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PACran® First to Receive Health Claim Approval from Korean FDA

PACran® cranberry powder recently became the first health food product to be approved for urinary health in Korea. This makes PACran® the first cranberry product in the world to receive a brand-specific health claim.

PACran® is a high potency whole cranberry juice concentrate rich in unique antioxidants called proanthocyanidins (PACs). These antioxidants help stop harmful E.coli and H. pylori bacteria from sticking to intestinal and urinary tract walls.

The health claim for PACran® states that, "By reducing bacteria adhesion on the urinary tract wall, it may help with urinary health."

The company that makes the cranberry powder, Decas Botanical Synergies (DBS), LLC, had to submit extensive clinical data and safety data on the product before approval. It took almost two years to complete the approval process.

Korea is known for having some of the most stringent health claim requirements in the world. Now that PACran® has received approval in Korea, DBS is confident that a European wide health claim will be approved soon.

PACran® is standardized to a minimum of 1.5% PACs. In 2006, a randomized double-blind clinical study showed that daily consumption of 500 mg of PACran® for 90 days was able to significantly reduce the presence of uropathogenic E. coli in patients. Uropathogenic E. coli infections account for more than 80% of all urinary tract infections.

Cranberries are packed with beneficial natural vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and antioxidants. The compounds in cranberries have been shown to provide a long list of health benefits including protection against heart disease, cancer and >inflammatory diseases. These properties make concentrated cranberry extracts like PACran very beneficial to your health.

PACran® is a key ingredient of NatureCity's AloeCran juice. AloeCran is a delicious sugar-free juice mix that helps you reduce stomach and digestion woes. The all-natural ingredients also help you maintain healthy blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Plus, you get up to 25% of your daily fiber with each serving.

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