Eldermune: High Potency Elderberry for Immune Health

In today's episode, special guest, Erik Kenison from Nutriscience, joins us to discuss the novel ElderMune elderberry ingredient for supplements. You’ll hear what makes ElderMune superior to other elderberry ingredients and how this can help you better support immune system function.

With counterfeit or adulterated elderberry a big concern in the marketplace, ElderMune sets a new standard for quality and dependability. Erik shares how it uniquely combines highly concentrated organic elderberry juice concentrate with the prebiotic activity of Sunfiber to help improve the absorption and potency of the powerful immune health supporting polyphenols in elderberry.

So grab your favorite mug of elderberry tea or a glass of TrueBerry7 with ElderMune, and hear what makes it the premier elderberry ingredient for supplements to help your immune system health.