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Green Tea May Help You Keep Your Teeth

Drinking just one cup of green tea a day may help you avoid tooth loss according to a new study conducted at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan.

The study was published in the January 2010 issue of the journal Preventive Medicine.

The researchers analyzed data acquired during the years 2006-2008 on over 25,000 people aged 40-64. The researchers found that among the participants with at least 20 teeth remaining one to two cups of green tea reduced the risk of tooth loss by 18%.

The researchers found similar findings when participants averaged 4-5 cups. However, when participants drank over 5 cups of green tea they saw an additional 5% reduction in teeth loss.

These findings appear to confirm a number of experimental studies that have found that antioxidants found in green tea inhibit the growth of oral bacteria.

There are 3 main types of tea: green tea, black tea and white tea. Green tea has been the subject of numerous studies that have confirmed it's health benefits, and it contains some of the highest levels of naturally occurring antioxidants called polyphenols.

Green Tea contains 30-40% polyphenols whereas black tea only contains 3-10% and oolong tea falls somewhere in between.

These natural antioxidants make green tea beneficial for much more than just oral health. An abundance of research has linked this healthy tea to reductions in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and certain cancers.

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