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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $69!


Based on 1104 reviews
TrueB - Plant Based Vitamin B Complex
Linda P. (Greenville, SC)
Relieves night cramping feet and toes

After a few months of taking this vitamin along with tru magnesium I no longer have middle of the night cramps disrupting my sleep. Thank you for two great products.

AloeCran - Special Offer
Becky R. (Bullhead City, AZ)
Our daily "Pick me up"

For approximately 9 years, we have enjoyed AloeCran as our afternoon pick me up. About 3 p.m. each day, we take a moment and enjoy our glass of AloeCran. My husband really became a believer when he noticed an increase in energy. It keeps my stomach comfortable + more energy. Thanks!

Probiotics are good for you

I’ve used probiotics for a long time. I find your product easy to use and do a great job keeping me feeling good. Thanks for keeping us healthy!

Special #4 - TrueAloe
Donna S. (Santa Clara, CA)
True Aloe

Happy with the capsule and think it has helped me in many ways.m

TrueLife PB - Special Offer
David B. (Dayton, OH)
True belief PB

Good product

TrueOsteo - Advanced Bone Support
Barbara N. (Asheville, NC)
Five stars are well deserved

Very friendly, very helpful, excellent counseling, good products…and even a birthday gift card. Thank you so much!

TrueOsteo - Advanced Bone Support
Barbara F. (Dublin, L)
True Osteo

Have used True Osteo for 9/10 years. I am 78 years old and I personally think "it does what it says on the tin".... I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my forties and I am active and feel good.


Helps my nails stay strong!

True B works

I use True B with True ALA. The combined products helps block occasional discomfort.

tastes and smells terrible

This is the first procuct from Nature City that I really disliked. I will not order it again. I did not like the way it smelled at all and the taste was a "gagger". All other products they make have been super great!


Really helps with inflammation.

Something special….

It makes me feel so much better…

Great for digestive issues

This product works wonders for those mystery digestive distress. Try it. You won't be disappointed. I won't be without it.


this product is a great digestive aid. Take it. You won't be disappointed.

TrueE - Complete Tocotrienol Complex
Shirin K. (Panorama City, CA)

I'm happy with my order every month thank you so much for being there

Great product.

TrueReGen is a great product but is a little too sour and should be sweetened little.

TrueMagnesium - Berry Flavored Drink Mix
Rebecca M. (Clifton Park, NY)

Definitely helps me fall asleep

TrueGlucoSP - Blood Sugar Support
Pradyumna P. (Edison, NJ)

It is too early to know about the product. Six months later I will give my verdict. Thanx.

True Prostate

I find this product works very well to keep my prostate healthy. It helped resolve an inflammatory issue. I continue using it preventatively.

Quick Relief


TrueAloe - Organic Aloe Vera
Rogelio A. (Oakland, CA)

TrueAloe - Organic Aloe Vera

So far, so good

I have osteoporosis and have been taking Fosamax with no side effects. Recently a friend sent me articles about how those types of medications are only a bandaid for bone loss and suggested I look into plant-based options. After doing my own research as well I decided to find what she suggested. There are plenty of them out there but this one had none of the things I wanted to avoid. The delivery was on time and the capsules are small and easy to swallow. The reason I didn’t give it a 5th star is because I’ve only started on them and I won’t know whether they are effective until I have another bone density test after the first of 2023. I have had no side effects and am hopeful they will provide what I need for good bone strength. Thanks , Nature City for providing options for good health.

Helps my stomach

I have been using TrueAloe for many years now. I have many stomach issues.. This really helps calm those issues. It also helps with my cholesterol.


Noticeable reduction of joint discomfort.


My doctor approved TruOsteo. So broken bones lately, on this 91 year old. Thanking the Lord!!!