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Celebrating our 19th Year Anniversary with our annual “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” Anniversary Sale!
Celebrating our 19th Year Anniversary with our annual “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” Anniversary Sale!

NatureCity Journal

NatureCity Journal

Introducing Our New Sleep Supplement… TrueZs™!

For many of us, a good night’s sleep is sometimes hard to get. Even those who are able to get the desired seven to eight hours of sleep at night, often don’t wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Sleep science advances tell us it’s not just the quantity of sleep that’s important – you also have to consider the quality of sleep you’re getting.

Our new TrueZs product is designed to help you get to sleep, stay asleep and wakeup non-drowsy.

TrueZs features two scientifically studied ingredients that complement each other – the award winning Suntheanine® L-theanine, and a special ashwagandha extract named Shoden®.

With TrueZs, you can get the sleep support you want, without the morning grogginess and daytime drowsiness sometimes caused by other sleep aids such as melatonin.

Suntheanine® L-theanine – Helps the brain “Relax”

In today’s world, a significant portion of us experience some form of stress in our daily lives.

Since ancient times, drinking green tea has been used to promote relaxation. Modern science attributes the relaxation effect of green tea to the presence of the amino acid L-theanine.

Suntheanine® L-theanine is an award-winning, patented, and clinically studied ingredient from Taiyo International in Japan. Almost of all of the original published scientific studies, clinical trials, and safety/toxicity studies conducted on L-theanine specifically used the Suntheanine® brand.

Suntheanine® can help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. It can cross the blood-brain barrier and help increase dopamine and GABA levels in the brain.

This helps to increase alpha brain waves, which are associated with a relaxed mental state, and decreases beta-waves and theta-waves.

These changes in the mental state can help reduce sleep latency (time it takes to go from awake to asleep) and sleep disturbance, and promote better quality of sleep –without daytime drowsiness.

Suntheanine® acts quickly, and its effects on relaxation can be felt within 30-45 minutes.  

Shoden® Ashwagandha Helps Support Sleep Quality Throughout the Night

Ashwagandha can help support the body’s ability to recover from stress while creating an overall feeling of balance and normalization.

Shoden® Ashwagandha is a special extract purified from the leaves and roots of the plant. It contains high levels of glycowithanolides, which are believed to be the key compounds in ashwagandha. Shoden® is grown and processed by Arjuna Natural in India.

Shoden® Ashwagandha has been specifically tested for sleep benefits and helping to reduce non-restorative sleep, which is sleep that has not been refreshing or restorative.

A recent randomized, double blind placebo controlled clinical study on 150 healthy adults aged between 18 and 65 years old, noted the following benefits of taking 120mg of Shoden® daily for six weeks:

  • Shoden® may help improve sleep latency (time to fall asleep) and overall non-restorative sleep.
  • Shoden® may help improve quantity of sleep (total sleep time) and sleep efficiency (time spent sleeping relative to time spent in bed).
  • Shoden® may help decrease wake time after sleep onset (WASO), which is the average number of awakenings and average awakening time.
  • Shoden® may help improve quality of sleep (total sleep time less WASO).
  • Shoden® may help improve physical, psychological and environmental quality of life parameters.

TrueZs and Shoden® should be taken on an ongoing basis, as significant results are typically not achieved in the first two weeks.

Vitamin E/Tocotrienol Supplementation May Help Support Nerve Function

When nerve function decreases, individuals may experience numbness, loss of sensation, and sometimes discomfort in your feet, legs, or hands.

A recent study suggests that supplementation with EVNol SupraBio, a vitamin E rich red palm oil, may help improve nerve function.

EVNol SupraBio is a natural source of both “traditional” vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) as well as other forms of vitamin E known as tocotrienols, which may be more potent than alpha-tocopherol.

This new study was conducted by researchers from Monash University Malaysia. It was published in the journal Nutrients.

Participants in the study included 80 adults struggling with nerve function.   They received either 400 mg EVNol SupraBio or a placebo daily for 8 weeks.

Nerve function was measured using a nerve conduction velocity test performed on the median, sural, and tibial nerves.

Blood samples were taken to evaluate serum levels of nerve growth factor.

Participants in the EVNol SupraBio, group saw significant improvements in nerve function compared to the placebo group.

As important, they also saw increased levels of serum nerve growth factor, which the researchers indicate may be the mechanism behind the nerve function support seen among those taking EVNol SupraBio.

Moisturize and Soothe Your Skin
With TrueAloeGel™!

NatureCity® has taken the skin moisturizing and soothing benefits of Aloe vera and made it even better.  Our TrueAloeGel offers double the potency of regular Aloe gel.

Almost everyone loves to use Aloe vera on their skin.  In fact, results from a survey indicate that consumers want to have Aloe vera in their skin care products more than any other botanical ingredient.

  The problem is many products advertised as Aloe vera gel contain little if any actual Aloe vera.  Marketers get away with this by using phrases like “made with 100% aloe” on the label – without telling you how much is used.

  These other products aren’t even single strength, forget about the double strength potency you get in the TrueAloeGel.

The TrueAloeGel is made with organically grown Aloe vera and processed without using high heat to give you maximum benefits.

It’s also free of parabens and other unwanted ingredients.

Now the best part…you’ll get a FREE 7.5 oz bottle of TrueAloeGel when you purchase one of this month’s special offers.

Use it to soothe a burn, insect bite, rash or other skin problems and to keep your skin moisturized and looking its best.

Q&A - You Ask... we Answer!

Q: Does TrueCapros have any sugars at all and if not, since fruits have sugars, how is it removed?

A:  TrueCapros does not contain sugar in any measureable amount. Even raw Amla berries are very low in sugar, with a glycemic index value of only 15. Moreover, the extraction process is designed to isolate and retain desired compounds – in this case amla polyphenols (tannins), which comprise over 60% of the Capros powder. This is achieved using a patented water based extraction process.

Why is it important that your TrueAloeGel is “alcohol free”?

A: Alcohol is found in many products because it allows the gel or lotion to dry faster on your skin. But, it can also dehydrate your skin. This goes against one of the main reasons to use Aloe vera gel, which is to moisturize your skin. So we do not use alcohol in TrueAloeGel.

As important, is that the TrueAloeGel is a double strength gel. This means there are twice as many Aloe solids or nutrients in the gel as you would find in regular strength Aloe gel.

The truth is most Aloe vera gels you see in stores don’t even contain single strength Aloe vera, let alone double strength. Our manufacturer thought we were crazy to try to put as much Aloe in the product as we did. He had never seen anyone, including some very popular brands, put in even half as much as we do.

Better yet, we don’t need to resort to adding alcohol to make the gel dry faster. Still, just a few seconds after you apply the TrueAloeGel, your skin feels as smooth as silk.

What’s more, in addition to being alcohol free, TrueAloeGel is also fragrance free and dye free.

Can you tell me which plants are used to make the probiotics in TrueLife PB?

A:  For competitive reasons, our supplier partner Danisco doesn’t disclose to us exactly what they use in the fermentation “brew”, only that it’s non-dairy, non GMO and plant based. Over the years, we’ve been able to find out that mushrooms and sugar are part of what’s used in the fermentation, but we don’t have more specifics. What we do know for sure is that our clients have had great success with Danisco probiotic strains and TrueLife PB in the last 12 years.

In the News...

Cranberry Extract May Help Support Blood Sugar and Liver Health. A study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition found that adding 288mg of cranberry extract daily to a weight loss diet plan for 12 weeks resulted in significant improvements in insulin utilization by the body and levels of a key liver enzyme. Those following just the diet also improved, but not as much as those also taking the cranberry supplement did.

Bacopa Supplement Combination Helps Working Memory.  A study published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience found that supplementing with a combination of 300 mg of bacopa monnieri, 100 mg of American ginseng, and 100 mg of whole coffee fruit extract led to significant improvements in working memory in terms of accuracy and response time, compared to the placebo group. This was measured 45 minutes after taking the supplement, indicating acute effects in those with an average age of 40.

Apple Polypenols May Reduce UV Ray Induced Skin Pigmentation. A study published in the journal Nutrients found that supplementation with 300mg to 600mg of apple polyphenols daily for 12 weeks helped protect skin from solar-stimulated UV radiation. Study participants saw less skin reddening following UV radiation, compared to the placebo group. They also had less skin darkening and less melanin formation.

Health Tips!

Study Finds Consuming Lean Beef Did Not Increase Cardiometabolic Risk Factors. Researchers from the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington conducted a study that included 34 obese adults with prediabetes and/or metabolic syndrome, which assessed the impact of substituting lean unprocessed beef for carbohydrates. The researchers found that this diet change did not have an adverse effect on cardiometabolic risk factors such as insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, and blood pressure after four weeks.

“Sleep Fragmentation” May Hurt Artery Health. Sleep fragmentation is repeated, short sleep interruptions during the night, which leads to excessive tiredness during the day. Researchers from the University of California Berkeley conducted a study of 1,110 adults with an average age of 68, and found that increased sleep fragmentation resulted in higher inflammatory neutrophil counts and higher coronary artery calcium scores. Increased coronary artery calcium scores is generally associated with increased risk of damage to artery walls, and greater risk of adverse vascular events such as heart and artery disease.

“Nothing Beats TrueAloeGel!’”

“I used different brands of AloeGel, but nothing can compare to NatureCity’s TrueAloeGel. I’ve used TrueAloeGel for several years now and will continue to use it. I will highly recommend it to everyone.”
– Ronald T., Boca Raton, FL


With the warm weather here, you know how important it is to keep your skin hydrated. That’s why you’ll love the free gift that comes with this month’s special offers. It’s a FREE 7.5oz bottle of our double strength TrueAloeGel™.

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