The Newest Innovation in Prostate Health with Dr. Christopher Bailey

In this episode, NatureCity host Carl Pradelli sits down with Dr. Christopher Bailey, the Director of Scientific Affairs at Gencor. Dr. Bailey breaks down Gencor’s exciting new ingredient for prostate and urinary health supplements. It’s named AGEprost, and it’s from a botanical called Ageratum Conyzoides (more commonly known as “billy goat weed”).

Dr Bailey describes how the ingredient was initially being used to help with hair health, and subsequent research found the benefits for prostate and urinary health were even more impressive - particularly for helping with both daytime and nightime urination frequency.

Dr. Bailey shares his insights into research Gencor has conducted with AGEprost, which includes safety testing, “gold standard” research on efficacy and studies to determine how it works in the body to support prostate and urinary health.

Tune in to this episode of NatureCity as we explore the fascinating world of prostate and urinary health and discover the story behind Gencor's innovative ingredient, AGEprost.