How Sicilian Red Grapes Support Brain Health and Performance

In this episode of the NatureCity Podcast, we explore the cognitive health benefits of potent grapes from the Italian island of Sicily. These grapes are grown in the fertile soil surrounding Mt. Etna, the largest active volcano in the Mediterranean, and used to make CogniGrape, which research has found helps support cognitive performance and mood in healthy adults.

Our host, Carl Pradelli, CEO and co-founder of NatureCity is joined by Tyler Ris, the Vice President of Sales in North America for Bionap, the Italian company behind CogniGrape. You’ll hear them discuss the numerous ways CogniGrape may help support cognitive performance and help your body’s ability to cope with stress.

Tyler also gives you the background on the local conditions in Sicily that make CogniGrape naturally rich in the key grape polyphenols that support our antioxidant system and brain health. Tune in to discover more about how Sicilian Red Grapes can help you.