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Special #3 - TrueAloe

(Club Member Price : $74.60)

Product Snapshot

  • 5 Bottles of TrueAloe™ Organic Aloe Vera
  • Plus 1 FREE Bottle of TrueShine™ Revitalizing Shampoo and a TrueAloe Cleansing Bar!
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5 Bottles of TrueAloe™ Organic Aloe Vera

Plus 1 FREE Bottle of TrueShine™ Revitalizing Shampoo and a TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar!

Join the thousands who are getting extra help for:

  • Comforting joints and supporting joint function
  • Soothing their gastrointestinal tract and aiding disgetion
  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar
  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
The Special #3 - TrueAloe is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Apr 02, 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Nature City products

I use a lot of the Nature City products. All the products I use are excellent and they work for me.Some people are just looking for a chance to make money. If the products doesn't work for you just don't continue to use it.

We really appreciate you trying our products. We always say there's nothing that works for everyone - which is why we offer a 1 year money back guarantee.
TrueAloe truly works

Our family and our pets both thrive on this product. Occasional indigestion problems have diminished greatly. We are so glad we found this product.

Wonderful to hear, thank you for your business!
TrueAloe is the best

I take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night. TrueAloe helps my joints. I wouldn't be without TrueAloe!

Great to hear, glad it's making a difference in your life!
Customer for life!

I love my TrueAloe! Been taking it for 10 years. Helps my digestion and joints.. I could really tell a difference when I stopped taking it for awhile!

Thank you for being a loyal client! Your feedback as a long term user is extra valuable to others!
True Aloe enriches health

I feel so much better in my all around health, even my joints. Works well for digestion, skin and maintaining healthy cholesterol.

Happy you like the product, we agree it can help improve health in many ways!
Joints feeling much better

I have combined TrueAloe with True Joint and it's helped my hip areas very much, I can move better with less discomfort.

That's great to hear, moving is living! Thank you for taking the time to share.
aloe vera

TrueAloe helps with my digestion and stomach when it gets upset.

Thank you, we're delighted to hear the product helps you!
Aloe vera

Your aloe vera is the greatest.

Thank you, weve been selling it for 17 years and counting!
I'm very satisfied

I'm very satisfied with TrueAloe. It really works for me.

Great to hear, and thank you for your business!
It does help with occasional heartburn

I take two of these each day, normally after a lunch and then dinner. The Aloe does help with occasional heartburn and also aids in elimination. Wouldn't want to be without this Aloe.

Great to hear, appreciate to hear the product is helping you!