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With Savings Plus+ AutoDelivery, you’ll lock-in today's low price, enjoy an extra 10% savings on all products in your Savings Plus+ order and receive FREE shipping on ALL future shipments.

Savings Plus+ offers you convenience, control and 100% price protection. You never have to worry about reordering the products that keep you feeling great. Your products show up to your home on the schedule you have selected and your price will never go up as long as you are on the Savings Plus+ AutoDelivery.

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Build Better Bones with Plant Calcium – and Much More!
(100% Vegan Suitable)

Traditional calcium supplements do not actually help increase bone mineral density - at best they help bone health by slowing down the rate of bone loss. Some researchers attribute this to the fact that traditional calcium supplements are made from rocks (like limestone), not a food source the body is used to digesting, tolerating and using efficiently.

A new source of calcium from a marine plant branded as AlgaeCal® has changed this - it has been shown in multiple clinical studies to actually grow bone, not just slow bone loss. In addition, other studies have shown AlgaeCal® is safe when used as directed.

AlgaeCal® is USDA certified organic and harvested from a marine plant off the coastline of South America. It naturally provides calcium in a form that’s easy for your stomach to use - as well as numerous other minerals that support bone health, like magnesium.

Plus, AlgaeCal® has been shown to be effective using just 750mg a day - compared to most calcium supplements that require 1,000mg or more per day.

TrueOsteo™ also contains the same 1,000 IU per day of vitamin D3 that complemented AlgaeCal® in the clinical studies. TrueOsteo™ is made with VitaShine® D3 which is plant sourced (lichen) and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

TrueOsteo™ contains the clinically studied MenaQ7® vitamin K2. It's highly recommended when taking a calcium supplement to also take vitamin K2 because vitamin K2 helps put calcium where you want it - in your bones, not your arteries.

In a recent clinical study, participants taking 180mcg of MenaQ7® vitamin K2 daily (the same amount used in TrueOsteo™) for three years experienced significantly improved bone strength, bone mineral density and bone mineral content.

Emerging research has found a high cortisol level is a major culprit in bone loss -underscoring the need to keep your cortisol levels in a normal range. The patented ashwagandha extract Sensoril® has been shown to help maintain healthy cortisol levels.

Silicon is essential to healthy bone formation as it helps attract calcium to the bone matrix - resulting in harder, more dense bones. It's a sparkplug for bone formation.

That's why we added Orgen-SI™ to TrueOsteo™. Orgen-SI™ is a USDA Certified Organic source of silicon (in the form of organic silica) from bamboo shoots.

AlgaeCal®: USDA Certified Organic Plant Calcium (and more!)

AlgaeCal logo

Studies involving calcium supplements often report an “increase in bone density”, but rarely is it an outright increase - but instead a “slower” rate of bone loss compared to a placebo group.

That’s what makes AlgaeCal® different.  Not only is it from a marine plant and USDA certified organic, AlgaeCal® has been shown in clinical studies (when combined with vitamin D3) to actually increase bone density, and not just slow down the rate of bone loss.

As the name suggests, AlgaeCal® is harvested from the algas calcareas plant, which naturally grows in shallow ocean waters off the coast of South America. It’s made from a living plant - not an inorganic dense rock, which is the source of the calcium in most supplements.

One reason why AlgaeCal® works so well is because the plant sourced nutrients are in a “whole food state.” As a result, the calcium gets readily absorbed by your stomach.

This is especially important as you get older because your stomach produces less acid, and foods can become harder to digest - meaning fewer nutrients get absorbed by your body.

To demonstrate the ability of AlgaeCal® to be absorbed, a simulation of the human digestive tract was conducted at the highly respected scientific analysis institute, C.E.V.A., in France.

At C.E.V.A., the calcium absorption of AlgaeCal® was compared to some typical foods that are high in calcium content - like yogurt, pears, oranges and cauliflower.

The researchers were surprised that AlgaeCal® demonstrated higher calcium absorption than all of the foods tested. For example, 75% of the calcium in AlgaeCal® was absorbed -compared to only 43% of the calcium in yogurt.

Beyond its absorption profile, the second reason why AlgaeCal® works so well is because like other food, AlgaeCal® naturally contains many other beneficial minerals other than calcium.

And according to USDA researchers and other scientists, many of these are integral to building strong bones - minerals such as magnesium, silicon, strontium, manganese, vanadium, zinc, and boron.  Together, they provide additional bone health support.

This was recently demonstrated by researchers from the Harvard Medical School and University of Connecticut. Their work was published in the journal, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

In direct head-to-head tests, the scientists compared the bone-building effects of AlgaeCal® with the two top-selling calcium ingredients - which are the rock-based calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

The results showed AlgaeCal® outperformed calcium carbonate and calcium citrate by 300% and 400%, respectively, on DNA synthesis - the ability of human cells called “osteo-blasts” to produce new bone building cells.

Similarly, AlgaeCal® was shown to be overwhelmingly superior in all other tests conducted by these scientists.

This study was significant because it was the first time that a calcium ingredient stood head and shoulders above the others when measuring its effect on stimulating bone cells.

In the various clinical studies, AlgaeCal® has been found to be well tolerated by users with no reported side effects. On top of that, a panel of 43 blood tests demonstrated no safety concerns.

What’s more, six different safety studies have been conducted in the United States and Europe, and demonstrate the safety of AlgaeCal®.  These six studies have been combined into one manuscript which was published in the journal, Toxicology Mechanisms and Actions.

Finally, efficacy has been shown by taking only 750mg of calcium from AlgaeCal®, instead of the 1,200mg of “rock” calcium found in most supplements.

MenaQ7®: The Only Clincially Studied Vitamin K2 for Bone and Cardiovascular Health Benefits.

MenaQ7 logo

Recent research has shown vitamin K2 is a very important nutrient with its most important function being helping to keep calcium in your bones and out of your arteries. 

Unfortunately, other work shows that as many as 97% of the Western population is deficient in vitamin K2 because we don’t get enough through diet alone.

This makes taking a vitamin K2 supplement a good idea.  Vitamin K2 is typically available in supplements either as MK-4 or MK-7.

Vitamin K2 is technically known as a “menaquinone.” So when you see “MK”, it is just an abbreviation for menaquinone. And the number “4” or “7” refers to the length of the vitamin K2 molecule - or the number of menaquinones it contains.

However, you should also know that only vitamin K2 as MK-7 is made from a natural source.  In the case of the MenaQ7® in TrueOsteo™, the vitamin K2 is made from chick peas (most other vitamin K2 ingredients come from soy).

Besides being synthetic, the problem with MK-4 is it disappears from the blood almost as quickly as it enters - because its half-life is only 1 to 2 hours.  So you need to take extremely large doses multiple times a day - which can be really expensive and inconvenient.  Plus, the large dose needed would be way above the recommended consumption level for vitamin K2.

That’s why we only use vitamin K2 as MK-7 - and the premier brand is MenaQ7®.  In fact, MenaQ7® is the only vitamin K2 brand clinically studied and shown to deliver both bone and cardiovascular benefits.

In a recent clinical study, 240 post-menopausal women (average age 60 years old) took 180mcg of MenaQ7® or a placebo daily for three years.

The results showed that those taking MenaQ7® started to experience bone health benefits in the first year and these became much more magnified over the three year period. Specifically, supplementing with MenaQ7® led to significantly improved:

  • Bone strength
  • Bone Mineral Density - measured at the spine and femoral neck, and
  • Bone mineral content

Each of these improvements is impressive and important to your bones, but most noticeable was the bone strength improvement.

Using a measure called the “Impact Strength Test”, it was determined by the researchers that the women taking MenaQ7® had barely any bone strength loss, while the placebo group decreased each year, suffering a 3.5% loss by the end of the study.

What’s more, TrueOsteo™ is made with the most advanced form known as MenaQ7® Crystals.  This ingredient represents the most significant technological breakthrough in the new generation of vitamin K2. Here are some of the features of MenaQ7® Crystals:

  • More than 95% pure MK-7
  • 100% transform of MK7- the desirable form for human consumption
  • Significantly improved absorption and bioavailability.

In addition, MenaQ7® is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, free from gluten, dairy, soy, and other known allergens.

Sensoril®: Helps Protect Your Body (and Bones) From The Effects of Stress.

Sensoril logo

Like many substances in your body, when you have normal levels of cortisol it does some very good things. Some of these include helping to keeping blood sugar under control, improving memory and reducing your sensitivity to pain.

Cortisol gets released when your body encounters a stressful situation - hence why it’s called the “stress hormone.” And because we live in a stressful society, many people have elevated levels of cortisol - which over time can lead to negative health consequences.

Until recently, it was never understood how much cortisol negatively affects bone health. However, several recent research studies from Italy and the United States demonstrated that high levels of cortisol correlate directly to low levels of bone mineral density.

The exact reasons why cortisol causes bone loss isn’t entirely clear yet. However, preliminary evidence suggests cortisol: (i) interferes with calcium, magnesium and other mineral absorption in the intestines, (ii) inhibits osteoblast (bone building) activity and (iii) activates osteoclasts which causes bone to be resorbed (bones degrade faster).

To help promote normal cortisol levels, TrueOsteo™ includes an ashwaganda plant extract called Sensoril®.

Sensoril® was invented by Fulbright Scholar Dr. Shibnath Ghosal - and has been clinically shown to help keep cortisol in balance.

The ashwaganda plant used to make Sensoril® is known as an “adapatogen” - meaning it helps the body return to a balanced state.  So if your cortisol levels are normal, Sensoril® doesn’t cause them to plummet to below normal. It’s there to help keep cortisol in balance.

The benefits of Sensoril® have been demonstrated in 11 clinical studies involving human beings. These include reducing stress, boosting energy, promoting joint health, improving mental acuity and concentration and supporting normal cardiovascular function.

Vitashine®Vegan Vitamin D3

Vitashine Logo

TrueOsteo™ has been formulated to be suitable for those pursuing a vegetarian or vegan diet - which is why it includes Vitashine® vitamin D3.

Vitashine® is a 100% vegan and vegetarian suitable Vitamin D3 product. Vitashine® is registered with the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society, and its research data has been validated by independent expert laboratories (including world renowned Stirling University).

Vitashine® is extracted from a special, organic plant source called lichen.

A key part of the research and development of Vitashine® was to perfect a method to extract the Vitamin D3 rich oil while retaining stability. This was achieved via a system that extracts the oil in a totally light, heat and moisture controlled environment. The process is conducted at the European site where the sustainably grown lichen is obtained to ensure optimum freshness.

Safety is a top number priority and the makers of Vitashine® carefully selected a lichen that has been used in foods for centuries (and continues to be used today).

Orgen-SI™: Silica from Bamboo, Not Chemicals

orgenetics logo

TrueOsteo™ is formulated with an organic bamboo extract that is 75% silica (silicon).

Orgen-SI™ is a USDA Certified Organic source of silicon (in the form of organic silica) from bamboo shoots.

As you may know, bamboo shoots have been used in traditional medicine for centuries in India and Asia – and is a common food in the diets of these cultures.

And bamboo has one of the highest concentrations of silica of any food source.

Orgen-SI™ is supplied by Orgenetics®, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Dr. Jit Maheshvari (who has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry) on the principle that not all vitamins are equal.

Instead, he introduced a much healthier option to the industry and the world: 100% USDA Certified Organic vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

This goal was made possible thanks to a new patent pending water extraction process invented by Orgenetics® and its partners. It gave the company the ability to extract a concentrated form of all-natural and 100% organic vitamins and minerals from various fruits and vegetables along with existing co-nutrients of the same botanicals - similar to what you consume from food.

Only water is used during this extraction process - there’s no solvents excipients or carriers. Absolutely no synthetics or additives are used - and nothing is fermented.

Since its founding, Orgenetics® has received many accolades and awards for continuing to innovate through a dedicated research program and maintaining an exceptionally high quality for organic ingredients.

And today, Orgenetics® offers a fully vertically integrated organic solution, from organic farm to ingredient.

Along with the vitamins and some key minerals, you get hundreds of cofactors (such as enzymes, bioflavonoids and antioxidants) naturally found in foods which your body is used to ingesting.

All of the foods used by Orgenetics® are grown on a USDA certified organic 400 acre farm in India.

This farm does things the old fashioned way. You won’t find any chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs here.

Instead of harmful chemicals, the farmers use methods like composting, crop rotation and inter-planting to control weeds and pests, replenish the soil and sustain the health of the environment.

This farm meets or exceeds all of the organic farming standards set by both the USDA National Organic Program and the European Union Organic Program. It is also certified Kosher.

What’s more, Orgenetics® adopted a cGMP standard far ahead of the guidelines proposed to the industry by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, Orgenetics® has been asked to be part of creating analytical methods for the Indian Herbal Pharmacopeia by the Indian Food and Drug Administration.

To support quality control (QC), the company has built an in-house laboratory, which is furnished with state of the art equipment.

QC managers assure that quality standards are met at various steps of the manufacturing process. Prior to an ingredient being released, final checks using the following tests are performed:

  1. Assay of standard by HPLC, HPTLC and/or GC.
  2. Physical parameters like color, taste, identification, particle size, solubility etc.
  3. Impurities check for heavy metals, organic volatile impurities, fertilizer and pesticides, organic solvents and related substances.
  4. Microbiological counts for total plates, E. coli, S. aureus, P. aseudomonas, yeast and molds.

This commitment to quality and innovation makes Orgenetics® the perfect partner for TrueOsteo™. Instead of man-made vitamins created in some lab, you get pure, organic whole food vitamins with cofactor nutrients for optimized health.


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