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Chlorella Supplement May Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Chlorella is a type of algae that grows in fresh water. A recent study suggests that taking a chlorella supplement may improve levels of total cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, and other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

For their analysis, researchers examined data from 19 studies that included a total of 797 participants from Japan, Korea, and Iran. The health status of the participants included a broad range; healthy, borderline hypertensive, hypertensive, hypercholesterolemic, smoking, pregnant.

After examining the data, the researchers found that consuming chlorella lowered total cholesterol by an average of 9.09 mg/dl. They also found that chlorella was more effective in unhealthy participants than healthy ones. In unhealthy participants, it also decreased systolic blood pressure by an average 4.51 mmHg and and fasting blood glucose by an average 4.23 mg/dl.

Researchers from Shahrekord University in Iran conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on October 3, 2017, in Clinical Nutrition.

Research has shown that algae may be effective for a wide range of health benefits including improving blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, boosting immune system, alleviating joint pain, and improving colon and liver health.

As algae isn’t a common part of the western diet, the best way to obtain these benefits is to via a high quality supplement. Make sure your supplement is from a certified source to avoid impurities.

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