The Better Berberine – Up to 5x Greater Absorption, Easier on Stomach

Welcome back to the Nature City podcast! In today's episode, we have an exciting topic to discuss: a better form of the Berberine plant extract that’s now available for use in supplements. Berberine has been gaining popularity in recent years for its potential to support metabolic health – particularly healthy blood sugar metabolism – and various aspects of healthy aging.

However, there are certain challenges when it comes to taking regular berberine supplements, including poor absorption and potential gastrointestinal issues. Now you have a better option that addresses these challenges. It’s called GlucoVantage and it’s already in the form of berberine that’s easier for your body to digest, which is called dihydroberberine.

Join us as we explore the science and innovation behind GlucoVantage, its superior absorption rate compared to regular berberine, and its potential benefits for blood sugar metabolism, weight management, cardiovascular health, and cognitive function. Don't miss out on this fascinating discussion!