Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Refreshed

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3 Scientifically Studied Ingredients for Sleep and Stress Support

Combines Suntheanine® L-theanine to help your brain relax, Shoden® ashwagandha for more restorative sleep and Affron saffron to promote natural evening melatonin production.

  • Helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep

  • Helps promote rejuvenating restorative sleep and better sleep quality

  • Helps you wake up more refreshed without drowsiness or grogginess

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"I can take NatureCity TrueZs about a half an hour before I go to bed and fall asleep much quicker than I usually do. I'm very happy with this product. I hope it works for everyone as well as it does for me.”


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All-natural sleep support made without melatonin

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FAQ from
NatureCity Customers

In the first week, you may find TrueZs helps you fall asleep faster, which is due to the ingredients helping your brain relax as bedtime approaches.  Many of the other sleep quality benefits, including promoting restorative and a more restful sleep, are typically experienced after 2 to 4 weeks of nightly use.

Most users find 1 capsule to be adequate, but if you find that 2 capsules in the evening works better for you, you can take the additional serving of TrueZs.

Another strategy is to try taking the second capsule during the day to help your body relax and cope with daytime stressors, so you start the night more relaxed. The ingredients in TrueZs do not cause drowsiness, and each also has been studied for daytime stress and mood support.

Melatonin is a hormone that’s part of a delicate system in the body that helps regulate when it’s time to sleep, and when it’s time to wake-up and start the day. Supplements with melatonin contain a synthetic form of the hormone.

When melatonin first became available as a supplement, it was not intended to be used nightly for extended periods of time.  It was meant for occasional use – like when flying a long distance across many time zones to help reduce jet lag.

One of the concerns with taking melatonin regularly is your body gets used to receiving it as a supplement, and this may disrupt your body’s natural melatonin production – which isn’t a good thing for long term health.

That’s why we include the Affron® saffron extract in our TrueZs sleep formula. It helps support the natural production of evening melatonin in the body.

It works by helping the body synthesize (or produce) enzymes that can convert the amino acid tryptophan into melatonin. The sleep/wake cycle is a circadian rhythm that we feel is better managed by the body.  Your body knows how much melatonin it needs, and saffron can help support melatonin production, so it’s available when needed.

Better yet, Affron® does not cause morning or daytime drowsiness, which is sometimes experienced by those taking synthetic melatonin supplements.

After working hard all day to keep you functioning and active, your body uses sleep to recover. This doesn’t just mean “recharging your batteries”, your body also uses this time to eliminate toxins, fight oxidative stress and repair itself.

A lot of this happens in the restorative sleep mode – which largely occurs when your body is in the deep sleep stage of the sleep cycle.

In case you’re not aware, the sleep cycle has 4 stages:

Stage 1 - Light Sleep (when you first doze off)

Stage 2 – Moderate Sleep (your body starts to cool down and heart rate slows)

Stage 3 – Deep Sleep (most restorative sleep occurs here)

Stage 4 – REM Sleep (brain activity picks up, most dreaming occurs)

This entire cycle takes about 90 minutes to complete, so during the night your body will complete this cycle around 5 separate times.

Each stage is important, but one of the goals of improving sleep quality is to increase the amount of time in the deep sleep stage so you can improve restorative sleep. Not only does this help your body recover, you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start the day (with less drowsiness during the day).

Each of the 3 ingredients in the TrueZs formula can help you improve restorative sleep as part of helping you sleep better at night