 68% of those tested have a vitamin D level considered inadequate (less than 30mg/ml). The researchers noted that vitamin D inadequacy was significantly lower in those who regularly took vitamin D supplements, and they called for enhanced education for older adults to adhere to supplement taking practices.

Beetroot May Help Memory Recall. A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition looked at whether beetroot can help cognitive function. In recent years, beetroot supplements have gained a lot of attention for supporting cardiovascular health and workout performance due to its ability to help promote blood flow and nitric oxide. This new study involved healthy adults who took 3 grams of beetroot. After 90 minutes, they experienced improvements in immediate and delayed memory recall, and tests of cognitive flexibility.

“TrueOmega-3 is certainly one...”

“TrueOmega-3 is certainly one of the best Omega-3 formulas out there especially considering the more appropriate levels of DHA and EPA.” – Kim B.
Individual results may vary.


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