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Go Nuts to Suppress Your Appetite

Thoroughly chewing almonds may suppress hunger by increasing unsaturated fat absorption, according to a study presented at the 17th European Congress of Obesity in Amsterdam on May 9.

The study was published in the March 2009 issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The randomized study took place at Purdue University and included 13 healthy adults with an average age of 24.

The participants were randomly assigned to chew 55g of almonds (approximately 45 almonds) 10, 25, or 40 times.

The researchers then collected blood and monitored the participant's appetite for 3 hours after eating. Over the next 4 days participants ate 55g of almonds with each meal, which were consumed under the same chewing conditions.

The researchers found that chewing the almonds 40 times suppressed hunger and elevated feelings of fullness significantly more than 25 or 10 chews.

They also observed higher levels of appetite-suppressing hormones following 40 chews compared to 25 chews. Insulin concentrations also declined faster after 25 and 40 chews than after 10 chews.

This study builds on previous studies which have shown that nuts can be incorporated into the diet without compromising body weight.

Not only do nuts boost satiety and provide energy, they also have numerous health benefits.

Tree nuts are high in magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, protein and beneficial phytochemicals, and have been found to decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and macular degeneration.

A good way to get into the habit of eating more nuts is by replacing unhealthy snacks such as chips and candy bars with raw, unsalted tree nuts. Remember to chew them thoroughly!

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