TrueNOx Nitric Oxide Drink Powder

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5-in-1 Approach to Supporting Energy and Blood Flow Boosting Nitric Oxide!

How could a gas that’s a known air pollutant be crucial to your health?

This had many people in the medical community scratching their heads – until a discovery about the importance of this gas resulted in a Nobel Prize in Medicine award in 1998.

The gas is nitric oxide, and it helps your blood vessels relax and widen promoting healthy blood flow and vessel flexibility.

Healthy nitric oxide levels are needed to support many aspects of health – from cardiovascular and optimal brain function, to sexual health… and also to help fight off fatigue and maintain high energy levels.

Our bodies produce nitric oxide just fine for the first 30 years of our lives – and then nitric levels decline rapidly with age.

By the time you reach age 50, it’s not unusual for nitric oxide levels to decline by 60%.  And by age 70, nitric oxide levels can be down 90% from peak levels!

TrueNOx™ is a unique 5-in-1 approach to help you maintain healthy nitric oxide levels.  Together, the five ingredients in this sugar-free drink powder help boost nitric oxide levels from the very first glass – working right away to boost blood flow, energy and endurance levels.

For best results, drink TrueNOx™ about 30 minutes prior to physical activity. This can be exercise, walking or anything else that can benefit from increased blood flow and energy (yes, even “romantic time”).

Better yet, there is no sugar, caffeine or stimulants in TrueNOx™!

Here’s a quick rundown on the five key ingredients that make TrueNOx™ the best nitric oxide formula we’ve seen…

Nitrosigine® - one of the building blocks for nitric oxide is the aminio acid L-arginine.  That’s why many other supplements feature arginine in their formula.  The problem is you need many grams of arginine to see an improvement -  and many folks still don’t benefit.

Nitrosigine® is a patented complex of arginine bonded to silicon that has been shown to be far superior to other forms of arginine.

Not only has it been shown to increase nitric oxide, 19 scientific studies have demonstrated it enhances performance by promoting blood flow and increasing focus and energy.

Nitrosigine® starts to work in as little as 15 minutes and single dose effects can last up to six hours.

Capros® -  made from the amla fruit, Capros® is a nice compliment to Nitrosigine®.

Your body converts arginine to nitric acid with the help of certain enzymes – most notably the enzyme abbreviated as “eNOS.”

One of numerous cardiovascular benefits of Capros is it promotes and activates eNOS, resulting in increased nitric oxide levels.

This was shown in three separate clinical studies where taking 500mg a day of Capros® increased nitric oxide levels by an average of 35% after 12 weeks.

Plus, those taking Capros® also experienced significant improvements in oxidative stress, lipid and glutathione levels and a marker of inflammation (hsCRP).

Organic Beet Root - Another way your body produces nitric oxide is by converting dietary nitrates into nitric oxide.  That’s why TrueNOx™ also includes 1,000mg of organic beet root juice powder from Vibrant Harvest.

Beet root juice is a good source of nitrates and clinical studies have shown it helps promote nitric oxide and improves blood flow, endurance and performance.
Crominex® 3+ - This is a special form of the mineral chromium. Unlike other forms of chromium, Crominex® 3+ has been shown to help the endothelium – which is the cells that line the inner surface of blood vessels throughout the entire circulatory system.

It works, in part, by promoting nitric oxide levels.  In two clinical studies involving Crominex® 3+, middle aged participants taking 400mcg daily had improved nitric oxide levels by about 20% to 30% after 12 weeks.

PEAK ATP® - provides an immediate boost to energy, blood flow and endurance levels during physical activity – while supporting vasodilation factors like nitric oxide.

ATP is a building block for cellular energy.  In a recent clinical study, a single 400mg dose of PEAK ATP® increased physical performance during exercise by 24%.

Over 12 weeks, PEAK ATP® has been shown to improve blood flow, lean body mass, strength and reduce muscular fatigue.


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