Aloe Vera Expert Jeff Barrie on This Remarkable Plant


In this episode of the NatureCity Podcast, Host Carl Pradelli chats with his good friend and Aloe Vera expert Jeff Barrie. Jeff Barrie has been working with Aloe Vera for last 40 years and remains as passionate about how Aloe vera can help our health and wellness as when he started his journey. He recently retired from Aloe Corp, one of the world's most trusted suppliers of Aloe Vera. Jeff also serves on the board of directors of the International Aloe Sciences Council, or the IASC, an independent watchdog organization whose mission is ensuring consumers are protected and can find high-quality Aloe Vera products. Tune in to hear Jeff discuss his favorite benefits of the Aloe vera plant - including digestive, skin and metabolic health. Jeff also explains why you need to be wary of adulterated or impure Aloe vera that's in the marketplace and how to find reliable, trustworthy Aloe vera supplements and products.