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Pine Bark May Prevent Most Common Vision Loss Among Adults

As the number of diabetes cases increases in the US, more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes related blindness. In fact, diabetes is now the leading cause of blindness among US adults aged 20-74.

Italian researchers conducted a study with 46 participants to see if a pine bark extract could help fight this condition. The promising results of their study were published in the November issue of the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

For the study, the researchers gave half of the participants 150 mg of a pine bark extract called Pycnogenol® and the other half a placebo for 2 months.

After 2 months, 75% of the participants taking the Pycnogenol® supplement perceived improvements in their vision, whereas the placebo group saw no improvements whatsoever. Visual acuity, which is acuteness or clearness of vision, improved on average by 20% for the supplement group.

The researchers believe the Pycnogenol® enhances retinal blood circulation which results in an improvement in vision.

Pycnogenol® has previously been shown to reduce inflammation, pain and the risk of developing heart disease<. these benefits are probably due to the beneficial bioflavonoids in pycnogenol . natural pigments found fruits and vegetables.>

Pycnogenol®'s inflammation reducing properties also make it effective in treating inflammatory diseases, such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Inflammatory diseases may also be prevented by following a healthy diet. It is best to avoid pro-inflammatory foods such as fried foods, soft drinks and saturated fats and eat more anti-inflammatory foods like raw nuts, dark green vegetables, omega-3 rich fish.

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