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Coffee Extract May Cure Bad Breath

Coffee is well known for creating bad breath, but new research presented last month shows that an extract from coffee may have the potential to actually prevent bad breath.

The research was presented at the International Society for Breath Odor Research by Professor Mel Rosenberg, a Tel Aviv University biochemist who is renowned for his expertise in odors.

For the study, Israeli researchers tested three different brands of coffee: Israel's Elite brand, Landwer Turkish coffee, and America's Taster's Choice.

Using in vitro saliva tests, the researchers were able to monitor the bacterial odor production of coffee in saliva.

They expected to observe a malodorous effect from coffee.  To their surprise, not only was there no malodorous effect, the coffee extract actually inhibited bacteria known to cause bad breath.

The researchers plan to take advantage of these unexpected results and isolate the bacterial-inhibiting molecule.  They hope to be able to create an entirely new class of anti-bacterial mouthwash, gum and mints.

In theory, these mints would include a purified form of the coffee extract which could stop bad breath at its source instead of simply covering up bad breath with another strong aroma like mint.

An increasing body of evidence shows that coffee may be good for much more than perking up the weary.  In fact, a number of studies have shown that drinking coffee regularly may reduce the risk of Parkinsons Disease, gut cancer, cavities, and dementia.

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