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A Dangerous Combination That Could Triple Your Risk of Obesity

A Japanese study published in the October 2008 issue of the British Medical Association's journal BMJ found that eating quickly and until you are full is a dangerous combination that may triple your risk of obesity.

The study included 3,287 Japanese adults (1,122 men and 2,165 women) aged 30-69. Each responded to a cardiovascular risks survey between 2003 and 2006.

The survey asked participants about their diet history and current eating habits. Questions included how fast the participants ate and how often they eat until completely full. They were also measured for height and weight to calculate body mass index (BMI).

The results from the survey indicated that 51 percent of the men and 58 percent of the women consistently ate until full. The researchers also determined that 45% of the men and 36% of the women surveyed ate quickly.

When researchers analyzed all of the data they found that participants who ate quickly and until full were three times more likely to be obese than those who did not.

With the increased availability of fast food and pre-made meals, eating behaviors worldwide are beginning to change. According to researchers, people are consuming more nutrient-deficient foods and spending less time eating.

These days, meals are often chosen based on affordability, availability and convenience rather than nutritional properties. According to the results of this study, these new eating habits could be a recipe for disaster.

With a little planning you can help prevent becoming part of the growing obesity epidemic in America. Preparing meals on weekends, stocking the refrigerator with nutrient rich foods and leaving yourself enough time to eat without rushing are all good ways to maintain a healthy diet and keep your weight in check.
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