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Product Highlights:

Helps relieve joint and muscle discomfort caused by exercise starting in just hours.
Features the SPEED™ delivery technology for rapid absorption
Helps curcumin and boswellia serrata work more quickly

Fast Relief for Joints and Muscles "Achy" from Exercise!

How often do you feel like you overdid it while exercising? It happens to all of us - especially as we get older.

The good news is you now have Rhuleave-K®, which can help you recover, and may relieve aching joints an muscles following exercise starting in just HOURS!

We have not come across another natural botanical complex that works this fast! Usually, other ingredients take days, weeks, or months to help you.

Rhuleave-K® was developed by Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd. - one of the world's premier suppliers of curcumin (from turmeric) and boswellia serrata.

The key to its "fast action" is the SPEED™ delivery technology developed by Arjuna, which puts curcumin and boswellia serrata into black sesame oil (which acts as a carrier).

It is believed that your body can absorb some of the sesame oil right through the stomach lining (not just through the intestines), giving the key ingredients a “head start” in getting where they’re needed.

As a result, the curcumin and boswellia serrata - which are known for helping to support and comfort joints and muscles - can be absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently and go to work more quickly.

The potential effects of Rhuleave-K® were tested in a scientific study of healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who had experienced acute discomfort in the previous 24 hours.

Within hours of taking Rhuleave-K®, participants experienced relief from their musculoskeletal discomfort, and this continued when they took the product each day over the next week.

TrueRhuleave™ features the Rhuleave-K® ingredient complex. One serving is 1,000mg of Rhuleave-K®, which you get from two (2) TrueRhuleave™ soft gels.

You can use TrueRhuleave™ to help relieve discomfort and aches in joints and muscles overused during exercise.

The TrueRhuleave - Post-exercise Joint and Muscle Comfort is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A.M. (Vernon Hills, IL)
Thee Best!

I have tried MANY products over the last 7 years when I first started experiencing muscle discomfort. TrueRhuleave is, by far, THEE best. It works quickly and super effectively. I will never be without it. Thank you, Nature City!

Great to hear TrueRhuleave is working for you! Thank you for sharing, and for your business! We're grateful to have you as a client, and look forward to serving you well into the future!

Rosalie M.
TrueRhuleave Must Stay!

Taking TrueRhuleave for almost 2 months and I feel great! I’m also taking TrueOsteo and TrueJoint FLX, but when I added TrueRhuleave to the mix the feeling in my knees was great and I felt the TrueRhuleave was a miracle!

Glad to your like TrueRhuleave - and some good news, we are making it a permanent part of our product line! Thank you for sharing your experience and your business, we're grateful to have you as a client!

Nancy G. (Dearborn Heights, MI)
Great product!

I recently started to exercise more and I'm doing more outside gardening. My legs and knees are really feeling it. After 2 soft gels a day, the pain eases and I'm not relying on over the counter medicines. Good product.

Great to hear TrueRhuleave is helping you! We're grateful to have you as part of the NatureCity family, we appreciate your business!

HAPPY W.P. (Atlanta, GA)
THANK YOU FOR LETTING US TRY TrueRhuleave - Post-exercise Joint & Muscle Comfort

My husband gets such a bad backache when he mows the pasture...He's been taking these pills & wonder of all wonders he has not complained about his back AT ALL! They are truly miracle pills! THANK YOU!!

Happy to hear TrueRhuleave is helping your husband! Thank you for being part of our NatureCity family, and for your business!

Stella P. (Utica, MI)

Used it a few times in the evening after being sore from gardening. Felt better in the morning and slept really well.

Happy to hear TrueRhuleave is helping you! We're grateful to have you as a client, thank you for your business!

Johnny R. (Irving, TX)
joint relief

My joints feel better after using this product, much less popping, and less stiffness. in conjuction with another joint complex, this product works!

Great news, glad you like TrueRhuleave! Thank you for sharing, and for your business! We look forward to serving you in the future!

Janet B.
Great Product

I have only tried this for a month but I will give it more of a chance.
I think I might have a little less stiffness but at 71 every thing helps.

Thank you for sharing, hope you find TrueRhuleave helpful! We're grateful to have you as part of the NatureCity family, and appreciate your business!