Revitalize Your Gut: Introducing Our Vegan-Friendly Digestive Super-Formula!

Blended, Tested, & Packaged in USA

Using the Finest Bone Supporting Nutrients From Around the World

3 Reasons why TrueDYB is the support your gut needs

TrueDYB combines nutrients backed by decades of research support with the latest discoveries and innovations for digestive health and well-being. Together these powerful ingredients have documented scientific evidence showing they may help you in at least 25 important ways – with more likely to come as the research is ongoing.

Even good diets come up short in providing certain key nutrients your body needs to keep your digestive system working its best. TrueDYB was designed to help fill many of these gaps, while offering you greater digestive and intestinal comfort.

Good total body health starts in the gut, and the ingredients you get in TrueDYB indicate this – with benefits extending beyond the gut such as improving mood, coping better with stress, protecting collagen and skin health, boosting immune system function and much more.

TrueDYB was carefully formulated to be a true “All-in-One” digestive supplement so you can Digest Your Best.

The 16 ingredients support three main objectives: 1) Helping food move through the digestive system better, 2) Helping you digest and absorb beneficial nutrients while keeping out toxins and other harmful substances, and 3) Maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in the intestines and gut microbiome, which is a cornerstone of good health.

This is why TrueDYB can help you in many desirable ways starting in the stomach and continuing right through excreting waste (sometimes called “pooping”). If you occasionally deal with heartburn or indigestion – TrueDYB can help. Bloating, belching or gas a challenge? TrueDYB can help.

Need help with intestinal health, “leaky gut”, maintaining a healthy bacteria balance, or supporting nutrient absorption? TrueDYB has you covered. Like so many, are you struggling to stay regular? Want gentler, more comfortable and frequent bowel movements? TrueDYB is made to help you.

You may have heard terms like the “gut-brain axis”, “gut-skin axis” or others. Either directly or indirectly, what happens in the gut can affect other parts of your body and health. For example, there is constant back and forth communication between the gut and brain along the central nervous system.

This helps explain why when you’re feeling stressed, you may also feel stomach or gut discomfort. Similarly, feeling some type of gastrointestinal distress can affect your mood or well-being.

The digestive support you get with TrueDYB can result in benefits that extend beyond gut health. The Digexin® herbal complex can help reduce perceived stress and support more positive moods. Research with the Solnul™ dietary fiber shows it can help protect collagen from degrading, which can help skin appearance.

The DE111® probiotic may help you maintain already-healthy cholesterol levels and support healthy blood flow. The PreforPro® prebiotic can help support immune system function. By helping your digestion and gut health, you help your body and overall health.

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Love all the digestive support. This is the best tasting greens drink I've tried and happy there's no stevia… It's now part of my day!”


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Bone Support Without the BS

Healthy Bones Need More Than Just Calcium

Bones are living tissue that need multiple nutrients to keep you upright, active, and moving.

TrueOsteo+ gives your body 7 key bone building nutrients that are hard to get from diet alone.

Why are Plant-Based Nutrients Better?

Your body is accustomed to using “whole food” nutrients from plants versus calcium from rocks or synthetically made vitamins.

Plant-based nutrients can be absorbed better, and are much less likey to upset your stomach or disrupt regularity.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that TrueDYB help you support your digestive system because we've carefully selected quality ingredients that work great together.

That’s why your TrueDYB purchase comes with a full 365 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason!

Calcium Supplements Made From Rocks Have Been Falling Short for 60 Years

The calcium used in most supplements comes from ground up limestone or other rocks, which is harder for you to absorb and use.

Research statistics show these supplements typically don’t increase bone density, they just slow bone loss.

Expected Change in Bone Density Each Year

Not Taking Calcium Supplement 0.75% - 1.00% Loss

Taking Calcium from Rock Sources 0.10% - 0.50% Loss


Research Finds Plant Calcium Can Increase Bone Density!

Research with women between the ages of 40 and 89 years old that was
published in the International Journal of Medicine found that, on average…

…women taking organic AlgaeCal and vitamin D3 experienced the hoped
for increase in bone mineral density after 1 year!

Instead of just slowing bone density loss, with plant calcium you may be
able to actually increase bone density.

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How Vitamin D3
& Vitamin K2 Help Build Strong Bones
While Protecting Arteries

  • Vitamin D3

    Helps calcium get absorbed into your bloodstream

    Helps produce a protein called osteocalcin which helps bind calcium to bone

  • Vitamin K2

    Activates osteocalcin, which is like turning on your body’s bone building “light switch”

    Also helps activate another protein (Matrix GLA) that helps ensure calcium isn’t deposited in arteries and blood vessel walls

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TrueOsteo+ Includes Organic VegD3 & MenaQ7 Vitamin K2

Vegan Friendly VegD3 comes from organic algae, while most vitamin D3 comes
from sheep’s wool.

MenaQ7 is the only vitamin K2 scientifically studied to strengthen bones,
help promote bone density, and support artery health.

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Energize the Bone Formation Process with Organic Silica

To help ignite the bone formation process, your body uses the mineral silica,
which works to attract calcium to bones, resulting in harder, denser bones.

Many Americans fail to reach the amount of silica linked to better bone health,
which is 40mg daily – from diet alone.

TrueOsteo+ includes organic silica from bamboo shoots to help bridge this gap,
and energize healthy bone building.

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Stress Hurts Bones Too!

When the stress hormone cortisol is elevated it can harm your bone health in 3 ways:

  1. Interferes with calcium and magnesium absorption
  2. Inhibits creation of new bone cells
  3. May cause bones to degrade and weaken faster
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TrueDYB has pre-, pro-, and post-biotics
to help you support your gut health.

This all-in-one digestive super formula will help you truly Digest Your Best.


TrueDYB - Digest Your Best

All-in-One Digestive Support Drink Powder

30 Servings / 4.2 oz. (120g)

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Digestive super-formula with 16 ingredients including prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, fiber digestive enzymes, herbal support from Digexin® and GutGard®, and organic grasses and vegetables. Vegan-friendly.

  • Helps relieve occasional heartburn, indigestion, burping, bloating, gas and upper abdominal discomfort

  • Helps support regular, healthy bowel movements and gentler, more complete evacuation

  • Helps increase beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome, supports nutrient absorption and function of the protective intestinal barrier

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Much More Than Your Typical Greens


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365 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Why Did We Make TrueOsteo+?

TrueOsteo+ was borne out of necessity after our co-founder Beth Pradelli discovered her mother’s bone health was deteriorating rapidly.

This inspired us to create the best bone health formula possible.

Each ingredient in TrueOsteo+ was carefully researched and chosen - and helps support the ultimate goal, which is stronger, more dense bones without causing unwanted effects.

Beth’s mom was the first of many TrueOsteo+ success stories, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals too!


How an Ordinary Dinner Sparked Our Extraordinary Commitment to You!

The trust that you and all of our customers place in NatureCity is sacred to us… we never forget that each order and phone call comes from a real person to whose health and well-being we are committed.

In fact, we can directly relate to the challenges you face when trying to find the right nutritional supplements for you and your loved ones – it’s the reason why we started our company over 20 years ago.

- Beth and Carl Pradeli, Founders

FAQ from
NatureCity Customers

It varies by individual, but based on research findings with the ingredients, benefits may start after 2 weeks of daily use and typically become more noticeable after 4 weeks of daily use of TrueDYB.

Further improvements may be experienced in the ensuing months.  With continued use, TrueDYB can help you maintain and support gut health improvements and optimize digestive health.

Yes, TrueDYB can help you maintain good digestive health.  Plus, given the importance of a healthy digestive tract and intestinal microbiome to overall health and well-being, an “All-in-one” digestive formula like TrueDYB makes good sense.

Yes, the probiotics and kiwi prebiotic in TrueLife PB are different from what’s in the TrueDYB formula. TrueLifePB is made with live Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains, which are among the most common friendly probiotic bacteria found in the human gut.

These types of bacteria wouldn’t survive as part of the TrueDYB drink powder, which is why TrueDYB contains the more resilient DE111® Bacillus subtilis and SNZ 1969® Bacillus coagulans spore-forming probiotics. These also are very powerful probiotics and offer many benefits. If you can take both TrueDYB and TrueLife PB, it is an ideal combination.

We suggest taking TrueDYB before a large meal, when possible, to take advantage of the digestive enzymes in TrueDYB, which can help nutrient absorption and stomach comfort after eating.

Yes, if you find it beneficial, you can split a serving of TrueDYB into two half-scoop servings, each taken before your 2 largest meals of the day.

Let's Start Improving Your Gut Health with TrueDYB

  • Each bottle is a 1 month supply when used as recommended

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